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Happy Holidays, I hope all of you spent time with loved ones. I also hope you were able to do some giving and accumulate some good karma. Good karma gets one a higher quality reality or a good life, compare your life with everyone on Earth, not just those around. I’ve made a mistake in the recent past, I called the Asian Illuminati the Dragon Family, they are 2 different groups. The Dragon Family is positive and spiritual, while the Asian Illuminati is negative and Satanic.


A body must have a soul incarnated to it to be alive. When a female is pregnant her soul runs the body(s) of the yet to be born. However the soul does not control the body, the mind does. The soul can telepathically tell the body what to do, but the mind does not have to pay any attention to the soul. The soul cannot shut the body off if the mind does not do what the soul wants. However the soul is completely and totally responsible for whatever the mind has the body do!


I got a problem with the police, I think they are on a power trip! I think they are killing way to many people, I think some of these killings are murder. They are doing a lot of other things wrong also like impounding people’s property without just cause. The main stream media (MSM) cherry picks the cases and only report on the ones where the police didn’t do anything wrong. I think we live in a police state and it’s getting worse with the militarization of the local police forces.
What should be done to fix this problem is stop the police from policing the police and give this power to the top civilians in every community. The top civilians in every community should have the power to call for the arrest of any police officer, when there is a just complaint and even hold them without bail in some cases. When they are tried in court it should be done by a civilian attorney, that doesn’t work with the police. There should never be a conflict of interest when the police are being held accountable.
This would take the police off their power trip and then the police would be working for the people, like they  should be, instead of working for the corporations like they do now.


The you that others are familiar with consists of 3 parts, body, mind and spirit (soul). Without the soul or some type of temporary consciousness (that clones have), the body and the mind perish. The soul is the real you and is immortal or lives forever, while the body and the mind are temporary. While the body is alive the mind gets to be boss. The body is fully aware of everything going on, so you should talk to your body. Tell your body you love it and you care. If you want to ask your body questions, use any of the 3 tests (I call them) on my Spiritual Truth page. If you are over weight tell your body to burn off some of the fat it has stored, it works for some people. Even though it is blocked from directly expressing itself the soul is the main and by far the most important part of the 3 and I can give you a report on it, kind of where it’s been, when it’s going to the next step and kind of how good it’s doing.


The Illuminati have blasted western countries by exporting the good jobs and importing immigrants of which many of them are criminals. Now they are militarizing the police force, creating a police state. The days of consume, consume, consume on credit are about over. It’s to bad a lot of poor people choose the military to make it financially, but when they find out that the mercenaries are paid 4 times as much and are at less risk, they can smell a rat. So now the Illuminati corporations are expecting to get bailed out during the Christmas season, well something has got to give. So buy local and spend loving time with your family and help the nearby poor if it comes up.

Are you wondering if you are a Wanderer, do you want to find out if you’re qualified for ascension, do you want to know how many planets you have lived on, well you can find this out and more in a soul report. Our souls are in the Elohim category, which has 17 groups on 14 planets in 13 star systems.


The powers that be are continuing to do out of line stuff in our face, hoping to get a large violent reaction, so they have a reason to impose martial law. However martial law is not on our timeline, but it is on the timeline they want us to be on. Well I’m told it’s not going to happen.

There have been plenty of white police shooting black people and most of the time the police are out of line. So in Ferguson Missouri TPTB carefully cherry picked a case where the police wasn’t out of line. So when the policeman doesn’t get charged with a crime, they think they will get the violet reaction they want and get to put in martial law. Well don’t expect it to happen as it isn’t on our timeline.

Are you wondering if you are a Wanderer? Are you wondering if you are qualified for ascension? Would you like to know how many lives you’ve had on Earth? All these questions and more get answered in a soul report.


I’ve added some new pages to my site. God Matter & Life, better explains how everything works. Wanderers is a page where I list Wanderers and their helping Humanity website, while Qualified Helpers are people that are qualified for ascension and have a website that helps Humanity. I’m going to raise the price of soul reports fairly soon, so you might as well get one before I do. I haven’t had any unhappy customers yet. Get a better idea of who you are and why you’re here and if you have bad karma I’ll tell you how you got it.


It’s now legal in Israel to sentence a Palestinian child to 20 years in prison for throwing a stone and it’s not illegal to shoot a military missile into Palestinian civilian housing. Seems quite a bit out of line to me! Less than 5% of the Jews are truly evil, but the ones that are in control, the Medical, Financial, Education, Media and most of the government in the USA, yet they are only about 1.75% of the population. Diffidently a case of the few controlling the many. About 40% of the Illuminati are Jews. This is something the people must rise up and change. God has guided me to read, watch and listen to information on this constantly. I often pray that I’ll be given the ability/power to change this as it must be done to get into the Golden Age.

I’ve typed out over 10 soul reports this week, getting praise and thanks from people that now have a better understanding of who they are and why they are here, not to mention learning about their karma. Hopefully you might of heard from someone who received one as they will tell you it’s the real deal, a lot of helpful information, no BS. So go to my site and get one, the donation is low and fair, with a money back guarantee. It’s really a lot of work for me, but I want to help Humanity and this is the best thing I can do at this point, I can’t wait till God gives me the ability to do more.


