Spiritual Facts

1. The Highest God

On our journey back to God, this is our final destination. Everything is part of this God, in other words we are all one. So it follows that there is only one thing that is wanted from us and that is “Love and Service to Others” versus “Service to Self, controlling and or Manipulating Others”. We should want all of the One to do well and be well.

2. Prime Creators.

They are just below the Highest God. There are 4 of them and they create together using 4 polarities (everything comes from all of them), they create the universes. They create a source field called the God Consciousness, it envelopes everything, all universes & the void. 18 lines DNA & 1 line of RNA is broadcasted in the God consciousness source field, this is used to make all living things. Depending on the situation DNA is expressed in a wide variety of ways.

3. Universes

There are a finite number of universes. Universes are measured in size, in cosmic units, our universe is 78.3 trillion units. A universe gets 1 Creator God for every 10 trillion, rounded off to the lower number, so our universe has 7 creator Gods. All universes have 6 to 9 realms, our universe has 7 realms, they are also called densities, which are defined by dimensions. Universes do not have ends or sides, one could travel in a straight line forever, never reaching the end. Universes can be Light, Dark or Fallen. A universe lives for about 22.4 billion years for each 10 trillion comic units. Our universe is about 13.9 billion years old and is expected to live for about a total of 22.4 billion years.

4. Creator Gods

A universe has 6 to 12 Creator Gods. The Creator God create a source field also known as consciousness. It is made out of something that is not matter or energy, I’m told to call it zoni.  The Creator Gods start with an amount of zoni and slowly put it out to make souls & low souls for living things. These living things go through levels and come back to the Creator Gods. When all the zoni is put out and all the zoni comes back, the universe is over. The Creator Gods also make angels.

5. Angels

First God or the Source compresses some Zoni (Zoni is a term I made up and it is what the sourcefield is made of) and makes 16 soul size angel oversouls. It goes through 6 steps that take 24 cycles and stays on Earth or it’s planet, every planet has angels. Step 1 lasts for 3 cycles and the oversoul divides 16 ways into 12 different kind of beings, some of them are Elves,  Leprechauns, Gnomes, and nature spirits etc., all of these are positive. Step 2 lasts for 3 cycles and divides 12 ways, these are the guardian angels for 2nd density, they stay with a 2nd density oversoul for the whole 3 cycles. When the life form is simple like a microbe, it’s a angel for over 12,000 and when the life form is complex, it’s 1 angel for 4.

Step 3 lasts for 1 cycle and divides 8 ways and each angel is a guardian angel for a 3rd density being, all 3rd density beings have a guardian angel and this guardian works with it’s being on the soul plane in between lives and stays with that person through the whole step of 3rd density for 1 cycle. So when the person gets qualified for ascension, 1 cycle is up and the guardian angel must be replaced. So some guardian angels work with more than 1 being to get their cycle in. Step 4 lasts for 3 cycles and divides 4 ways, these angels are guardian angels for Wanderers, all 3rd density groups have Wanderers even the low soul ones. Wanderer contracts don’t last 3 cycles, so they do other work helping the people of that planet they are on. Step 5 lasts 6 cycles and divides 2 ways, these are archangels. Step 6 lasts for 8 cycles and the oversoul doesn’t divide, these angels can be called Cherubim and Seraphim, they are the top angels of Earth and greatly help Humanity. Angels never have a physical body, but they can transform and appear to us to help.

6. Soul-consciousnesses & Low Souls

Everything living or not has one of these two, but they both start in 1st density . God creates a consciousness group ( oversoul or over-Low Souls) and asks if it wants to be responsible for matter, if the answer is yes, it gains a soul, about 33% answer yes. From this point a soul-consciousness will be referred to just a soul. Souls keep matter made and Low Souls keep space made. In souls keeping matter made they have 2 helpers from higher densities, in keeping space made they have 1 helper from 2nd density or 3rd density. Souls and Low Souls are in 1st Density for 3 cycles. In our world a cycle is about 25,920 years.

7. The seven realms, 9 densities, 12 dimensions.

The first Realm is 1st, 2nd & 3rd density it has 3 dimensions of space.

The 2nd Realm is  4th density, also called Ascended soulless density. It has 4 dimensions, 3 of space, and 1 of time.

The 3rd Realm is  5th density. It has 5 dimensions, 3 of space, 1 of time, and 1 of consciousness.

The 4th Realm is 6th density. It has 7 dimensions, 3 of space, 1 of time, and 3 of consciousness.

The 5th Realm is 7th density. It has 9 dimensions, 3 of space, 1 of time, and 5 of consciousness.

The 6th Realm is 8th density. It has 11 dimensions, 3 of space, 2 of time, and 6 of consciousness.

The 7th Realm is 9th density. It has 12 dimensions, 3 of space, 2 of time, 6 of consciousness and 1 of energy.