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These Readings are from Carolyn Laverty a Wanderer with a 2.5 skill level. You can email her and ask for a reading at    l2ed9irl@hotmail.com , she thinks of the person and a short story enters her mind and she writes it. My spiritual sources say these stories are true. You can read her blog at https://seraphinity.wordpress.com/

This Reading is for Gary Carlson

The Cathar

Light from the Great Galactic Sun penetrates and permeates the air around me.  An electronic buzzing noise is heard crackling through the still air.  A ragged man is seen running through underbrush as if being chased from behind.  Sweat and dirt marks his face.  Bushy long hair streaked with grey flies wildly around him.  A long beard marks the passage of time spent in seclusion.

Ascetic, pious, yet voluble.  Having spent months alone, withdrawn to a cave, your senses have become sharpened and heightened.  Hearing sounds others cannot, frenetic visions ensconce you, the taste of the wind, the smell of Jesus. Your kinetic senses vibrate with phantom menaces purging your soul, allowing only the Divine to remain.  12th century, Europe.

Abstinence, joy in liturgical hymns.  You seek the Divine Presence, acknowledgement within you.  A long garment, threadbare and torn, protects you from the outside elements.  For you seek that which is within, that Divine Spark, illumination.

Revered as a friar Brother, you feel your purpose is to renounce and negate all bodily senses in order to come closer to the Divine.  As a mystic, your devaluation of life’s pleasures in order to seek the Sacred, will keep you months in isolation.

Unbeknownst to you, as you distance yourself from life around you, as you rely more heavily on your inner senses, a purification ensues where life’s beauty is shown more clearly, more refined and engraved.  Your abnegation has ironically come full circle to reveal the clarity and beauty of life.  Thrushes twittering in tree limbs are heard in the distance, that which is within you is also without you.  Solace found within is also around you in Nature.  Every aspect of yourself is mirrored in that which you gaze upon, you touch and listen to.  This understanding is felt deep within you.

I withdraw from this scene to find you quietly speaking with your Brethren, your Brothers in Arms, your faithful flock.  Admonition is not among your words to them, rather respectful gratitude for All that is.  A Cathar monk, a learned man, a night of recompense.
I swiftly bring light over to you from the Great Galactic Sun.  A fervent prayer is issued forth, an intuitive motion of hands as Energy is quietly, measurably dispersed by you.

I ask to view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is wide open.  An expansive space revealing starlight and shine.  Your third eye chakra moves, revolving seamlessly.  I see a multitude of information being released from that which is received. Your throat chakra is infused with a protective light, that which issues forth from your third eye can thus be elucidated.  Your heart chakra glows with a warm loving light.  The light of Christ Consciousness emanates.  Your solar plexus illumines brightly a clear, yet meagre path.  Your sacral chakra is moving, adjusting to recent impediment.  Your base chakra is fluid in motion.  As the Earth moves, you move and flow with it.  I etherically see one hand placed upon the Earth to steady yourself with the influx of energy.

I kindly ask to see your guides.  You appear first, your most prominent feature being your eyes.  I see your gaze move slowly downward taking in all aspects assuredly.  Humility and a prescient quality surrounds you.  This is carried forth into your current life.  Standing, you fold your hands quietly before you.  An angel converges on your left.  This angel is one of your many guides.  I hear the name Daniel.  A mother to your right assumes her place behind you, her hands reach out to touch your shoulders.  The loving light and energy of Master Jesus surrounds you, a Christ centred energy, helping to express Love that it may be shared freely with all.  The energy also assists in natural healing.  The light and energy expressed as Lord Maitreya surrounds you, helping to balance predominantly intellectual thinking with acceptance of the metaphysical.  As you raise your level of consciousness, you are more aware of who you really are.  The beautiful light of Archangel Gabriel envelopes you.  As a messenger angel, Gabriel assists all earthly messengers.

I ask to see a timeline.  Hardship, strife and battles encumber your life as a Cathar.  Seeking to transcend and move beyond these base concerns, you set out on a quest to sequester yourself, live alone, and reject all that is Earthly only to release yourself in the end, appreciating and knowing God is within All that Is.  At the current time, I see an account book laid out before you.  Clicking noises, addition, the economic woes of finding balance.  In the future, I see you contemplating before you a still, dark sea.  No movement is seen, quietude and solace are sought within this dark water.