There is a resistance group that has captured the hidden gold. There are Archons and Chimeras, they are not low level negative angels like I thought before. They are able to block the ascension window from opening, with a veil about 8.6 miles above the surface of the Earth. When one dies the Archons and Chimeras cannot do anything to your soul, except delay ascension if one is qualified.

The Archons and Chimeras are temporary consciousnesses  that can die and were brought here with the moon about 8,500 years ago. They will be killed by positive energy and then the ascension window can open. This positive energy is sort of created by people waking up to spirituality. I think the future event spoken of is the coming of the brown dwarf star (I’m told in April 2016) to erase much of Humanity’s bad karma. If you haven’t got a soul report get one to better understand your place in the universe, if you have gotten one urge others to get one to wake them up to spirituality and find out why they have karma and how it works. It takes me about 1 & 1/2 hours to do & type out a soul report so $15 is very fair.

10/25/2014                                                 Vaccines

On one side there is the pharmaceutical companies, they have the best lawyers money can buy, they have the most expensive research companies and they have the best writers money can buy. On the other side there is 2 spiritual researchers banished from the scientific community, not getting any funding nor media exposure, risking their lives to say there is something terribly wrong. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m going to look for, find and listen to the 2 spiritual researchers and donate a small amount to help.


The places I study current events is dominated by Ebola information. Don’t you get the feeling that something fishy is going on, when less than 5 people in North America got this virus. University of Illinois law professor Francis Boyle, an expert of the perfidies of the US government, reminds us that Sierra Leone and Liberia, the countries most affected by the ebola outbreak, are two West African countries that host US biological warfare laboratories.

Weeks before the outbreak the people in these 2 countries were pushed to get vaccinated for another virus and about 8% of those vaccinated got Ebola, so when the same healthcare workers show up again, they are often met with machetes. Some of these healthcare workers are starting to figure out, vaccinations are a scam to make money for the pharmaceutical companies and to achieve the agenda of the NWO. Which in this case is to chase away the Chinese, ruin the economy of these 2 countries and to push the governments of these 2 countries into an unfair deal over their natural resources, not to mention depopulation.

Another Wanderer Michael King of Tomato Bubble dot com (who does great work), kind of says Ebola is a cover play to get the Republican war machine rolling. Basically Obama does (and is doing) a poor job in handling Ebola, the Republicans win the House of Representatives and Senate in November 2014, then kind of sign us up for WWIII. So there are many fishy angles to Ebola, I probably missed a few. I saw a video of an unprotected Elite walking and going near an effected Ebola patient without caring the least, so there must be a secret cure for Ebola and other viruses, like described by Randy Cramer (aka Capt. Kaye) in a recent Veritas Radio interview.


The Illuminati wants WWIII, while Russia a country that has kicked out the Illuminati, wants to avoid WWIII, so look for Russia to go a step further and stop or end the Illuminati owned Russian central bank and also much of their main stream media is owned by the Jewish Illuminati, but maybe not for long, look for Putin to make wise moves as he has the highest soul score (43) of all world leaders.

The governments are also stepping it up, and threatening to go against activists. It’s doubtful they will be able to stop the internet as they want. They may try to disappear people, but this can’t work well against Wanderers as 97% of their reality is set in stone so to speak and most of the leading activists are Wanderers.


President Obama is a terrible mass murder, he has the lowest soul score possible 2, he has enough time in to make ascension, since he is polarized negatively, he will ascend negative. It’s to late he can’t get out of it. As far as I’m concerned it’s official Barack Obama is the ANTICHRIST. Watch this video to learn more .



After pleading & pleading for the truth here is what I received. Our sun orbits Sirius (8.6 light years away), perpendicular to the plane of our galaxy on a 25,920 year orbit (great year). Seven other stars either orbit Sirius or orbit stars that orbit Sirius on 4 different planes. A brown dwarf star orbits our sun almost on the plane of our galaxy, mostly a little below and then a little above at the very end of it’s elliptical orbit in a 3,657 year orbit. It will get close to our sun and be on the plane of our solar system in July 2016. It will be on the plane of our solar system or above it for about 3 months and cause many natural disasters (Earth changes) due to gravity fluctuations (while it’s close to our sun & Earth), and it will be seen by the naked eye in the northern hemisphere from February 2016 to November 2016. God planned for the brown dwarf star to come at the end of the 3rd cycle (cycle change) to erase a lot of bad karma from Humanity, so be prepared. Earthquakes up to 12 on the Richter scale and Tsunamis up to 400 meters high are possible, so be off all coasts during these 3 months (forget about surfing). Don’t forget to store fuel for your vehicle as power will likely be out when it comes.


The next group to be ethnically cleansed should be the Illuminati, they don’t have Human soul-consciousnesses and shouldn’t be ruling us, about 53,000 of them I’m told. What they have done in Scotland is look ahead in time, using black ops time technology and saw that the vote for independence was going to win. So they looked for weaknesses in the voting setup and figured out how to cheat the election. It worked and the vote for independence lost, but the Scots are outraged and are calling for a revote, I hope they get it and are able to stop election fraud next time.


In the end the Illuminati, only by themselves wants to be in the ruling class, with everyone being worker/slaves and only get to use some of the technology, have limited freedom. We will probably have entertainment to keep us distracted and misinformation about anything important. Of course that is if they win and I doubt it or God wouldn’t canceled Earth going into the 4th dimension.


