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The Use of Knowledge is Power and I Believe Knowledge is Free!


I’ve been asked what I see coming in this new year. Even though I haven’t been any good at predictions, here is my answer.

This is going to be a year of many secrets being revealed and I’m fairly sure we will get divine intervention. The existence of ETs will be revealed to a small extent . The Illuminati will get taken out of power or start to get taken out of power. There will probably be some kind of big financial change, maybe not till 2018. The governments are really trying to enslave the people a lot more and the people will push back or maybe divine intervention will take out the evil rulers. WWIII will not start and the other wars will soon be stopped, we will soon have world peace and all this military build up will be turned around.  I think the brown dwarf star will be seen at the end of 2017 and due damage in 2018, but Humanity will be ready. So 2017 will be a year of suffering and then positive change.

I’ve also been given some new information on the Illuminati, after getting halfway through William Tompkins’s new book “Selected By Extraterrestrials” where he mentions shape shifting Reptilians. I’ve asked plenty of times in the past if the Illuminati could shape shift and was always given no, but now that has changed. I’m now told all Illuminati shape shift and they must do it at least once a day and they have only 2 choices, the Human they always look like or the one Reptilian they look like when they shape shift. They can’t shape shift into anything else I’m told and I hope this is right or our problem is much greater.

I’m now told the Illuminati are 62% Human and 38% Draconian Reptilian. I’m told there are 2 groups or castes, a ruling group (higher bloodline) that is in positions of power like political or financial which is about 10% of them and they have all the secret information like the secret space program. The other 90% are kept somewhat in the dark, but have privileges and do well in society. If a member from the ruling group gets with the lower group and have children, the children are in the higher group. I’m told there are a little less than 10,000 of them.


Well I’m wishing a great New Year for everyone as most are looking for improvement. This is the year (2017) of Divine Intervention. Something created out of the higher realms will happen to help Humanity and lead us toward the Golden Age. Stopping the negative control and stopping the environment destruction are high on my list as there are so many things that should be on the list. Now is a very good time to get a soul report and find out where you fit in.


Do you know what your Karma Footprint is. Well you can find out if you get a Soul Report. They cost 10 more now and one gets a Karma Report now too. As it turns out the amount of bad and good Karma you get in an average week, you must also discharge in a week, except you save a little of your good karma to spend later on picking your next life. Your low on Total Good Karma only miserable lives to choose from, says your guardian angel on the soul plane in between lives. If you only had about 200 more points, I could of got you on the beach and you would of been a surfer the 1st half of your next life, you would of loved it.

Maybe this sounds stupid to you and it probably is a little bit, but I’m told it works something like this. The amount of bad karma you get in an average week, you must discharge every week, plus a little bit more that you already have. You discharge bad karma by having uncomfortable problems to solve, crap to deal with and random stuff not going your way. The more bad karma you get the more of that stuff you go through. So the amount of bad Karma you get along the way consistently determines your quality of life. So you can easily up your quality of life, just by getting less bad Karma along the way. The good Karma plays a role also to a lesser extent, it causes you to get stuff (not usually material stuff) and things to happen for you. You need to increase the amount of good Karma you get every week, you will eventually get more love for it too.

I was guided to change Karma into numbers, so one can figure out how one is doing and how much change one needs to make. I was communicating a lot with a lady in Canada and her life was total hell. I was told to tell her that her life was the way it was because she deserves this and she must go through this to properly make ascension as she was qualified. The average person gets 5 points a week in bad karma, a Wanderer or one qualified for ascension, averages 3 points a week. This lady was at 9, so her life was hell and based on all that I was guided to come up with the Karma Report. If you want to see a sample Karma Report go to my God, Matter and Life page and scroll down to the bottom it’s the 2nd last item in a Karma section.

More bad news on David Wilcock & Corey Goode. They keep talking about an alliance in the secret space program, that is fighting against the cabal to try and help Humanity. Well I’m told over & over that this Alliance does not exist. Someone probably the Illuminati made this up and part of the deal of selling out was to talk about the Alliance and how they are going to release new technology to Humanity and so on. So many people are working on free energy, that it is on the way out, the Illuminati can’t contain it much longer. So I say they are lying about the brown dwarf star and the alliance and some stuff about the people living inside the Earth is also untrue I’m told. Ben Fulford has sold out worse, his soul score is lower and bad karma about the same, but David started with some. Fulford reports are constantly saying everybody is getting arrested any minute now and he is saying bad untrue stuff about Putin and other Illuminati enemies.


On this Pizzagate, it’s caused by the Illuminati, and an Illuminati has a Reptilian soul. That’s what an Illuminati is, a person in a Human body with a Reptilian soul (Draconian) and be controlled by them is the plan. A Reptilian soul is what I call a low soul as it doesn’t have empathy for others and gains energy when others have negative emotions, and when they have sex with a child before puberty, they get very strong pleasurable energy. They were put on this Earth to negatively rule Humanity. About 10% of them have a higher bloodline and those families are in the secret space program, politics, are involved in the creation of money or get to have positions of great power. The rest of them get privileges and do well in society. About 90% of them are white European and 10% are oriental Asian and control China, Korea and are in other nearby countries. An Illuminati must mate with another Illuminati to have children with the Draconian soul, if either the Mother or Father have a Human soul, then the children will have Human souls, that is what staying in the bloodline is all about.
I think the Illuminati should be made to go extinct. God has given me the ability to identify who is an Illuminati, Human, Wanderer, Starseed or Hybrid. Humanity needs to take the Illuminati out of power to have a free world and get in the Golden Age. About 6% of the Illuminati have turned good and have taken Human mates and have quit participating in evil. When Illuminati are children they are raped and passed around and every evil thing possible is done to them, so they will grow up to be evil. I want to use my ability to help Humanity as much as possible identifying them, maybe you can help. If we can stop them from mating with each other, they would go extinct.

Trump is an Illuminati, but in the lower bloodline group. He seems to have turned against the top Illuminati ruling group and want to do his own thing, so let us see if he stays that way or changes when he becomes president. Listen to what William Engdahl (Wanderer-3.5) and my favorite historian says about Trump . Right now his soul score is 23, is an Illuminati, has 3x a whole lot of bad karma and has 3x a whole lot of good karma. He’s replacing Barack Obama, soul score 2, is qualified for ascension (negatively), has 18x a whole lot of bad karma and has 2x a whole lot of good karma. I’m told Barack cannot get out of ascending negatively and I’m told the ascension window opens on an equinox in 5 to 9 years from now.


It seems as though something outside of Humanity has lessened the radioactive radiation from Fukushima, without affecting the radiation from nuclear bomb tests in the past. What we still need is help from is chemtrails or also called geoengineering. The military is dropping  Nano Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, fly ash from coal mining and other poisonous chemicals on the unsuspecting population. This stuff is slowly killing life on Earth while the Illuminati controlled cabal just lies about it and tries to ruin the lives of those reporting about it. So say a pray for help when you read this. Maybe we will have to wait for the brown dwarf star fly by to get this stuff changed.