End of Reading

This reading is for my wife Chanthy Carlson
The face of a young girl peers before me.  A long face with brown skin, dark eyes and hair.  She motions with her eyes that silence must prevail.  I watch as she clasps her hands together in a prayer position, moving them upward and circling around.  I follow her movements and feel we are falling into deep space.

Nothingness surrounds us, only stillness ensues.

The records of Atlantis.  Deep in space and time.  A chant, a dance, words are mouthed to me but I hear nothing.  A calamity.  I turn and see you turning a symbolic hourglass over.  Sand slowly tumbles to the side indicating a shift in time, setting things right, starting over.  Light footsteps echo upon a beautiful smooth floor, a young woman wearing a long gown emerges.  Your story is difficult to communicate, my throat feels closed up, your voice is silent yet you continue to move, expressing yourself by purely visual means.

Rocks, trauma, pain.  You are empathic, the catalysation of history, of a few defining moments, reverberate within you, finding no voice.  Stoic, you keep silent.  You insist on remaining quiet.

I feel my heart surge with fear and terror, a tidal wave of cataclysmic ruin.  I ask what you are doing here.  Chanting is your response.  A temple guardian, a string of words endlessly repeated.  You are in a large hall with others.  I see your mouths moving but hear no words escaping.  Your movements accompany your chants, orderly and rhythmic.  A sudden harmonic high pitched sound is heard as each of you hold and sustain your notes.  Galaxy guardians inciting strength and courage in tumultuous times.  Sounds that normally transport and elevate seize abruptly and suddenly.  A sense of utter loss, regret and hopelessness runs deep.  I step away from this scene of chanting women, the residual feelings are overwhelming.

I ask to view your chakras.  A purplish blue enfolds from your crown chakra, bright and vivid with pin pricks of light shining brightly.  Your third eye revolves yet you have placed a block here.  At your throat chakra, I feel tight constriction, an inability to express that which runs deep within you due to an internal conflict of fear and truth.  You stand unable to reveal yourself completely.  At your heart chakra, deep billowing love and compassion for humanity is at your inner core.  This love shines brightly and is visibly felt in your aura and beyond.  The constriction at your throat chakra affects your solar plexus, beautiful light emanates, yet you do not step into that which is your true self.  Your sacral chakra spins, feelings of relenting, allowing others to dominate, a sense of allowing your creativity to be bypassed is felt here.  At your base chakra, I see you spinning, moving and adjusting, yet remaining grounded with both feet planted firmly on the ground.  Remaining grounded is important to you.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves for me.  You appear first, in a white gown with gold trim above your waist.  Olive skin, dark hair and eyes.  Your eyes are warm reflective pools of feelings and emotions.  Peace and quiet reign here, an unwillingness to awaken that which is unwanted and uncalled for.  Poise, grace and humility surround you.  The sheen of white fabric you wear is unusual, sheer yet sparkling and shining.  A need for calm.  A light angel comes in on your right, a beautiful peach, pink colour surrounds it.  I hear the name Elizabeth the Mighty.  Soothing quiet, a calm orderliness ensues and is felt around you.  A father, a short man enters, smiling, talking, he appears old, having had a long working life.  The beautiful light of Mother Mary suffuses the scene, her presence enlightens your intuitive wisdom and grace, providing comfort and understanding.  Archangel Raphael’s beautiful green light is seen around you, as attuned to nature’s Elementals and the Devic Kingdom, helping to develop your divine vision and bring personal growth and harmony in balance as well as helping to release any pent up processes.

I ask to see a timeline.  A procession moves within a temple.  All are wearing white gowns.  A rhythmic chanting in cadences.  I am told this chant, this prayer, is usual to uplift and elevate but at this time is used to ward off tumult and chaos.  Lips move, words are quickly recited, yet no intervention is seen.  Hearing beats and chants alludes to the continuance of life.  The absence of sound vibrations is, in essence, the end of physical life, thus the allusion to silence signals an end.  Your silent chants will no longer be heard.  The distant echoes subside faintly within the Universe, life is sound.  At the present time I see smiles, hear laughter and idle chatter.  Pleasantries exchanged, delight in what everyday brings, come what may.  In the future, I cast the net of my vision outward to see you at a dizzying height, staring down at mounds of earth.  A smile lights your face.