Even though the main stream media is going downhill, the average person is strongly influenced by it, especially their rewrite of history. They have packaged their lies so well, while controlling education, that most people can’t believe the truth. Their main tactic lately has been shock & awe, which sways people into believing to do what Illuminati/Jewish bankers want. It has worked in sports, so it is being used in current events, like ISIS.

ISIS is an Israel, USA and some of the powerful Arab countries controlled force. The group is run by a Jew and is following a script. If ISIS was controlled by Islam, it would surely go after Israel, instead of beheading Christians. The USA wants to use this group in a way that they can bomb Syria as they want to take out Assad put in a government they control and then go after Iran. Which will give the Illuminati much more control of the world, just before the brown dwarf star comes in and wrecks the world in 2016.

The central banks are in so much trouble, that they badly want WWIII. Fortunately Putin the leader of Russia an honest man, with a soul score of 43 and rising is not going for WWIII. He is stopping the Illuminati from taking Syria and all of Ukraine, without using his ground forces much. No other leader of any major country has a soul score of 10 or higher and are all controlled by the central banks/Illuminati.

Russia years ago have kicked out the Illuminati, but still have a Illuminati central bank and a Jewish owned main stream media somewhat controlled by the Illuminati. If Scotland gets it’s independence it will by Illuminati free and hopefully will issue debt free money like Hitler did and Iceland is doing and will have a big recovery. Then other countries like Germany may follow suit and the evil central bankers/Illuminati will lose a lot of political control, paving the way for the Golden Age.

God has put me through a hard 3 months of paying off my bad karma. I spend most of my time surfing the net learning the truth of what’s currently going on and learning the true history of WWII. Lately I have been reading Michael S Kings stuff on and learning the truth of Hitler, Putin and WWII. I lightly contribute to about 7 websites run by honest people that are Wanderers or people that will/should make ascension.


I hear that some people are making cars running on hydrogen by breaking down water, will antigravity be next, I hope so. This blocked technology is coming out slowly. I’ve been sick for 4 days. Sorry I’ve haven’t been answering emails.


If you believe Hitler was the most evil person in WWII, think again as the winners write history. Watch this 27 part documentary to learn the truth. What Hitler did wrong was he stopped the central bank scam and stopped the Jews from controlling Germany with usury and porn, making Germany prosperous. Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt, Harry S Truman and Dwight D Eisenhower were all more evil than Hitler. Just watch the documentary and you will see, each part is about 15 minutes, so just watch a few parts every day and learn the truth, you’ll be blown away, realizing the lies you’ve been believing.

Hitler’s soul score was 40 and he is on the 6th step of 3rd density. He wasn’t a racist as he had 9 ethnic groups in his army. He wasn’t trying to take over the world either, you can follow his every move in the 27 part documentary and decide for yourself, what he should of did. The Illuminati/Jews are still keeping Germany occupied and down.


The USA and other countries are giving more power to law enforcement at the expense of the people. The world is becoming a police state and it’s slowly getting worse. When the people complain, the police are given the job of policing themselves. Can you figure how that comes out, the police get away with murder. In the USA the police are arming up with military weapons and extra hollow point bullets. The government actually wants a war with the people!

What they are trying to do is totally oppress the people and then the brown dwarf star comes in causing natural disasters. This way when it’s over the people will have very little and will easily be enslaved by an Illuminati controlled government, if things go their way. I see the people rising up and changing things next year, like putting civilian panels in charge of police complaints. We also need to rise up and stop the Jewish-Illuminati controlled media from lying for the government, trying to start a race war lately.


A lot of us are envisioning the coming Golden Age, but don’t realize the transition that must take place. The evil cheating, lying, stealing and killing in politics and high finance must be changed to honesty. Teaching or training our young people to compete, must be changed to cooperate. Maybe the hardest one is changing people from being religious to spiritual.

Obviously the top group of people (Illuminati and elites), must be at least taken out of power and hopefully executed or put in prison. I think we will get some help from the brown dwarf star coming through, leaving the world in disarray, letting God have us pay off the bad karma his way, making it easier to change things.

Fortunately there are Wanderers like Peter Joseph with the Zeitgeist movement and Jacque Fresco with the Venus project and other Wanderers and others doing similar stuff. Everyone don’t agree with everything these people are doing, but I think they are doing well, helping prepare us for positive change.


I was looking over the USA presidents, only 2 have had positive soul scores (over 50), John F Kennedy and Andrew Jackson, neither has the 3 cycles in to make ascension. 32 presidents (out of 44) have or had a low enough soul score (5 or less) to ascend negatively, only 2 have the 3 cycles in and will, Gerald Ford (from the soul plane) and Barack Obama (after he dies).

I’ve been told that some of the Palestinian children, were Jews that killed Palestinians in their previous life. The Jews that are killing Palestinians now, figure to have terrible future lives, could be born with missing limbs or even the down syndrome as they will have plenty of bad karma to pay off.


I’m going through tons of bad karma to pay off for stuff I did earlier in life and I hear of many others going through the same thing, we can be paying off for stuff we did in previous lives too. I’ve recently seen some NASA videos of a war going on in space, although they aren’t real clear. From what the pendulum tells me is we are ruled by an old race of technologically advanced Reptilians, that live on the moon (their home planet) through the Illuminati. I’m told their population is 30 to 40 million. They are ruled by a larger group of Reptilians that live on Saturn, and this group is ruled be another group that lives outside our solar system, who is ruled by the Draconians. Each group has an Illuminati elite with consciousnesses from the group above them.