The Earth is in 3rd density and we are in the 1st Realm. The “Law of One” predicted the Earth would move to or be changed to the 4th dimension, it was supposed to have happened around January 2014, but was canceled in 2007, mostly due to the invention of the internet. The 4th dimension is Realm 2 and I and many others call it 4th density in the 9 density plan. A planet can either be in Realm 1 (3rd density) or Realm 2 (4th dimension), a planet cannot have both only 1 or the other, all planets have Realm 3 through 7. A soul group like Humanity can go through Realm 1 or Realm 2 for 1 cycle and souls that are polarized with at least 1 cycle in will make ascension to realm 3 (5th dimension). I, the Sphere Beings and others call realm 3 the 5th density. The “Law of One” calls Realm 3, the 4th density and only goes up to 8 densities. So I guess the “Law of One” calls Realm 1 and Realm 2 the 3rd density, this may have been caused by negatives cutting in and screwing up the channeling. So they just changed the numbers rather than admit negatives cut in! I’m told they have names for every Realm and don’t go by the numbers.

In the universe 74% of soul groups go through Realm 2, so to avoid being controlled by low soul groups (Reptilians, Insects or Spider people groups). Earth was going to change to get out of the negative control, we are now in. In each Realm matter and life is expressed differently, in Realm 2 there are no gasses, so no one breathes, in Realm 3 and higher there are no gasses or liquids.  A soul group can become special and achieve greatness in 3rd density, but not in 4th density.

So people that say we are in the 4th density, they don’t know what they are talking about as we are still breathing. In 4th density our bodies become 1.5 times as tall and weigh about 30% as much. We can float through the air instead of walking, read minds, only sleep 3 hours a day and do not need to eat or drink or talk, but we can for fun and children do need to eat and drink. The extra dimension is another component of time, I’m told it is so different, if one came back they couldn’t explain it. There are only 3 kinds of plants, flowers, trees and vegetables. There are only 3 kinds of animals, mammals, birds and an unnamed animal group that doesn’t exist on Earth. In Realm 2 and higher our bodies go out of phase to protect us. If an object or bullet is coming at us whether we know it or not, our bodies simply go out of phase and the object or bullet passes through us, with no harm. We can have sex in this Realm, but there is no fluid exchange and children aren’t made this way. To have children a couple holds their hands a few inches apart, prays for a child, vows to take care of it and out of the energy a partially grown baby appears (it’s a little more complicated).

In Realm 3, the 5th dimension, 5th density or 4th density in the “Law of One”, one’s body is about twice as tall and weighs about 75% as much as now and has no openings. The additional dimension is of consciousness and is mainly what makes life so much better. So there is no eating, drinking, talking, or sex, but life is about 100 times better. One can only get to the 5th dimension by making ascension. One can teleport anywhere safe within the 3rd Realm and communicate with anyone by telepathy. One needs to go to special place on their planet to take in nourishment energy at least every 4 days or so. So people that say Earth is going to be a 4th-5th dimensional planet doesn’t seem to make any sense with the models I’m given. Earth is going to get a DNA upgrade and people will have more spiritual abilities, but I’m told Earth stays in the 3rd density and moves into the Golden Age.


My email won’t open, I don’t know if it’s an attack or my guides are doing it. I think a revolution is starting and the cabal will be going down. We will probably need and get Divine intervention, so stay tuned.


The spirits and my guides say Trump will keep raising his soul score and be the president to start the Golden Age. Yes I do think the Golden Age will start in the next 8 years, at least my guides think so, probably after the brown dwarf star goes through, maybe even before.


About Trump. As I been saying all along, he is one of them, he has a Reptilian soul, he is a Draconian, in one of the lower bloodlines. You should be afraid of him, even though he is in a Human body and his soul score is rising, it’s all the way up to 24. Now he is only semi-scum and the people have manufactured HOPE, well don’t get carried away, he is still a lizard. Are Lizards way up high on your list of goodness, I didn’t think so, but sometimes they make good pets.


More real bad dirt on Hillary Clinton This is so bad I just don’t see how she can make president, once the people see this stuff and they will by January 2017, they can’t let her occupy that office.


I watched 1 of Corey Goode’s (soul score 37, but up from 6) newest videos with Bridget Nielsen- soul score 37, is about 30% done with her 1 cycle of 3rd density, has a whole lot of bad karma and has a whole lot good karma and her husband Kirk Nielsen- soul score 52, is qualified for ascension and doing fantastic on karma. She talks about high frequency organic vegetarian diet and says one should transition from meat eating, which isn’t that bad, but she says the animals are treated bad (true). What she is missing is the animals are killed bad in view of others about to be killed. The animals should be killed privately by lethal injection and we will soon have the animal tissue printed on food replicaters. Vegetarians will no longer be able to say they are one cause they don’t want to hurt animals as animals won’t be hurt when the food is printed by food replicaters. This technology may be in action a lot sooner than you think, along with free energy and portal travel.

Videos are out all over the place against Hillary Clinton’s possible coup to run the USA. is 1 such video. I don’t see how Hillary can possibly stay in the race for POTUS.


Kerry Cassidy- soul score 43, is a hybrid, has a whole lot of bad karma and 5x a whole lot of good karma, from Project Camelot wrote that Hillary’s 2nd server has to do with her being a member of the secret shadow government. I knew she was right, right away I asked and got yes. I should of figured this out myself. Only about 10% of the Illuminati are of a high enough bloodline to be part of the shadow government, Weiner- soul score 5, high Illuminati, has 8x a whole lot of bad karma and a little bit good karma, is part of the shadow government that protects the Secret Space Program also. That’s why Hillary Clinton, soul score 2 high Illuminati, 12x a whole lot of bad karma and hardly any good karma, emailed him so much even though he was kicked out of office. Trump also being an Illuminati is not in one of these top bloodlines, so he doesn’t know to much about the secret shadow government. Harry Reid (high Illuminati)  Republican Senate leader criticized FBI Director Comey- soul score 11, proving he is a member (Reid) of the Illuminati shadow government.


I got a new update on the brown dwarf star (BDS). I’m now told it will first be seen in December 2017 and it goes into the kill zone in March 2018. The BDS has 5 planets and 2 moons, it’s 2nd biggest planet crashes into Jupiter, then Jupiter lights up and becomes a red dwarf star. There are over 50 fake moons in our solar system, they used to be spaceships. I’m told ETs are fixing about 32 of them and outfitting them with special tools. They will be used to protect Earth when the BDS passes by. We were going to be hit with about 80% of the maximum, now it’s 30%, lots of coastal  cities will be saved, probably not all of them.

I was watching a video about Gaddafi. The day before he died he had about 850 good karma and about 500 bad karma (a whole lot = 100). After he died by some torture, U.S. special forces filmed it and revolutionaries killed him. After he died he had about 850 good karma and less than a 100 bad, he had a 40 soul score. The French leader Sarkozy (Illuminati) sent the 1st planes to bomb Libya, while in the past Gaddafi gave him 50 million to help him take power. Gaddafi said he made a mistake trusting Westerners, no he made a mistake trusting the Illuminati. I get my information from others and the pendulum.


I have a new way to help anyone. I can ask and find out how much karma you get on the average each week. If you get a lot of bad karma every week your life will be more tough or hellish to discharge it constantly and if you get more good karma on the average every week, more good things will happen for you too. So here are the numbers, 1st for what’s on soul reports.

