My Path

I found an exact time & date the ascension window is open (May 15, 2010 to August 3, 2017), but I now think this is the end times (end of the cycle). I found out the exact rules to make ascension and they seem logical to me and was given a new date for when ascension starts. I am the first of 3D Earth to claim there are exactly 18 lines or groups of DNA & one of RNA transmitted throughout the universes that is responsible for creating all living things. I claim that 6 of the 18 lines of DNA have souls and the other 12 have consciousnesses and another 6 lines of DNA can become 3rd density (people). I am not the one who found out DNA is transmitted, though. I am the first to find out the spiritual facts involving densities and many other important spiritual facts.
When I was in grade school I heard about hypnosis and asked my aunt, who had a house full of books, to buy me a book on it. She did and I learned to hypnotize people and had some fun with it. I never did anything constructive with it and haven’t done it in 30 years. However the pendulum was in the book. The book said you can ask your subconscious mind questions this way. It worked well, but I never got anything good out of it then. I thought it was one of those cool things everyone could do, but didn’t know or care about.
When I was young I saw right away I could solve or even make puzzles better than the other kids. I was real good with numbers, but not so good with letters as you see reading my site! I also saw that I was open minded and could see the merits of both sides of any issue. Other people were usually biased to one side and couldn’t understand how anyone could be on the other side of the issue. I would automatically take the other side and debate them on it even though I didn’t know much about the issue. I would learn a lot quickly and the other person would often get real mad because I disagreed with them.
Every once in a while a new situation would come up that I got involved in. I could quickly analyze it, sometimes after I investigated it if I needed to. I would often see that someone had the game or deal rigged to their advantage. I would quickly publicly expose them, I didn’t care who they were, even if we were kids and he was an adult. Some times I got thrown out or beat up. Other times it got explained to me that it needed to be that way like a business or they paid for it. Lots of times it got changed, though. Soon anyone trying to pull a fast one watched out for me.
All through life I moved a lot for gambling and I got things changed for the better when they weren’t fair or efficient. I was usually sharper than most. I tried the pendulum every so often, but nothing interesting happened. I heard never trust anyone over thirty (years old), but now I know they had it backwards never trust anyone under thirty (soul score). I tried to make friends with all, but most weren’t interested especially girls, I got nowhere. I figured out I was buysexual the only way I got sex is to buy it. When I kept asking this girl out in the casino she gave me her cousin’s email address in Cambodia. We sent emails for 3 months, then she sent me a dirty email and I bought a ticket to Cambodia and got married. I’m still waiting for her to do what she said in the email! I am crazy in love still after 10 years though.
Years ago I was playing poker in Las Vegas, new at it not too good yet, and this guy dropped a twenty dollar bill and walked away not knowing it. I picked it up and could have kept it, no one knew or cared. I walked over & told him & gave it back. We made friends & he taught me how to beat blackjack (21). I played on 23 teams (card counting), made good & became a pro gambler. Without him I probably wouldn’t have made it.
On our way through life, unfair things are done to us or we see them done to others, usually the one doing it has power or control of the situation. Later on we will be the one with the power or control & can easily do what was done to us. Most of us will copy what was done to us for a small gain or at least the feeling of having power over others. Most of us won’t copy when the deed is too dirty like assaulting or robbing another. I, on the other hand, hate what was done to me so bad I vowed to never do the same to another. I’m talking about simple things like making the other person wait longer because you feel like it. These simple things will cause your soul to be less spiritually advanced thus not making ascension. I’m not perfect on this stuff but pretty close. Most people try to act like they don’t realize they are doing anything to anyone, they must think we’re idiots, you know what I mean.
Along the way I made a lot but spent it all on fun & partying. I guess I thought easy money from gambling would never end. I was living a wonderful 3D dream “stay high and get by”. I would always go by God’s law on these sort of things “No victim no crime”. Unfortunately the elites have brainwashed man & made laws against my way on many things. In cases like recreational drugs, the worst thing wrong with them are that they are illegal. It not only raises the price, you have to go to bad places & deal with bad people, not to mention being paranoid while using. You may be incarcerated or prevented from getting the job you want years after you quit. And remember you haven’t done anything to anyone if you properly picked the right time to use as you should. If there’s a victim then it’s a different story. If you can’t grow a plant in your back yard and consume it the way you want, you can’t call it a free country. I don’t recommend anything but freedom.
Right after my wife got to the U.S. I was hit by a car as a pedestrian. I broke my right arm and had a bad concussion above my right eye. No open wounds but I got blasted. I lost half the vision in my right eye and have short term memory loss. I also got ADHD and other mental problems. Now I get all the good drugs for free but they only make me normal. I’ve never hid much from anyone except from those who want to hurt me (they are on a power trip usually). Now that I released the dirt no one can blackmail me.