The people or military in Israel are acquiring a lot of bad karma, so they may be strongly affected or hit hard by the brown dwarf star. The people in Gaza have acquired their bad karma in previous lives and are getting it discharged now by the military action against them. I’m told many of them were slave traders in past lives and that is why God put their souls in this population. However I think it’s terrible with what’s going on, they should able to release their bad karma in a more mild way, but I don’t know what they did in the past for sure.

I have found out more exact information about angels! First God or the Source compresses some Zoni (Zoni is a term I made up and it is what the sourcefield is made of) and makes 16 soul size angel oversouls. It goes through 6 steps that take 34 cycles and stays on Earth or it’s planet, every planet has angels. Step 1 lasts for 3 cycles and the oversoul divides 16 ways into 12 different kind of beings, some of them are Elves, Achrons, Jinn, Leprechauns, Gnomes, Demons and nature spirits, 8 of these are positive and 4 are negative. Step 2 lasts for 5 cycles and divides 12 ways, these are the guardian angels for 2nd density, they stay with a 2nd density oversoul for the whole 5 cycles as 2nd density also lasts for 5 cycles. When the life form is simple like a microbe, it’s a angel for over 12,000 and when the life form is complex, it’s 1 angel for 4.

Step 3 lasts for 3 cycles and divides 8 ways and each angel is a guardian angel for a 3rd density being, all 3rd density beings have a guardian angel and this guardian works with it’s being on the soul plane in between lives and stays with that person through the whole step of 3rd density and stays with that oversoul when it divides again next step. Step 4 lasts for 3 cycles and divides 4 ways, these angels are guardian angels for Wanderers, all 3rd density groups have Wanderers even the soulless ones. Wanderer contracts don’t last 3 cycles, so they do other work helping the people of that planet they are on. Step 5 lasts 6 cycles and divides 2 ways, these are archangels. Step 6 lasts for 8 cycles and the oversoul doesn’t divide, these angels can be called Cherubim and Seraphim, they are the top angels of Earth and greatly help Humanity. Angels never have a physical body, but they can transform and appear to us to help.


I am very pleased to discover, that the new good way to go against the evil elites is common law court. We will charge them with lying to the people, manslaughter and many other things that will put most of them in prison for the rest of their lives, execution is to good for them. I’m told we will get these court’s verdicts enforced after the brown dwarf star goes by. The brown dwarf star will deliver bad karma to many of those who deserve it, thus helping Humanity get into the Golden Age.


Well I’ll be 60 in 2 days, but I’m still finding out interesting stuff. One thing I’m told is these terrible chem-trails might actually stop the pole shift! The chem-trails block the torsion energy coming in that makes the Earth expand and that has something to do with preventing a pole shift.

If you live near the coast see if your government is building anything, if they aren’t maybe they know that the brown dwarf star is coming and will destroy everything, so they are saving the money.

There is some talk and shows about people achieving the rainbow body, which is what happens before one makes ascension without dying. I’m told about 1% of the people qualified for ascension (about 10% of the population) will ascend without dying by achieving the rainbow body and then stay in 3rd density for another 40 days, with special abilities like flying and pushing their body through solid rock. This will start happening after the brown dwarf star goes by.



Let’s take a simple logical look at contacting spirits. There are many ways mediums, channellers, dowers and a few others. These contacted spirits rarely if ever agree with any religion. So almost every religion says these spirits are all evil and one should never contact them. Might it be the other way around the religions are evil or at least wrong?

My information on the brown dwarf star has reversed back to what it was, after a long session of praying to get the truth. When the brown dwarf star arrives, Earth will be in between that side of the sun and the other side of the sun and heading away. Maybe someone can find out where the Earth will be around March 2016 in relation to where the brown dwarf star comes in and let me know.


I’m told there is a center of the universe, if one could draw a line from the sun through the Earth on November 1 and keep going, one would be heading for the center of the universe, but it is 5.4 billion light years away. I’m also told that the Source Field is still and we are orbiting through it at 5.3 times the speed of light. Which I’m told is what is causing time, closer to the center of the universe, time goes slower, but would seem the same if one was in it. I’m also told that when we go in a higher realm, there is still linear time, but with another aspect added to it, making it much different, when we get to 7th density there is a 2nd aspect added to time.

Sirius orbits around the galaxy and our sun orbits Sirius (so do 6 other stars), it takes 25,920 years, one cycle. Our sun orbits perpendicular, it is above the plane, then on the plane closer to the center of the galaxy, then below the plane, then last on the plane further from the center of the galaxy. This is why our sun goes up & down of the plane of the galaxy perfectly within the cycle. Every time we rise above the plane of the galaxy a new cycle starts.

The brown dwarf star (Planet X), orbits our sun parallel to the plane or on the plane of our galaxy, giving it an elongated orbit. Right now it’s slowly catching up to our sun, soon to pass it (kill zone), then speed up, when it’s going the same direction as the orbit around the galaxy, heading away from our sun.


What I have learned is, when the brown dwarf came by 3 times ago, it kind of destroyed Mars. It caused most of the water to sink into the surface making most of the planet uninhabitable. At that time on Mars, there was a small section of technically advanced people with space travel, while most of the planet was inhabited with taller primitive people. The remaining part of Mars, that was still inhabitable was far to small to support all the people. So instead of killing them off, they built large spaceships and brought these tall primitive people to Earth. These are the giants that Humanity finds skeletons of. Many of these giants interbred with Humanity producing slightly taller children. The rest who were negative chose to fight and lost.