0 to 49      Hardly Any

50 to 74    A Little Bit

75 to 99    A Fair Amount

100 to 199  A Whole Lot    200 to 299  2x A Whole Lot   300 to 399  3x A Whole Lot   etc.

The average person in the world gets 5 points of bad karma a week and 3 points of good karma a week. Wanderers and those qualified for ascension have 3 bad and 6 good as averages. It’s not that hard to get your bad karma down to 1 or 2 a week and get your good karma to 5 to 10 a week. Just carefully examine what you do.

To get bad karma, one must hurt someone in any way, cause others to have do more work (unnecessarily), make someone feel bad, waste something, throw something away that someone else want, don’t give something to someone or others when you are supposed to, pollute the environment, rob, kill, rape,  etc.. Never retaliate when wronged or get bad karma.

To get good Karma, one can help someone or many in anyway, make one feel good or better, give someone good sex that wants it and is allowed to get it from you.

The average bad karma one gets a week one has to discharge plus a little bit of what one already has. This is what makes one’s life tough or hellish. So lower the weekly average and discharge less and the quality of life goes up, it can even be fun. The good karma one gets, one uses most of it to get good things and saves a little to add to one’s total.

So if one doesn’t have a lot of bad karma already (maybe from a previous life) and has at least a fair amount of good karma, but has a very tough hellish life. It’s because one’s weekly average of bad karma is to high and their weekly average of good karma is to low. So to improve the conditions of one’s life, examine what you do and lower your bad karma weekly average and raise good karma weekly average and in about 1 week one’s life will improve and stay improved if you stay changed. Ask me if you got a soul report and I’ll tell you what your averages are if you think you have a problem in this area. Soul reports from here on will have this.evolved too. If you can think of a better name than low soul, let me know, maybe a no empathy soul. So see what you can do on learning this skill as this may become a powerful tool, with many people being able to do it.


I am calling out David Wilcock and Corey Goode, they can read this do what it says and get rid of a lot of bad Karma or they can ignore it and kind of live like hell for a long time discharging bad karma.

On  (you have to be a paid member to watch this) Cosmic Disclosure season 4 episode 7 that was put out on April 19, 2016, called Viewer Questions part 3 and at the beginning of the show. David kind of asks Corey if there is a Planet X coming that will cause cataclysms on Earth causing a lot of people to die. Well they are paid off by the Illuminati/Elite to lie about this in some way. David thinks he is clever and lets Corey do all the lying. Well they both know it is coming within a couple of years.  So they both are semi complicit in mass dying of people on Earth. Corey 27 soul score (young soul) is getting 5 times a whole lot of bad karma and will get 4 lives to discharge it (mostly only the Elite have this much bad karma). David 40 soul score (Wanderer) is getting 2 times a whole lot of bad karma added to the little bit of bad karma he has already. A Wanderer discharges their bad karma at a steady pace until it is gone.

As soon as someone proves to the people, that Planet X (a brown dwarf star with about 7 planets & moons) is coming or gets here, David and Corey receive their bad karma. Until then they have a chance to announce on Gaia or maybe elsewhere that Planet X is coming and you need to prepare. Depending on how you 2 do this will determine how much bad karma you 2 get. If you 2 do this the Illuminati/Elite will not kill you 2 as they have to many other problems to make you 2 martyrs. So you 2 can decide how much bad karma you want or give in to fear and do nothing. If you have the ability tell David or Corey to read this.


Something you may not realize is Ben Fulford and David Wilcock have both sold out to the Illuminati, so they are both controlled opposition. David (and Corey) has agreed to lie about Planet X or the coming brown dwarf star, he says it can never get close to Earth or cause any natural disasters. David’s soul score is 40 and he has 2x a whole lot of bad karma now.

Ben sold out also, he has to say this is for sure going to happen within a month and then this is going to happen for sure and on & on. Everybody is going to be arrested any minute sort of thing. Ben’s soul score is 36 and he has a whole lot of bad karma too.

I’m told something else will stop either Clinton or Trump from being POTUS. Maybe Divine intervention or something like that. The Illuminati has Earth and Humanity going really bad and we are waiting for the white hats to do something. I’m like the only person who can identify all of them, but the real bad ones are obvious, I just wish I could do something. Jay Weidner has sold out too and now won’t make ascension. Jordan Maxwell (Starseed) sold out only a little bit and will still make ascension. A Starseed is someone doing 3rd density and changes planets, most are coming to Earth to make ascension, since the window is going to open in 5 to 9 years. Wanderers do not make ascension, since they already have back on their own planets 1,000s of years ago.

Planets like Earth can either be 3rd density or 4th dimensional, but not both. I call the 4th dimension the 4th density and go up to 9 densities (like the sphere beings). The Law of One (channeled from the higher density people on Earth) call ascension the 4th density (which is a level above the 4th dimension) and only go up to the 8th density. I call ascension going to the 5th density.

So the Earth can change from the 3rd density to the 4th dimension, these are realms 1 and 2, there are 7 realms, but a planet can have realm 1 or realm 2 not both and always has realms 3 through 7. A lot of people want the earth and Humanity to go to the 4th dimension (as predicted in the “Law of One”), but canceled in 2007. Going to the 4th dimension will get us out of the negative control. Since the Illuminati have Reptilian Souls (low souls) and they can’t go to the 4th dimension without making ascension. One can’t be controlled in the 4th dimension, it’s close to impossible.

Going to the 4th dimension is not a good deal, everything is simple and boring and Humanity will be prevented from achieving greatness. We need to stay in 3rd density and take the Illuminati out of power and make them go extinct and take our planet back. We have a lot of the technology already to achieve greatness, it’s just that the Illuminati is keeping it in black opps. We are predicted to change all that, so let’s get to it somehow and quick I might add.


I’m still getting that the brown dwarf star with 3 to 7 planets and moons is going to pass over the top of our solar system and get about are close to the sun as Mars is. It will cause many Earthquakes up to 13 on the Richter scale, tsunamis up 800 meters high and many volcanos to erupt.  I get that we will first be able to see it with the naked eye in October 2017 and it will go into the kill zone for 90 days starting in January 2018. I’m also told that the Illuminati is going to crash the financial system just before it gets here. That way they will cause the most people to die.


Well they had the presidential debate recently and from what I understand Trump missed out on reporting a lot of negative things that Hillary and her husband had done that were known in the press. So here is a mini soul reading on each. Hillary Clinton- soul score 2, is an Illuminati, has 12x a whole lot of bad karma and has hardly any good karma. Donald Trump- soul score 16, is an Illuminati, has a whole lot of bad karma and has a fair amount of good karma.


Negative or positive polarized people that completed their cycle and have the low soul (Reptilians, Insects or Spider people) will ascend to realm 2 (the 4th dimension) for a 1/4 cycle and then go to realm 3. A lot of these people will change from negative to positive this way, since it’s almost impossible to control anyone in realm 2. All of them go to realm 3 regardless and some will finish changing positive in 1 cycle realm 3 and get positively polarized and make realm 4 in the 1 cycle. After 1/4 cycle of realm 4 or 3/4 of a cycle in realm 3 is when a being in the top .9% is asked to be Wanderers over 95% in realm 4 and 2 out 3 turn it down, not wanting to go through the sorrow and misery of 3rd density.