End of Reading

Reading for Gary Carlson
Candlelight flickers in a dark, cold room.  Gusts of wind swirl the flame, causing smoke to aspire.  A man stands alone in the room wearing a long chemise.  His eyes dart back and forth in rhythm with the flickering flame.

Floating memories pass through my field of vision.  A man kneels on a stone floor in a church.  Extent spaciousness reveals a sacred space.  He wears a white robe sashed with cords of violet red and gold.  The flash of gold glints and sparkles.  A man stands before you anointing your head as a latent Latin verse fills the air.  Dissonance molds into the periphery.  Words rise and fall in tandem with the intake of breath.  The Anointed One.

A spiritual pageant commences, hushed voices of congratulations are barely audible.  Decorum is held high as is respect for the sanctity of this holy place.

I withdraw from this scene to find you standing at a crossroads.  You have traversed the country and beyond, moving in measured steps to seek your communion with God.  It is an earthly travail to seek redemption in the form of the first sacrament.  You pause at the crossroads waiting for a telltale sign, a directional point on a magnetic compass foretelling your way.  As you pause to reflect, you cast your vision downward and watch the shadow of a fast moving cloud reveal the direction for you.

You are walking from one church to another not as a pilgrim would, but as a messenger of the scriptures.  You have been sent forth to instruct initiates with the word of God.  His principle, His way.  12th century, Europe.

I feel the planetary energy of Chiron ensconce the scene.  The wounded healer, black sheep and outsider, allowing release and expansion in a universal sense.  On a journey of self discovery, the inner teacher, finding one’s purpose in life.  The visual outline of a frog appears signalling initiations and transformations, creating a new cycle in life.

You stand before me wearing a beard, soft eyes grace your countenance.  Wise, knowledgeable, pious thinking, strict adherence to doctrines.  A change of opinion, a break with tradition, a rift in established patterns of traditional thought, schismatic.  A trailblazer seen as the black sheep.  There is a welling pool of courage that you wade in.  Your current wave of thought will be unacceptable yet you stubbornly refuse to return to previous ideas of religious ideology.

These thoughts drift in and out of your mind as you stand in the drafty room watching the wavering candlelight.  Adherent and unbending in your thoughts, your intellect is malleable to outside influences.

I release myself from this tense scene to view your chakras.  Your crown chakra is alit, bright sparkles emerge into a vast space.  Your third eye chakra revolves, as it does, every aspect is considered and analyzed.  Your throat chakra moves, undulates in circles.  Family ties that do or do not exist, an unheard voice at the time.  Your heart chakra is felt as expansive, warm, loving energy moving beyond a measurable boundary.  This area expands with beautiful loving light.  Your solar plexus shines forth, illuminating a path full of determination and conviction.  At your sacral chakra I feel a pause and turn.  An eddy, a slight dip in the circling. Guilt as a stored emotion is revealed here.  At your base chakra, I see you ethereally holding onto Earth.  A whimsical image appears as gale force winds compel you to hold tightly onto a flag pole.  Your feet being constantly swept off the ground yet you adjust.

I ask for your guides to please assemble themselves.  You appear first as I saw you earlier with shoulder length hair, a beard, wise yet soft eyes.  Your garment is long, tightly woven and thick.  You clasp two hands together in front of you and lower your arms down.  As your arms move downwards, the gaze of your eyes follows suit.  The energy and light of Master Jesus surrounds you, stimulating love within you that it may be freely shared with all.  The energy of Master Lord Maitreya encircles you.  His energy assists in realizing the purpose of being in the present dimension allowing detachment from old ideas and concepts, allowing new creative ideas to be formed.  The light of Archangel Gabriel suffuses the scene, helping all earthly messengers with their endeavors.

I ask to see a timeline.  Having been steeped in rigid ideology, you seek a nonconformist stand, a way to transport yourself from the rigidity of the past to a new tradition.  The struggle of the soul to free it’s natural energies from reason and organized religion persist to the current day.