What I have also found out is God (Source) not only carves out 36 soul size oversouls that live in the 9 densities (two 4th densities) it also carves out 16 soul size oversouls and asks the question do you want to be responsible for 2nd & 3rd density. 2/3rds say no and are sent to produce the energy that stars give off, they live inside stars, like our sun and Jupiter. The other 1/3rd say yes and become angels and demons in 6 steps, they never get a physical body made of matter. In the 1st step in divides 16 ways lasting 3 cycles, making demons, elves, nature spirits, Achrons, Jinn, Leprechauns, Gnomes etc.. In the 2nd step it divides 12 ways for 5 cycles. The 3rd step it divides 8 ways for 3 cycles, these are the lowest angels and can be positive or negative. The 4th step it divides 4 ways for 3 cycles, positive angels. The 5th step in divides in half (2 ways) for 6 cycles, high positive important angels. The 6th step it stays whole and lasts for 8 cycles, the highest angels. This is done for every planet. Everyone gets a guardian angel of the 3rd step, while Wanderers get a guardian angel of the 4th step.


In the category of demons, fairies, elves etc., 18% are positive beings and a fair amount of them are Nature spirits. They play an important in creation, there job is guiding 2nd density, insuring survival by spreading it to new areas like islands or the other side of a mountain range.

I learned something interesting from Tesla. He wrote that radioactive elements release radioactivity only when they are hit with cosmic rays. If they are shielded by a little less than 3 miles of rock, they will be inert, but he was unable to test this. However one of his friends later tried to prove him wrong and put some radioactive elements about 3 miles underground, Tesla was right and they were inert. The military scientists knows this and other ways to solve our radioactivity problems, but choose not to (evil).


Don’t be jealous of Wanderers, they made a big sacrifice to be here, going through 1,74 cycles (45,217 years) of 3rd density all over again. Only about 9 in 1,000 souls qualify and about 6 of those 9 turn it down to avoid the sorrow and misery we go through. Once the contract is completed though, they go to a high position in 6th density with 1 of 2 cycles completed, they have a choice of going back to their planet or staying in Humanity.

Wanderers are rarely allowed to hold an elected position, since they outsiders, not in our soul category, which has 17 soul groups and is called the Elohim. A notable exception is Jesse Ventura, who was governor of Minnesota, but look what he’s doing now.

I think in the Golden Age, countries will take advantage of their Wanderers, they will be running the media and education. There will also be a council of them advising the government. Wanderers have 32% of their soul in the body, while everyone else only has 24%, giving them a small advantage in intelligence and perception.


As many of you know smart meters are bad and hurt our health, I’m glad my place doesn’t have one yet. I’ve always heard that they are forced upon us, they probably still are, but now one can ask and get it removed in a lot of places.

So now they are going after our free speech, starting at the top and working the way down to us. You may of heard about the rich old man who had a jealous rage on the phone with his beautiful young girlfriend and is in the process of losing his sports team, because of what he told her not to do. Yes they will work this stuff down on all of us, if we don’t get it stopped.


I’m still getting that the brown dwarf star, is on the way and will arrive full force around March 2016. I’m told it’s about 20% the mass of the sun and will come within 18 million miles of Earth, while the sun is about 93 million miles away. I really don’t know how accurate this is, but some Youtube videos agree, just search for planet X.

Strongly consider storing 15 gallons of fuel, especially if you live near the ocean. Store 3 to 6 months worth of food, water & supplies, which you can use later if this is BS. You can do this a cheap way, refill your plastic water bottles with tap water, buy 15 or 20 pound bags of brown rice and can goods at the dollar store and it won’t cost much. If it comes up you’ll be so happy.


I think the key to get Humanity into the Golden Age is free energy. I wish I could start 1,000 companies, making free energy devices all over the world and pass them out to households. We need to push it faster than they can stop it. Once 5% of the households run on free energy, the Golden Age will follow.

I’ve found out a little more on ascension, it starts on 9/21/2016. About 10% of the people are qualified and about 5% of those will ascend to the upper 4th density (5 dimension) without dying, while the other 95% will live their lives out. Upon death those qualified will move to the lower 4th density on a planet far away for 40 days to learn the rules, then come back to Earth and live in the upper 4th density.


The carbon tax is just a way for the mega-rich to get some of almost everyone’s money. People releasing CO2 is only 5%-10% of the cause of climate change. Energy from the center of our galaxy (Superwave) is causing our whole solar system to heat up a little for the last 50 years, it’s over in 2017, I’m told.

If that don’t work they will simply steal from everyone’s bank account, like they started doing in other countries. They want all of your money they want everyone else, but them broke. That way no one can fund a revolution.  They know it’s coming, the Golden Age. I guess the Golden Age is good for everyone but them, they lose control, they want to have it all.

I found out the 8 steps of 3rd density are all different lengths. Step 1 the shortest is a little over a 1/4 cycle, each step gets a little longer, step 8 is over a 1/2 cycle and it all adds up to 3 cycles of 3rd density.