     So anyway regular souls polarized positive or negative will ascend to realm 3, if they ascend negative they will likely stay negative right on into realm 5. One normally takes 2 cycles and moves on to realm 6 which has a 2nd component of time among other things. One cannot go from realm 5 to realm 6 negative and is given up to 8 cycles to turn polarized positive or their soul will be recycled back into the aether. If one is negative in realm 5 and changes to polarized positive and makes realm 6 and changes back to negative in realm 6, which usually takes 8 cycles to go to realm 7, must change to polarized positive in 12 cycles to go to realm 7 or be recycled back into the aether.



A lot of websites are writing that we are in 4th density, well according to the “Law of One” when we make ascension, we go to the 4th density. Have you and everyone around you made ascension. Then you are not in the 4th density. There is also a 4th dimension, the “Law of One” don’t have a density for it, but a lot of stuff is different, like matter, our bodies, time and it is in a different realm. Our bodies are 1 & 1/2 times as tall only weigh 30% as much, we don’t have to eat and there is another component of time. So if you are using the 4th dimension as your 4th density, you aren’t in that one either. I know it’s real hard to believe, but we are still in 3rd density. I hope we stay here till we make ascension.


There is zero cross over in densities above 3rd, one can’t just go in a different realm, except the 2 highest realms gets a body that can go in the lower realms if they get permission, everyone has to stay in their density or get very special help & permission. In the “Law of One”, one makes ascension to the 4th density, which is the 3rd realm, but I call it 5th density. In the “Law of One” Earth is predicted to go in the 4th dimension, but this is not the 4th density. Since a planet can either have the 3rd density or the 4th dimension, but not both the “Law of One” counts them as the same (even though they are way different) and the people go through a cycle of either one (or some of both if Earth changes) and make ascension to the 4th density (3rd realm), which makes 8th density the highest (7th realm). The Sphere Beings call the 4th dimension 4th density and one makes ascension to the 5th density (3rd realm) and the 9th density is the highest (7th realm). I use the Sphere Beings method when naming densities.


There is so much going on, I’m confused, One person Elena Kapulnik, with a youtube channel Awakening Cosmic Reality Show, try it play at least 2 or 3. Look it over and see what you think is her last video complaining about someone who called her a liar. All sorts of strange crap coming out on Hillary Clinton, that she died, has a clone, is computer generated and more. I guess she won’t be president. Life around us is getting strange, so stay on track if you’re qualified for ascension or are a Wanderer. A few years and we will be in the Golden Age, so hang in there and help if you can.


I watched a video on Gaia, called The Highest Pass. Motorcyclists take the advice of a young Yogi and go on a trip in the Himalayas over the highest pass with paved roads over 18,000 feet high. This is something that can only be done in 3rd density, in the higher densities the body is more magical and the matter more simple. So I’m told Humanity gets to stay in 3rd density where we belong and can achieve greatness. However we must defeat the negative control (evil) and we can and will. I’m told it gets much worse before it gets better, but we will overcome it, with Devine Intervention, just wait and see. Don’t pray or wish for the Earth to go into the 4th dimension where things will become simple and boring, when we can go into a higher frequency of 3rd density and achieve greatness.


Simon Parkes- soul score 36, is about 5% done with his cycle of 3rd density, has a whole lot of bad karma (he recently got it all), and has a whole lot of good karma. This is the mini soul reading I get on him right now, he somehow got a soul 1/3 Reptilian, 1/3 Insect and 1/3 Human. I get that since he is on Earth with a Human body, the Human part of his soul is dominant and he has full empathy for others. A few months ago he had a polarized positive soul score (low 50s) and no bad karma and a very young soul. I also said he makes up stuff that isn’t true. I now get that the Reptilians got to him and gave him stuff and taught him how to feel good, by using other people’s energy. I got a lot of this by emails sent to me from others who had bad experiences with his readings. He should go to the Syrian war and feed off the energy from ISIS.



Well I’m getting new dates for the brown dwarf star arrival. You will be able to first see it in October 2017 and it goes into the kill zone in January 2018 and the Earth gets hit about 80% as bad as possible. So be ready and have supplies and about 15 gallons of fuel for your vehicle, so you can change locations, even if you are in a safe area.

I told you about Ben Fulford selling out to the cabal, his soul score is 36 now and he has a fair amount of bad karma and now Dave Wilcock has sold out also his soul score is 40 and he has a whole lot of bad karma, since he had a little bit from 2 lives ago. Before I knew he sold out, I put his and Corey Goode’s soul report on a Gaia comment. I got a few negative replies and then the moderator changed the numbers around so Corey Goode’s soul report was all screwed up. I figured people would want to see what a soul report looked like and maybe get one at a discount, but I got totally got bashed with the negative greeting. I’m often told my reports are worth a lot more, than I charge and I always give the mini soul reading for free. So I guess Gaia is controlled by the cabal, even though they try to make it look good.


Could it be a triple sneak play as there are 3 sides to it when the SHTF and that can happen in 3 ways also, the economy can collapse, the brown dwarf star arrives and world War III starts. Then you have the bad guys the Illuminati and there coconspirators, and Corporations, the good guys Most of the USA military and part of the Secret Space Program, The Alliance that wants to take out the Illuminati and plus we have the Divine Intervention people who the Good Guys will join in a heartbeat. So how many of these deals will use the surprise factor (All Of Them), When does it start, Its at most a year and 1/2 away. How about you are you ready. Do you have food, water and supplies stored. Do you have 15 gallons of fuel for your vehicle, one of the first things they can do is shut the power off and you won’t be able to buy fuel, so if you live in a large coastal city like New York or L.A., stick a fork in you, you’re Done, if Tsunami or invasion hits.


Hang in there everyone, Humanity is discharging bad karma and we have a while to go. We might take the easy short cut, the 4th Dimension, but it’s not the good choice, if we take it we get out of the negative control real easy right away. Then life is boring and Humanity never gets to be special, we will just be simple souls going through the process. 74% of the souls go through the 4th Dimension while 26% go through the 3rd density, both make ascension to the 5th density where life is about 100 time better. The problem with 3rd density is the people must get out of negative control to have the good life and travel the stars. Over 90% of Humanity don’t even know we are being negatively controlled, I wish I had the power to tell everyone, rally everyone together and move Humanity into the Golden Age, while staying in 3rd density and travel the stars. All the Illuminati must be put in prison along with their coconspirators and all religions must be stopped. Humanity needs to go from religious to spirituality, it’s going to be hard to drop the fake Gods. Jesus was a great spiritual teacher, while the Illuminati said he was God and if you don’t follow this new religion, you will be killed (many died) and a lot of people believe he is God today. In the Catholic church all Archbishops and above are Illuminati and they all want sex with young children. We will reach the Golden Age, we will overcome it all, one way or another.