The last 3 years (2007 to 2010) I studied the internet about shadow government, politics and spiritual information. All my life I wanted to make friends and help people or teach them what I knew (usually gambling strategy). They seldom wanted my help and often tried to cheat or take advantage of me. I can see the big picture where as 90% them can’t. When I go to the trouble and get and present the facts, they won’t look. They say they are wrong without looking, I just shake my head and walk away. Maybe after another cycle (25,920 years), they could open their minds and learn the obvious stuff that’s hidden right under their noses!
When I heard 911 was an inside job I spent 40 to 100 hours studying everything on it so I could to figure out the truth. When I try to show the facts to a biased person, they claim I have to jump through hoops on every detail or my info is worthless. Why do they get to make the rules, why don’t they just look at the facts and open their minds and make a fair conclusion? For some reason they can’t. I don’t know why, but their minds are controlled somehow. I asked the angel on everything over and over to make sure, usually I was right on things I’ve studied hard. Quite often when people don’t like the answer, I’m wrong, the angel is wrong and they won’t look at any facts. Why did God make them this way?? I just don’t understand except the controlling elite like it this way and take full advantage!
Some of the things the elites do are clever, but with a little understanding I can see through them. For instance some of the elites are white and racist. They tell the blacks over and over that they are victims and the white man is the oppressor. This way some of the blacks will hate the whites and anything they run or manage. They will refuse to be educated or make friends or relationships with whites. They only make friends with the other oppressed victims and stay in poverty and or become criminals to get back at the whites. I have black friends; I am not racist. This way the government can justify more and more social programs. The object is to make the government bigger and bigger, more and more in debt. Eventually it collapses, then the elites can come in and save everyone by putting in socialism where they are the only ones with political power (they will ascend negatively). They want to lock their family in power and yours out forever if they can. To be successful in this country, it helps a lot to make friends and relationships with all races and ethnic groups. You can learn something differently good from each other group. Why can’t president Obama repeat that last 2 sentences to the country?
I kept trying the pendulum once in a while, it worked fine, but I thought I was only in contact with my subconscious mind and I didn’t ask any good questions. Even though I didn’t have much money I decided to go to the $300 Dave Wilcock June 2010 LA conference. My wife gave me hell over the $300, but I studied hard to prepare, only to find out 2/3 of it is what I studied. The other 1/3 was really good though. I told David I can do this pendulum thing hoping for something good that I missed and he only looked at me with the big deal so what look on his face. Later on I watched this Dolores Cannon video and she mentions some people are new souls. So I figured I wonder if I am a new soul. Hey, wouldn’t my soul know if it is and tell me if I ask. Fortunately I kept asking questions. Luckily I asked am I in contact with anyone & got yes. Bingo, I made the important breakthrough. In the next few minutes I realized I can get very important answers for humanity.
I knew I should open a website to help humanity, but I didn’t have much money. My wife and I live payday to payday plus I have around $1,000 poker bankroll. I sure hope it don’t cost much or I can’t do it, I thought. It seems almost impossible to get to talk to anyone important, I know I’ve been sending emails, the angel always says the important person didn’t get to see it. I was able to start for under $150 and I’m still all by myself with a tiny amount of help from friends and new friends.
I sure made it go on and on for you to get to that, didn’t I? I’ve had good ideas on how to change a lot of stuff along the way. Here are some ways to improve the government:
It’s often said that the government is inefficient so why don’t they do something? Everybody wants a government job, high pay good benefits. So for the next 3 to 5 years fire the 10% least efficient workers. 10% in every department lose their job and are replaced no mater what. Start training the new workers ahead of time. I bet you would see almost everyone determined not to be in that 10%. After the 3 to 5 years change it to 5%. The government would all of a sudden get real efficient when their job is at stake.
Another thing that could be done is let the prisoners work building roads and buildings. They would have a choice to work for almost no money. What they could get is better living conditions. Better food, bed, communication, safety from others and shorter sentences to name a few things that could be offered. This should save a lot of funds and teach the prisoners to be regular workers in society, while learning a skill too.
You hear a lot about socialism mixed with capitalism talk. Have the government provide the people’s basic needs. The 6 needs are food, clothing, shelter, medical care, communication and transportation. Every person is part of the government and would work maybe 12 hours a week and these 6 things would be free for all. A computer would run the deal so it would be fair to everyone. A rich person could pay a poor person to do his 12 hours. This way you could go through life without pursuing money if you wanted to. Everything else would be capitalism for those so inclined. There is a lot tweaks to work out, but how about the concept? You could always get work, just bid lower for the rich person’s hours. The rich could do their own thing or business instead of the menial government work.