What I have learned with the invention of the soul score (the percentage of “Love and Service to Others” versus “Service to Self, Controlling and or Manipulating Others”) is that the older the soul, the higher the soul score generally is. People on the 8th and final step of 3rd density, often have a soul score over 50, which is needed for ascension.

In the Golden Age only people on the 8th step of 3rd density will hold the leadership positions. These people will rarely be corrupted and will run things for the people. I hope there will be a way for everyone to know, what step of 3rd density one is on (besides my pendulum). If there is a way for us to know the oldest and most positive souls will lead the people and then we will truly have a government of the people, hopefully much smaller then it is now.


There is more information out on Planet X/Brown Dwarf Star, it’s going to come very close to the Earth about 18 million miles away, so the Earth will take a maximum hit if this is right. There is a free book that you can ask to be mailed to you. Just go to, the book is in several languages. There are 3 people involved with the information in this book and all 3 are Wanderers, but not the author, so it could be good information. So far no one says exactly when it will arrive, the pendulum says early 2016. The pendulum also says in 20 years the Earth’s population will be 3.6 billion and this reduction is totally due to the Brown Dwarf Star causing natural disasters.

Another thing I’m concerned with is the USA’s minimum wage, it’s way to low, there is to much difference in the high and low earners. It needs to be raised from about $6.50 to $15.00, this will close the gap some. A lot of jobs may be lost, but other jobs will be created, when the poor have more money to spend. Also with so many people out of work, who do you think is mostly helping them survive, the government and other poor people. So the people with minimum wage work, will be able to help those looking for work, family & friends, a lot less suffering, is what I see, if the minimum wage goes to $15.


Angels do not have to live in one of the 7 realms, because they have a body that is not made of matter or energy, their bodies are made out of compressed source field, just as souls, consciousnesses and demons are. In between lives, while we are just a soul without a body, it is angels that are guiding us, helping us choose our next life. Angels also protect us from and help us fight off demons.

I soul reported 4 Wanderers, that didn’t have enough past lives, 2 were suspended for murder, 1 for being a thief and 1 for lying that caused great harm, this always happened near the beginning of their Wanderer contract. Usually the Wanderer would be on the soul plane for about 200 years in between lives, but spent 4,000 years instead being suspended for murder. Time works differently on the soul plane, so this is how long they were missing from 3rd density. Normally a Wanderer does about 190 lives in their contract, but the 2 murderers will only have about 170 lives.


There are several types of intelligent beings, besides 3rd density Humans, that don’t need a spacecraft to get here. The most common are Ghosts, I’m told there are about 174,000 of them on Earth. Next is the group that consists of Demons, Archons, Elves  etc., they are all similar and made out of compressed source field, just like our souls and the same size, about 37,000 of them on Earth. Then Angels and after that 7th & 8th density beings. In the near future 7th & 8th density beings will be more common than Angels.

I heard in a Gregg Braden video, that the force that connects every part of the universe is Compassion. Yes that’s right Compassion is not only a feeling, it is also a force. I would of guessed that Love or 1st density souls keep the universe connected, but no it’s Compassion. I’ve been thinking about this some and I’m starting to feel it and understand it.


I found 9 Wanderers this week when they emailed me for a soul report, I’ve found over 150 so far. About 70% of the spiritually related websites are also run by Wanderers, they seldom ask me for a soul report, cause they are to busy with their own stuff I guess.

I’m told until about 30 years ago, it was planned to change Earth to a 4 dimensional planet, the whole solar system was to be changed. This would of been a down grade and life would be boring. That was going to be the way to break the negative control, but looking ahead it was seen that we are going to win our freedom, the main reason is the internet. So many people have gotten woke up, to what’s being done to us, and it only takes about 3% of the people to change everything.

I’m told the Vatican higher ups go on trial Monday April 6, 2014. The Vatican is the top of the evil mess. Mass graves with children buried are strong evidence. I guess it remains to be scene if it gets enforced, if the evil people get incarcerated. I read that the EU people out of Belgium are in on it.  So far it’s not going good as the Italian Government is going against the common law court, when they tried to arrest the Pope & the Queen of England. I think bigger forces will show up on both sides, Please pray for a good outcome.

I believe that if the Vatican goes down, the power structure below it will soon crumble and that is the banks and the fiat money creation. When this all happens we will be able to cruise into the Golden Age. So pray and meditate that we win this first big battle. I certainly wish I could do more.


The war for the truth goes on & on. To many people are overly motivated to make money and often lie to get more. The best people to depend on for the truth are Wanderers, their souls make it that way, although they sometimes have bad information. There are just to many layers of reality for anyone to always have the truth, so judge others by intent. The Golden Age will be built on truth.

If you think you might be a Wanderer, be sure to email me for a soul report. I can find out how much time is left in your 1.74 cycle Wanderer contract. I also get a rating from the source field on how you are doing at raising the spirituality of those around you.


One can help cause positive political change by correctly voting in elections. Most every country’s political structure is controlled by the Illuminati/Jesuits/banking families they have a rather simple system. There are usually 2 main political parties. One is Democrat/labor/liberal/ or for the poor, the other is Republican/conservative/business or for the rich who will supposedly  cause prosperity for all. Both parties are really the same, two heads of the same monster. Both are controlled with threats and bribes by Illuminati/Jesuits/banking families. No matter which of these parties wins, things will stay about the same.