Have you noticed that the sphere beings are 6th to 9th densities, but the “Law of One” only goes up to the 8th density. I thought it was the negatives cutting in on the channeling, which they have, but maybe not on this. I’ve always have said the Earth has all the densities already, so the Earth doesn’t change, while Humanity may go to the 4th dimension, which I call the 4th density. Anyway I did find out I was wrong, a planet cannot have the 3rd density and the 4th dimension, a planet can only have one or the other. So the Earth can change to the 4th dimension and 3rd density will be gone, as a lot of people have been saying. A soul can go through either one and make ascension to the 5th density, but the “Law of One” calls it the 4th density. So that is why the sphere beings have 9 densities and the “Law of One” has 8. I’m told they are both different realms and it’s better for Humanity to live in the 3rd density as the 4th dimension becomes simple and boring and hard for the soul to get a lot of experiences, but it’s the easy way to escape the negative control. The Illuminati who have what I call low souls or souls that do not have empathy for others, cannot go there unless they make ascension (same for Draconians). The “Law of One” says the Earth changes to the 4th dimension, but I’m told it was canceled in 2007 because of the invention of the internet or maybe other reasons. We were to have gone to the 4th dimension in the beginning of 2014, so I guess we stay in the 3rd and beat the negative control, which is the best way to go, but it’s hard.


I want to let everyone know that the real you is your soul. Your body is just a vehicle that the soul uses to more better experience the universe. Your body is temporary and dies after awhile, while your soul will usually lives forever and constantly gets new bodies. Your soul can be recycled, if one don’t get polarized positive and advance from the 7th to the 8th density or from the 8th density to the 9th density. After the 9th density souls advance into the Creator Gods and then the Prime Creators and I’m told there are places in there where you can get recycled for being negative. Finally after all that we reach the Central God and live happily ever after or maybe we start over!

Your soul can get or discharge good & bad karma only when it has a body. Anytime you hurt someone else or the environment (even if you get away with it), you get bad karma and anytime you help or enhance someone else, you get good karma. The soul is totally responsible for whatever the mind has the body do. So before you do something think of your soul, because if you hurt someone, you won’t like discharging it later, I sure didn’t. Good and bad karma don’t cancel out. You could save 100 lives and then stab someone and go to jail. Good karma is mostly used to get a better life, so be sure to get a bunch of good karma before you die and get a good life next time.

I used to think that Earth has all 9 densities, but now I’m being told that a planet can’t have 3rd and 4th density, it can only have one or the other. It is predicted in the “Law of One” that the Earth will change from 3rd to 4th density, but I’m told that it was canceled in 2007, because of the invention of the internet and or maybe other reasons. So this is probably the reason why the “Law of One” only goes up to 8 densities, because we can have either the 3rd or the 4th dimension, but not both. I count them each as a separate realm which will make 9 densities. So I have been wrong the Earth can change to the 4th dimension or density and doesn’t already have it. I’m still told that it’s canceled and that it’s not a good deal for Humanity as long as we break the negative control we are in. The change always occurs to break the negative control, so Humanity is predicted to get out of the negative control.


Well Humanity is in a lot of trouble, while few people realize it. The Earth is slowly being destroyed by Geoengineering and radiation among other things. The Illuminati has about everyone negatively controlled, with 2 of them running for president of the USA. They say there is a one ton of gold reward for their capture, if this is really true it should happen soon and that will be quite a game changer. I think we are going to need and get Divine Intervention. I’m told the Brown Dwarf Star comes through the inner solar system within 2 years and the financial system collapsing just before it arrives, causing most people to be broke and somewhat helpless. That ought to mix things up quite a bit. The people that can, need to rise up and take control, that’s what we are waiting for, I wish God would give me the power to help.


First I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday, it was to much to write everyone back and I want to thank again those who sent a donation. I’ve been reading some, about the coming Pole Shift in several different ways and the move to the 4th dimension. Well I keep asking and I’m told there will not be a pole shift and Humanity will stay in the 3rd density, except for the 530 million (7%) who will make ascension in about 8 years and about 73,000 who will get the rainbow body for 40 days before they make ascension.


The main stream media is really over playing these so called terrorist events. There is never or hardly ever any evidence, no dead bodies are shown, hardly any injured people are interviewed. Seldom any blood, sometimes the event is even reported before it happens as the Orlando event was. Sometimes the same people are seen in 2 or 3 different events that are in more than 1 continent. Whenever you hear of a new terror event, think right away, prove to me that this is real as I don’t believe what you are saying, I need to see convincing evidence. Repeating the same lie over & over doesn’t make it true. These events are staged to divide us and pass new laws that take away our freedom. Humanity must find a way to stop this nonsense if we want to reach the Golden Age.


Does crime pay, I say no, but they are getting away with it, right in our face when there are all Illuminati in the political positions. Is Humanity going to stand up against it, might we get Divine Intervention. I think something has got to give in this end of the Cycle times. If we are going to get Humanity into the Golden Age, it’s plain and simple, we have to defeat the Illuminati. About 1/3 of the G20 countries has an Illuminati as the front man. There are even Illuminati playing good guys like Cobra. We must find a way to stop these people as they are destroying the planet on top of everything else.


I once in a while, get complaints about Ben Fulford, not being the real deal. So I did some serious praying on the issue. I am unhappy with what I was told. I’m getting a 36 soul score and that he is a Wanderer-3 instead of Wanderer-4, I get hardly any bad karma, but I’m told he is close to having a little bit and he has a fair amount of good karma. I’m told his life is being threatened so much, that he gave in to not putting out some of the important info he has. I asked if I should cancel my account and was told no, that he will change when he fells safer.


My email account got stolen, because I got taken on a phishing scam, even though I’ve spotted reported or passed on at least 100 phishing scams in the past. I was clearing out my other email account for a whole day and helping someone, when I had to go back to the account that was stolen. Everything was changed so I couldn’t retrieve the password, so I filled out the fraud report from Microsoft to get my email account back and when I was told it would take up to 24 hours. I felt awful and angry but God and my guides kept me from being angry at the person who stole my account. I had to fill out the page to get my account back 3 times, the 1st time I didn’t have enough information and the 2nd time an o was changed to a 0, but the 3rd time I got it right. I prayed a lot to God and my Guides and used the pendulum, but I was helped mostly telepathically and soon checked my other account again and saw the message that I’m in London and need you to send 1500 pounds to an exact address by Western Union, so I quickly called Western Union fraud department to block any money sent to the fake me and I also sent out my newsletter to about the 430 people to tell them I’ve been hacked. It really helped me solve all this by not being angry at the person who stole my account and channel my energy to the right places. This whole deal was caused to happen so I would discharge bad karma and clear my soul for a future mission to help Humanity. I’m hearing from people all over that are heavily discharging bad karma, even my Mother. It looks like no one lost any money and I got my account back with no loss of information.


I got my account back and will explain what happened tomorrow, so send emails if you like.


My email account has been hacked don’t send money to anyone.


Abortion is bad and if you have one after the 3rd month (within normal circumstances), you will get a whole lot of bad karma and your soul score will go down about 20 points and worse as you get closer to the 9th month, but it is not murder. It is less bad if you get one before the 3rd month. Since the fetus does not get a soul, until it is completely out of the mother or born, it is not considered a person, until it get a soul. There are all kinds of what ifs and they can make it less bad or even not bad at all.


The Illuminati plans to crash the economy, just as the brown dwarf star arrives. People will be broke and at their worst. This way the maximum number of people will die. Don’t let this trap get you, prepare in advance, with food, water, supplies and fuel for your vehicle. I’m told that it goes into the kill zone, sometime in June 2018.