End of Reading

Just got another reading from  Carolyn Laverty

A Black Raven Intuitive Remote Reading www.seraphinity.wordpress.com

An argument has broken out between two brothers.  Heated words are heard as a man steps purposefully away and walks into the distance.  Harsh sounds and tones resonate behind him moving from a high to low pitch. He boldly strides away from the confrontation, loudly enunciating his words with anger, each vowel extended in order to exert his will.  He will not be swayed or pushed instead he chooses to remain steadfast with his own notions of trade, ledgers, and movement.  A black raven turns its head.  On the vast eastern steppe of Inner Mongolia a camp is set up, a tented circle spanning a wide distance.  This is China around the 13th century.  Biting winds carry grass seeds far and wide.  The tents are secure from the brazen wind.  Clouds litter the sky, allowing the sun quick moments of respite.  Feelings of intense hostility are sensed.  Each brother holds an uncompromising position neither willing to budge and their anger is directed towards each other.  A change in burdens and responsibilities is met with animosity.  Both men refuse to concede. Hundreds of horses gallop across a wide plain.  The strong gusts of wind lift and carry the seeds further afield, moving, dispersing, and creating ripples of change.  Trade in grain, highly valued and needed, is part of the change.  One brother, his tunic fitting loosely around him, refuses to allow his brother to take control.  The concept of self-determination lies deeply within his heart and he will not submit to coercion. The distant horizon stretches as far as the eye can see.  The solid earth trembles in sonorous pounding waves as horses, multitudes of them, are seen moving across the plain.  Muscular with a short stature, they appear strong and robust.  North, South, East, West, the animals move together with the wind and the grass, forever seeking the sweet grass. Nomadic tribes moving as the wind does, changing direction and following the horses.  You are one with your horse.  Precision and controlled movement is swift as the wind and feared by many.  A raid, a territorial dispute, and a push for more control causes two brothers to be unwilling to compromise and cede authority, creating a rift within the clan.  This argument will result in a division between the two, each seeking their own self-interest.  Words are heard as fire symbols catch the sky:  devaluation, proceeds, marking objects for trade, glass beads, animal hides, sky bear and the mountain people.  There is a complete disregard for one another.  Spring rains will soon come to quench the dry lands.  A rain of agonies, tearing down what is around them and forcing each man to comply with the will of the other.  Consequences of this event will lead to many dead with tempers raging and seething among the living. I see beautiful ribbons of white light from the Great Galactic Sun flood the plains.  Horses continue to move agilely across the steppe.  I watch light energy instantly flow into the emotional and spiritual side of you and observe your chakras.  The light moves to your base chakra.  It spins, balanced and grounded with the physical world around you.  At your sacral chakra an uneven spin leads to a slight imbalance where you perceive yourself in connection to Spirit.  At your solar plexus chakra, light moves broadly and swiftly outwards.  Your heart chakra spins, casting an immense and ever widening brilliant light outward.  A deep love, humility, and reverence are felt here.  At your throat chakra, a slight tightness is felt where emotional communication or expression is hindered.  Your third eye chakra is wide open, allowing clear intuition, insight and wisdom.  From your crown chakra, a massive expanse of light imbuing a higher perception and connection with all that is. I ask your guides and angels to kindly appear before me.  You stand furthest forward and your guides assemble behind you.  A leather helmet covers your head.  Leather flaps hanging from your loose trousers, a leather belt is tooled with geometric designs.  Your legs astride, your hands and arms placed with their full weight upon a sword.  The beautiful light of Archangel Gabriel, the messenger, appears around you, helping to enhance communication and creativity while balancing energy levels.  The Ascended Master Sanat Kumara is also felt around you, aiding in the realization that with a raised consciousness thoughts are real and can form in other dimensions.  I ask to see a current timeline from the past into the future.  That which you have been building in the recent past is firmly established with a strong and solid foundation.  The Universe can now give back to you, but realise that nothing remains stagnant and the winds of change are always at your door.  At the present time inner strength is within you to complete what you may have been working on.  By accessing inner reserves of discipline and perseverance, you can achieve your desired outcome.  In the future there is spiritual awakening, clarity and truth.  As you evaluate the past and lessons you’ve learned, you will be able to forgive, accept and heal so that you can move forward in a balanced way.  Trust what you know to be true and understand that what was once not obvious can now be realized and understood.

End of Reading