The party (1 of these 2) out of power will claim the one in power is hurting everyone, so vote for us and things will change, they will make all kinds of promises (lies), that they can’t keep or won’t keep and things will stay about the same. They will do everything to keep everyone focused on these 2 parties. Each one of these parties has a leader that tells every elected official in his party how to vote or what to do, if they don’t do it, they won’t get reelected, no free money or sometimes even get killed on important stuff.

So what you should do is never vote for either one. Always vote for independents or minor parties. Explain what’s going on to everyone you know. Do some research and you’ll find out I’m right, tell others about your findings. It’s not hard, with the internet, this stuff is easy to find. Check out what these people are worth, before they entered politics and after they are in awhile. You’ll see they are making 10 to 100 times more than they are being paid and it’s blood money, they are usually signing contracts or passing laws to help the international Corporations and going against the people.


After many questions, I’ve been given the correct information on Angels and Watchers. Watchers don’t exist. Angels don’t have physical bodies made out of matter and they don’t have children. They are made out of compressed source field or consciousness, the same as our souls, which is neither matter nor energy. Their bodies have  much more compressed source field in them depending which step they are on. So they have high intelligence, can go in all realms anywhere in the universe.

There are 6 levels of Angels. They advance, when they finish each step. The Angels rule over creation, with the higher levels in charge of more.


I’ve asked about ghosts, they are Human souls that don’t go to the other side. I’ve noticed that they seem to be confused and not as intelligent as us. I’m told intelligence comes from 3 places the brain, the part of the soul (24%)within the body and the part of the soul (36%) around the body. The 40% of one’s soul that stays on the soul plane, cannot be used for one’s intelligence. When one dies the part of the soul that is around the body is technically already on the soul plane and joins the 40% immediately. Just the 24% of the soul that was in the body, fails to go to the other side, stays and becomes a ghost. So since 2 components of one’s intelligence is missing, the ghost is confused and far less intelligent. The part of the soul (76%) on the soul plane is allowed to pick up the ghost after about 6,200 years or sooner if the oversoul finishes a step and is taken to another planet.

John Lear said on coast2coast 3/1/2014 that Bigfoots were from Mars. I asked the pendulum and my spiritual sources agree.


I’ve heard that only 1/3 of our soul is in the body, so I asked my spiritual sources. I was told that 24% of the soul is in the body 36% is around the body and 40% of the soul stays on the soul plane. I also found out it’s different for Wanderers, 32% of the soul is in the body, 26% of the soul is around the body and 40% of the soul stays on the soul plane. The more of the soul in the body the smarter one is, so with the same body Wanderers would be 25% smarter. To compensate for this God does not allow Wanderers to have the smartest bodies, but on average Wanderers are smarter.

One can be possessed by humans that did not go to the other side (ghosts), this happens about 8% of the time, the rest of the time one is possessed by a Archon. Archons are 3rd density beings made out of compressed source field (the source field is not made out of matter or energy), the same as our soul-consciousnesses, all Archons are negative and want to possess someone. Most of us get the needed help to avoid possession, all one needs is a soul score over 30 to get the help and not give in to the Archon. About 25% of people with low soul scores are possessed, most of them don’t realize it though. An Archon stays in 3rd density for about 300 years, then dies.

I wondered why I was never guided to watch Ancient Aliens on the history channel, whenever I look through the TV listings, I couldn’t find it. Well I just found out at least some of it is wrong. On this site it shows a video by a Wanderer that debunks it and it’s obvious he’s right on some of it. Most debunking sites are crap, but not this, one can clearly see the lies or misinformation.


Humanity can be divided into 4 groups.

1. Wanderers   Wanderers made ascension 1,000s of years ago on another planet and made 5th density. Then made a contract with the source to come back to 3rd density and help with spirituality for 1.74 cycles. A Wanderer may have did 3rd density as a Bird or Vegetable person. According to the “Law of One” there are about 65 million Wanderers on Earth or about 1 out of 104 people.

2. Qualified for ascension    About 10% of the population is qualified for ascension and will ascend when the about 7 year window for ascension without dying opens, might be September 21, 2016.

3. Not qualified for ascension   About 90% of the population has more of the 3 cycles of 3rd density to do, they could be on any of the 8 steps of 3rd density. Each step is done on a different planet, usually being mammal people like Earth.

4. Illuminati and hybrids.   These people look human but don’t have a soul-consciousness. They have a Reptilian, Insect or Spider consciousness which is very similar, the major difference is less empathy for others.

I believe I got bad information when I said the Anunnaki were angels, I’m now told they are mammal people with souls.


There is protest and unrest going on in many countries worldwide, the main stream media reports about 10% of it. I guess they figure if one doesn’t know about it, one won’t join it. Well these are birthing pains of the Golden Age and it figures to get much worse, maybe with more civil wars. Pray for the people and hope only the negative ones come to harm.

Is there climate change, is it global warming or an ice age coming? One thing is for sure it’s not caused by Man releasing CO2, that is just a scam to raise taxes. Energy is coming in from the center of the Galaxy, a brown dwarf star is coming and the Elites are manipulating the weather with technology. What we are mainly having is extreme weather and this is a killer, so be on guard. The Illuminati are poisoning the air, water and the ground just to make more money and they must be stopped the sooner the better. We need to do a lot more than just pass new laws.