Each person has two 5th density guides, that they share with 1 other person, that is usually in your oversoul. While a Wanderer has five 7th density guides that they share with 2 other Wanderers. Everyone should pray to these guides and their guardian angel and request help and thank them for the help you’ve already received.

The universe runs on change, but change is often highly resisted. There figures to be a huge amount of change in the coming years. The change will continue to be bad for awhile, then the change will be good as we move into the Golden Age. The bad change will be forced, hard to avoid or get it stopped. The good change will be more of a matter of choice and sometimes highly resisted.


Free money for everyone, I’ve heard of this before and it’s cheaper than all the poverty programs and extra law enforcement to stop the extra crime, broke people cause and social programs that have corruption. I think it keeps money to important and I think money should be made less important. I think everyone should cooperate with their community and work a little bit, 2 to 20 hours a week to help their community and the world and all the basic needs should be free. The amount of time one has to work a week depends on the shape of the world or community and how good the technology is to do the work for us. Food, Water, clothes, shelter, communication, transportation, education, Medical care, some entertainment and Security would be free and if someone don’t want to work they can pay someone else to do their share and people can earn money in their free time and buy extra things. Otherwise one could go homeless and there would be a bread line so to speak with crap food that the other people don’t want and they would be forced to stay in certain areas, that way they would be encouraged to join the community and do their share. Obviously this system will need some tweaks, but I’m sure there is a person for every job.


The European Union is ruled by unelected Illuminati, I wonder what the people were thinking, when they allowed this to happen. They just do what they want and don’t care about the people at all and I heard they have over 22,000 people in the ruling class that get paid more than the Prime Minister of England (counting the military). The people need to wake up and rise up and put these evil psychopaths in prison, with hard labor (or horrible conditions if they refuse labor) for the rest of their lives. Take back all the money the Illuminati has (stole) and split it 70% for the people and 30% for the Government, with elected honest people in charge and go from there and the Golden Age would maybe be around the corner.

To get into the Golden Age on this world, the Illuminati, must be made to go extinct. All religions must end and the people take up spirituality. Anyone who has studied history with a completely open mind, knows that this is true. It’s such a crying shame that so few people have an open mind, less than 3%. As it only takes 3% of the people to completely change the world in a short time. I’m fairly sure we will be getting Divine Intervention (it won’t be Jesus) and that will get us in the Golden Age.


The Illuminati cannot go to the 4th density, because they have the wrong kind of soul, but their evil coconspirators can and have gone there (in the 4th density with special technology) and blew things up, the people that live there are worried. Raptors rule the surface and part of the underground. At some point in our future all this will be fixed and everyone will have a choice to live in the 4th or 3rd density and only 22% of the people will choose the 4th.  People that are polarized positive will be allowed to visit the 4th density and their bodies will get Rejuvenated and this way, people will live about 500 years long.

For the brown dwarf star coming in, I’m getting you will first be able to see it in Dec. 2017. It goes into the kill zone in June 2018 through September 2018 for about 90 days and Earth will take a hit of about 80% of the maximum possible. The worst  large country to live in is the USA.


Mail Chimp that I was using to send my semi-newsletter has cut me off. They say I’ve reached my maximum number, I hope for this month. I will resume sending it when I’m allowed.


We’ve all been hearing a lot of talk of the financial system crashing. I’m told that it planned to crash in 2018, timed with the arrival of the brown dwarf star and it’s Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanos erupting. So the maximum number of people die, giving the elites an easier planet to control, but I don’t see it work out so well, because of Divine Intervention.

I’ve just added Patty Greer to my Qualified Helper page, she has 6 great movies, one can buy or rent for as little as $5.4th density, I had been given a lot of wrong information on how much one’s body changes (not so much) and all the plants and animals that have souls live there (1/3 of the kinds of plants & animals have souls). One of the main differences is there are no gasses in the 4th density, so you don’t breathe and we can go there and back with the use of technology. So some UFOs are going in & out of the 4th density as it’s not ascension. So once again Earth does not make ascension , but Humanity can be sent to the 4th density to live there, however the Illuminati can not go there. 74% of souls do a cycle of 4th density instead of 3rd density and some with high technology go back and forth.


I’m told that Jesus Christ was a Wanderer-4, who started when he was finishing his 5th density and went through the .97 cycle contract that all Wanderers on Earth do. He started a little over 26,000 years ago. He had his last incarnation was in the 1700s, finished his Wanderer contract, went back to his Bird people planet, so he cannot comeback. Obviously he had his most important or best life, when he was Jesus Christ, but he had 8 more lives after that and is now in the 7th density on his Bird people planet. Jesus Christ lived all his lives in the middle east, but was never a Muslim. I’m told Wanderers must go back to their original planet, when their Wanderer contract is over and do not have a choice of staying on Earth.


Multiculturalism is terrible for Humanity. It is an Illuminati trick to keep us all fighting with each other and have every country full of crime and justify a police state. In the Golden Age all the races will go back and live where they came from. However we will have free portal travel and everyone will be allowed to explore the world as long as one has not caused trouble in other places, those that do, will not be able to explore the world. When one is done exploring for the day, one will have to go back to where they live. No place will have poverty and war and every place will have the highest technology and comfortable living quarters. Almost everyone will work where they live and keep their area in top condition. This will almost eliminate all hate crimes and eliminate culture clashing. So Europe would have only whites living there and the USA and Canada would have whites and native Americans only. All whites will leave Africa.


I was sent this Wanderer’s handbook,  I’m told it is good even though it probably doesn’t have types of souls, length of contract, skill levels or the fact that every group has Wanderers.


I was asking questions about other universes and found out a lot of things can be way different. A cube may have a different number of sides, bodies may normally have the head in the middle. While you are there the different things will seem normal and you will feel like the weird one. I know this doesn’t help us with the tough times going on around us, but soon after you make ascension, you’ll be able to check out other universes. I also wanted to say the God in the old testament in the Bible is the devil or the negative force and I think at least 1 religion worships this God. Religions tell one to worship their God, while spirituality tells one “Love and Service to Others”, which one actually helps, it is the right one, “Love and Service to Others”. If you were God would you want to be worshiped or would being God be good enough? Only negatives want to be worshiped, so any religion that mentions worshiping God, has a negative god, was created by and is run by negatives.


I want to thank all of you that like my newsletter and the input I get to help improve it, although I want to keep it very simple as it is. I’m unable to create at a fast pace, due to my head injury 11 years ago, so I put out the good creations of others (reading, listening and watching). Send me an email if you want to get it, search the net less and try my recommendations.

I also want to mention my Wanderer page, a long list of high skilled Wanderers I’ve found that have a Website to help Humanity. Try this 10 minute interview of Mark Passio a high skilled Wanderer. I also want to mention my Qualified Helper page, those that are qualified for ascension and have a website to help Humanity now with Skill Levels! My newest addition is Marty Leeds, skill level 4 the highest, here’s a is 26 minute video from him called PI and the English Alphabet as he is into teaching about numbers and letters, his website is


What I’m getting now is this guy that calls himself Cobra is an Illuminati with a soul score of 11, so he has a Reptilian soul. I was always getting a bad reading on him and I knew something was up. They have just told me this about 3 days ago. So I’ve been rechecking it for awhile before I would put it out and I’ve been told to post it. If you are following him, I would recommend you quit. He keeps telling everyone there is going to be an event.