Well I don’t know if we are going 4 dimensional or not, I don’t get the truth on future predictions, but whoever is answering the pendulum keeps telling me it’s going to happen soon. I’m now told that a planet can only have every other realm. So Earth has the 3rd density, the upper 4th density, 6th density and the 8th density. Other planets , have the other 3 realms, lower 4th density, 5th density and 7th density. I’m told our whole solar system, will be changed to these 3 realms.

The important things I found with the pendulum are. There are 2 source fields one around & within everything, all universes and voids and another one just in our universe, the 1st bigger one broadcasts DNA. These source fields are made out of something that is not matter or energy and our soul-consciousness is made out of the same thing. The important thing is our souls are not made out of energy, you can say source fields and souls are made out of consciousness I guess. There are 18 lines of DNA and 1 line of RNA, that accounts for all living things. Six of these lines have souls Vegetables, Flowers, Trees, Mammals, Birds and an unnamed animal group that doesn’t exist on Earth. A different 6 lines of DNA can become 3rd density people Mammals, Birds, Vegetables, Reptiles, Insects and Spiders. Life can be based on Carbon, Silicon, Arsenic and Chromium and all use DNA.

Many of these things I found on other websites later and some of these things I found before the pendulum, but expanded on them with the pendulum. I’m not sure all these things are true, but I kind of think they are, what do you think? There is a new free TV channel on the internet, The People’s Voice .



I’m told cell phones and the internet can be made to go over the source field, which will not only make it free, harmful and traceable micro waves don’t need to be used. I’m also told, that if we find a way to get in contact with the friendly beings (ascended Humans) in the higher densities, they can shock the bad guys and assist us in taking them out of power.

I’ve been made to focus on the Earth being switched to 4th dimensional matter. Remember it’s been predicted for this month 30 years ago! For awhile I couldn’t get a straight answer on the pendulum, but now I’m getting yes for the last week of this month January 2014. If it happens it will be quite a change moving into a higher realm, with the bad guys left behind. The Illuminati can’t go, cause they don’t have souls and the evil people working for them will be sent to a different planet.

It will be something being 1.5 times as tall, but only weighing 10% as much in transparent bodies. We won’t need to eat, drink (children will) or even breathe as there is no gases in the next realm. We lose all the animals and will only have flowers, vegetables and trees.

There 2 groups of people paid by the Government. The government itself and the main stream media, who ignore all problems (geo-engineering) caused by the government or won’t report on them or very little. We also have the paid by the government alternate media that exaggerate every problem, trying to put everyone in fear, you know who they are. There are also Wanderers and a few others, that report the truth, these people refuse to take money from or be aligned with the Government. Don’t be afraid to ask God to help you sort it all out.


I’ve been studying the ways of the world and can see what needs to be changed, to start the Golden Age. First of all the world is controlled by very evil people, they need to be removed from power and put in prison, in every single country. The pendulum tells me about 2% of the politicians are honest and want to work for the people, instead of being controlled by the money. The political system is not that important, if the evil people are kept out of power. The system will slowly be changed until we have the one that works the best for the people.

After this all the suppressed technology must be released and put in action, so things are the easiest for the people, ignoring the money angle. We can all work about 8 hours a week, doing what we want and everyone will have food, clothing, shelter, transportation, communication, medical care and education for free. All of this can happen without money being important. Nobody needs to have any bills, nobody needs to have an income, those things are created by evil people.

It is really this simple, you will be able to do what you want the other 160 hours a week. There is a group of people, about 53,000, that have Reptilian consciousnesses (Illuminati), controlling the rest of us that have Human soul-consciousnesses. Then the Grays want to replace us with hybrids that have Insect consciousnesses and take the planet for themselves.

I pray to God and ask that I could help more. I’m helping one soul at a time with soul reports. I’ll be soon going on my second free paid trip to teach what I know in spirituality, I’m going to Canada to meet a Wanderer I’ve discovered. I know that God created this situation for me and something good will come of it. Last year I was invited to New Jersey, by a friend qualified for ascension. It didn’t seem to work out real well, it was a learning experience though. I’m still waiting for my 1st radio or internet interview.

If you haven’t got your free soul report, send me an email. I’ve discovered a few Wanderers lately and if they are not doing well, I ask them to do more, they made a contract with God, about 1 out of 104 people is a Wanderer . Big spiritual changes are coming and out of that the Golden Age will start, one guy calls it the event.

They get 20-40 year old people to run the latest high tech stuff, and all of a sudden their bribes and threats don’t work so well. Many (like Snowden) become whistle blowers, their sense of goodness and fairness, wins out. They don’t have a house mostly paid for or kids in college, they know they are young, high skilled and can work elsewhere, they still have a sense of adventure, they are willing to take a chance. Many of them also have a soul qualified for ascension and it’s screaming at their mind (temporary consciousness), don’t do it or you won’t ascend, you’ve put your 3 cycles in, ascension is around the corner, if you do this evil your soul score will drop below 50 and you’ll miss the window to ascend without dying. You’ll have to incarnate in a few more lives (misery and sorrow) and get help from God to ascend out of cycle.

Snowden is qualified for ascension, he’s going to make it now, his soul-consciousness got through to his mind (temporary consciousness). Look for a lot more of this to happen, although they will try to hide it and cover it up. They are trying to step up the evil and make the crimes worse, so you would think they might be easier to resist. Do what you can, if you get a chance encourage these people not to follow the evil orders, get out and save your soul, you just might be qualified and you don’t want to miss ascension.