As some of you may know, the Illuminati and other important negatives, bent on controlling Humanity have extensively looked at the future with the Chronovisor for about the next 10 years. They didn’t like what they saw, which was them losing control of Humanity and being prosecuted for their crimes and the Golden Age starting. So as a group they decided they must do things way better and a lot sooner to prevent this bad future for them. So as you may have noticed, starting about 2010, their usual baby steps have turned into regular steps and may soon be giant steps.

Some of the stuff they are doing or in the process of doing is mandatory Vaccines, that very well could contain any kind of poison, mind control or IQ reducing chemicals. Another thing they are pushing hard on is stopping protesting, which they have slowed down (making a lot of it illegal) and even banned it in some countries with long prison sentences. They are also trying to disarm anyone with a firearm and if that’s to hard, they may try to stop everyone from getting bullets. I’m told over & over that they won’t be able to disarm the people of USA as none of their plans (mostly fake mass shootings) are not working. They are also passing numerous bad laws against the people, that the people don’t like, but have no say in whatsoever, few people are going for the spin they put on it. So basically they are tightening the screws on us and figure to soon accelerate it more so.

Another important thing they are doing is preparing for the Brown Dwarf Star and it’s planets and moons to fly by a little above the plane of the our inner solar system. They have Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) for them and for us they are trying to make the most people out of work and broke and therefore unable to prepare at all. They are also almost totally keeping it out of the main stream media.

So to overcome all of this, we must pray and meditate for God to give us a reality, that the evil controller cannot overcome. Way more of us must wake up and clearly understand what is going on and go against it and cause it to change, we must all fight this over control, make it real hard for it to continue. I believe that we have a very good chance of Divine Intervention and clearly something that the Chronovisor does not show at all, so they will have no chance of preparing for it.


Plan on things getting more negative, before it starts getting better, it may take 7 years. I’m told they won’t be able to take our guns away in the USA and I also get the dollar won’t crash any more than it is, but a lot of other negative things will happen, before we move into the Golden Age. Terrible immigrants and unfair laws mostly I think, other countries are getting hit hard with a lot of terrible immigrants on a power trip and very unfair laws. I was told today that the Brown Dwarf Star and several planets starts it’s flyby in March 2018. I read Marshall Masters (Wanderer 3 skill) great new book Being in it for the Species and learned quite a lot, while I was waiting for my new PC. Keep in mind that the date March 2018 doesn’t have to be accurate, although lots of people are posting pictures of it’s planets near the sun at dusk and dawn, so it’s behind the sun and going the slowest it does in it’s orbit around the sun.

I often feel bad that I’m not able to write a lot and come up with a lot of new stuff, it’s because of my head injury in 2005 and not one of my good skills. I do over 90% of my mission in answering emails and looking at other people’s work.


I’m now told that in about 20 to 25 years, Humanity will might be moved to the 4th density (4th dimension), everyone with a soul, that is not polarized negative and is on the surface of the Earth will go. This is not ascension, everyone will finish their cycle and ascend to the 5th density if polarized. The approximate 7 underground groups will have to go.

There has been a lot of photos lately of planets around the sun at dusk and dawn. The Illuminati is going way out of their way to screw up these sightings and even cause the sun to look hexagonal in shape, a patent has been found for doing this. Go to Alex Collier’s .org website and watch the short videos. He’s in a free to watch or maybe only listen to roundtable today on Sunday March 27, 2016 at 3PM pacific time on Wolf Spirit radio. So I’m told the Planet X flyby will likely be in late 2017. Because of getting my new PC that broke and had to be repaired already (it was my fault), I’m way behind in answering emails about 80 to go, but I’ll do new soul reports 1st.


My PC broke, so I bought a new one, and Best Buy says it takes 6 to 7 days to transfer data and get it ready, so I’m out of action till then except for my wife’s mini tablet.





Don’t be fooled any longer. In case you didn’t know Hillary and Bill Clinton as well and the Bushes are Illuminati as well as Donald Trump too. So we have all Illuminati running for President. We need to find a way to get Andrew Basiago on the ballot in all states, his website is and he is running for president.


I also got lied to on Donald Trump, after asking over & over for days & days, I finally connected with a higher density being that would tell me the truth (of course I don’t really know exactly how it works). Donald Trump is an Illuminati, he has a Reptilian Soul, I’m almost positive, he has an 8 soul score and a whole lot of bad karma. I knew something was wrong when I kept getting he has hardly any bad karma. One can’t become a billionaire, buying and selling real estate without acquiring some bad karma along the way. I don’t know why, but sometimes I get an important lie and I kept getting it over & over for a long time and then it finally gets changes. Maybe they read my soul and answer the question by what’s in my soul and then I connect with someone different who knows the truthful answer. My friend bought me a Pink Quartz pendulum and I put a silver chain on it, he says it will help me get the truth more often, so maybe it’s working. I’m trying hard to help Humanity, making a small difference. When I read, watch or listen to something good on the internet, I’m sending it out, kind of like a newsletter, if you want to get it let me know.

I’m very disappointed I got lied to for so long on a few of the spiritual facts. On soul reports it just changed the amount of time left and the number of past lives. Anyone who wants their soul report fixed, just email me a copy and I’ll fix it. I’m so far behind on emails, but I will answer them all. I do soul reports 1st.


This new post is no fun to write and is likely to cause me a lot of extra work that should of been unnecessary work. Last night I was informed, that I had been lied to on some of my spiritual facts and a lot of it has to do with soul reports. Whether you are a Wanderer, qualified for ascension or a young soul will stay the same, some of the times will be different. A friend of mine said he was going to buy me a crystal pendulum, so I would get more truth. Well this came in the day before and I just got the crystal pendulum. So here is a list of changes and anyone can send there soul report in and I’ll fix it, if it needs to be.

An oversoul is 22 to 32 souls, not 36 souls
A Wanderer contract is .97 cycles long, not 1.74 cycles long
We don’t live on 8 different planets, a few of us come from another planet, most of us just live on Earth.
1st density is 2 cycles long, instead of 8, 2nd density is 4 cycles long instead of 5, 3rd density is 1 cycle long instead of 3
There isn’t 8 steps in 3rd density, only how much time one has left to complete the cycle and be qualified for ascension.
If Humanity ascends we go to the 4th density, if individuals ascend they go to the 5th density.
I’ll have to fix my site with all these changes, when I catch up with emails.



We have about 50 to 60 very evil & powerful Illuminati (that have Reptilian souls) and about 20 to 30 very evil & powerful people with souls, that all must be taken out of power. They are all mass murderers and guilty of other terrible crimes. These people will be executed or imprisoned before the brown dwarf star goes through our solar system or in the next 2 to 3 years. This will stop the central bank scam of making money out of nothing and loaning it to countries at interest (countries can make their own money). It will also stop the bad health care and the terrible education our children are getting and many other horrible stuff being done to us, like war and consuming poison. It will also open the door to the suppressed technology, food replicaters, portal travel and free energy to name some of it.


Well I blew it again, I kept telling everyone that ascension is this year and now I’m told it’s not, nor will the brown dwarf star come this year either. I’m told we don’t get to know when ascension is in 3rd density. I’m told ascension is when this age of Pisces ends and the age of Aquarius starts and it is in just a few years, maybe in about 5 to 9 years. The brown dwarf star is close to the plane of the solar system and behind the sun, it’s starting to pass up the sun and go above the plane of the solar system. When it goes above the sun and starts to go around the sun it will speed up and we will be able to see it, probably next year. It will take about 3 months to go around the sun and that is called the kill zone and it will be close to Earth.

I’m also told we are about to have about 7 years of bad times coming up and to get through. It’s going to take quite awhile to get these evil people running the planet out of power and get the Golden Age going.


Every single Pope and every single Dalai Lama was and is an Illuminati. The Dalai Lama is always an Asian Illuminati and the Pope an European Illuminati, which means they have Reptilian souls. I don’t consider them Human, would you, it’s a Reptilian in a Human body.

When you hear those Angel stories about saving someone’s life, by grabbing them or something like that. Usually the Guardian angel asked a guide to help. Every Human has two 5th density guides and if he or she is a Wanderer, they have four or five 7th density guides.

Some ETs are having Russia take a mysterious plasma weapon, called the Ark of Gabriel out of Saudi Arabia to store it somewhere in Antarctica. Over 400 Saudi Arabian people have died trying to handle this plasma weapon.


We are supposed to get new fancy technology, maybe with in a year. Stuff like portal travel, food replicaters, free energy and communication over the sourcefield (the ether that surrounds our universe). I’m told the brown dwarf star does go into the kill zone a little later next year, but it’s only going to be 62% as bad as it was supposed to be. You need to be 125 meters above sea level and 50 KM or 30 miles from a major Earthquake fault line is kind of the rule. You should have 2 months of food, water and other supplies like fuel for your vehicle, because the power is likely to go down at times.


Well here is yet another video on the JFK assignation that I liked a whole lot 1 hour 12 minutes, it’s called Dark Legacy: George Bush And The Murder Of John Kennedy (Nov. 24, 2013). The other one I put out a while back is JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick (Nov 19, 2014) It’s 3:27:55 long It has a lot of stuff in it. Don’t forget Brain David Andersen came on Veritas radio Nov. 19, 2015 and kind of proved, that the whole deal was faked and JFK lived out his life on a secret estate where Poland meets Russia. If you watch all 3 of these, you are likely to believe the one you watched last, they are so well done, but you will have a lot of good  information stored in your soul, to understand how evil the people running this planet are and why we need a change and the Golden Age, I sure would love it if God gave me more power to help.


I still believe this is going to be one of the biggest years in the history of Humanity, so get a soul report if you haven’t had one yet. I’m told Obama has a soul score of 2 (lowest possible) and will ascend negatively, which is in 5 to 9 years. I’m told about 530 million will make ascension, with about 73,000 getting the rainbow body and have 5th density abilities in 3rd density for 40 days and then ascend. They will be able to fly anywhere on Earth, read minds, look into the future and not be able to get hurt or harmed, plus more. If an object is shot or thrown at them, whether they know it of not, their body will simply go out of phase, and the object will pass through them, causing no harm. They will get instructions from the higher realms to imprison all the evil people (Illuminati & coconspirators), kill (with a special weapon) all the Archons and clean up the planet (radiation and other problems). Paving the way for the Golden Age. But before all this happens the brown dwarf star passes over the plane of our solar system causing earthquakes, volcanos to erupt and tsunamis from the earthquakes in or near the oceans. So prepare for the power to go out for long periods of time, have food, water and other needed supplies.


Well they are using the courts to try and gain us our freedom. They are trying to stop the USA from being a corporation and calling for the arrest of all the criminals, but they won’t let it be on the mainstream media, trying to let it be ignored. General Dunford is supposed to start it up and maybe he is looking for more support. Well I suppose it’s time for Divine intervention to make it happen.


I’ve read that a very common crop our founding fathers grew was Hemp. I’m told it will make a big comeback. I’m told it will replace plastic in many cases. It is possible to make transparent bottles that will hold liquid drinks out of Hemp. Whoever reads this should try and event this as it will really help Humanity. Discarded plastic is terrible for Humanity, while discarded Hemp is probably fertilizer.


Sound is the most important energy in the universe. In open space sound travels faster than light. Sound is needed and used in creating life, actually sound plus electricity can create life. Sound is the most powerful energy in the universe. Sound can go through several layers of matter and then strike the enemy. In Love and Sound.


I often hear or read, people writing that they need to change this or that rule or the rules and the world will or would be fixed. So many people think that they made rules that they can take advantage of, or passed laws in their favor. Many people think that we need to get the rules or laws changed and the people will start doing way better, since they won’t be able to take advantage of us, with more fair rules and laws. Now some of this is the case, but the real problem is the people in power are totally evil, most of them have soul scores in single digits! The top people in power are the Illuminati and although they look like us, they don’t have Human souls, they have Reptilian souls. Which is a low soul and doesn’t have empathy for others. So they would just cheat whatever rules or laws are in place and only allow evil people that can be bribed or threatened in power below them. We must imprison them all and separate the men and women, so when they die of old age, there won’t ever be any more of them. If we put honest people with high soul scores in power, the Golden Age would start right away, it’s only evil people keeping us out of the Golden Age.


Well I got a negative last week, when I said the brown dwarf star comes next year, I’m strongly told it comes in 2018. I think you’ll see a second sun in the sky and a couple of months after that it will enter the kill zone. I’ve gotten all kinds of varied information on it and I think we will take a side hit, so it will be semi bad. So coastal areas are likely unsafe, so store fuel for your vehicle, so you can still move if the power is shut off, if you live in a coastal area. There is a video on Marshall Masters site of one of the inner planets that orbit the brown dwarf star, right next to the sun and it is quite big, looks almost half as big as the sun, so it’s getting close.

God or his high agents (8th & 9th density) has been giving me information about the Golden Age. One important thing I’ve been told is all areas (countries) will get the highest technology and a fair share of the food and resources, but all the races must go back to the area they come from. For instance all Arabs will go back to the middle east and all Blacks will go back to Africa. If the wars and poverty are ended and you get a good house to live in, with all the finest technology, Africa is a good place to live, it has plenty to offer. If this is done all the race hating will end and don’t forget all the whites would have to leave Africa too. I’m told that there will be portals everywhere and anyone who doesn’t misbehave, will be able to travel the world freely, but they have to live where there race does.


After hearing an unexplained noise behind me, I checked with the pendulum and after many guesses, I was told the brown dwarf star comes in 2017, not this year, now I wonder if it comes at all. However I’m told ascension is still happening in 5 to 9 years, many people will ascend each day for about 2 months, around 530 million will ascend, with about 73,000 getting the rainbow body for 40 days and then ascend. They will have 5th density abilities in the 3rd density.

One thing I want to tell everyone is that when an innocent person is killed or even tortured, that person always had bad karma to discharge, from either this life or any of the last 3 lives. This is always the case, God never makes any mistakes on this. So when you see an innocent person, brutally beaten and killed, which is awful and I don’t want to ever happen, you can wonder what they did in their last 3 lives and why they deserved this.