God, Matter & Life.

                God, Matter & Life.

                   The Central God

There is a Central God or source. The Central God manifests an etheric, aether or source field that I call the God consciousness it covers all universes and voids. Within the God consciousness are 4 Prime Creators. The 4 Prime Creators, with their 4 unique polarities, creates Universes, which, upon completion, are returned to the Prime Creators and go through an 8 step process, before being returned to the Central God, who replaces what came back, with new creation material. The God Consciousness kind of broadcasts programs of DNA and RNA. DNA has 18 branches; RNA only 1.

What the Central God wants of us is “Love and Service to Others” (positive) versus “Service to Self, Controlling and or Manipulating Others’ (negative). Everything is one or part of the Central God, and made by all 4 Prime Creators.


Universes are in 3 types, undecided, light or dark; we live in a undecided Universe. They last about 22 billion years. All Universes start out as a undecided Universe, where dark forces try to take over the whole Universe and light forces try to free everyone. If a Universe goes dark, it is recycled ahead of time. Universes have 6 to 12 Creator Gods, depending on their size; our Universe has 7 because its size is 7.83. I’m told there are about 500 billion Universes.

                      Our Universe

Our Universe is about 13.9 billion years old and is about 60% light. Our Universe could become a light or dark Universe before its completion, but will likely become a light one or remain undecided; it is very unlikely we will go dark. Our Universe has 7 Creation Gods, and therefore 7 realms. We are living in the 1st realm, and we will live in 5 to 7 realms eventually.

There are also 9 Densities; the first 3 Densities exist in our Realm, Realm 1-Red. The 4th Density is in Realm 2-Orange, (about 74% of souls live in this density instead of 3rd density. This 4th Density is also called “Low Soul Ascension Density”. Our solar system is expected to move to Realm 2, 4th density in the 5th dimension by 2021, unless the negative evil beings succeed in totally taking over Humanity. 

Realm 3-Yellow is the 5th density. This is the density we make ascension to (more on this later). Realm 4-Green is the 6th Density, Realm 5-Blue is the 7th Density, Realm 6-Indigo is the 8th Density, and Realm 7-Violet is the 9th Density. The Source Field is what creates time, gravity and other phenomena (read more about this from other Wanderers). The Creation Gods keep putting out Oversouls until all the creation material is used up and comes back; then the Universe is over and returned to the Prime Creators and then after 8 steps to God.

Here is the list of realms-densities-dimensions for our universe.

1st Realm  1st, 2nd & 3rd Densities  3rd & 4th Dimensions

2nd Realm  4th Density  5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Dimensions

3rd Realm  5th Density  11th, 12th, 13th & 14th Dimensions

4th Realm  6th Density  15th, 16th, 17th & 18th Dimensions

5th Realm  7th Density  19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd Dimensions

6th Realm  8th Density  23rd, 24th & 25th Dimensions

7th Realm  9th density  26th, 27th & 28th Dimensions

Each planet can only have the 1st or 2nd realm and the 3rd through 7th realms. Each planet can only have 1 of the dimensions in each realm that it has.

                      1st Density

The Creation Gods make large Consciousnesses, which are called simple oversouls, which are made out of Zoni. Zoni, a term I was directed to create, is what the source field is made out of; it is not energy or matter, it is etheric in nature and immortal. Those who say our souls are made out of energy are wrong, as energy can be changed or affected. However, nothing affects our Immortal souls, they are made from Zoni, which is the invisible aether everywhere in the universe.

In 1st Density, the simple oversoul is asked if it would like to be responsible for Matter. 1/3rd of simple oversouls say yes to be responsible for matter and become an Oversoul. They will help keep matter made, and are supported by 2 higher souls. 2/3rd say no and become what I call a low oversoul, which is similar to a soul, the main difference is they do not have empathy for others and are responsible for Space. It is supported by 1 higher Low Soul in 2nd or 3rd density.

These Oversouls or low Oversouls are decided depending on which decision the simple oversoul chose…to have a Soul keep Matter made, or to get a low soul keep Space made. In 1st density the Soul or Low soul divides 352 to 512 ways depending on the size of the oversoul or over low soul to be responsible for matter or space. In 1st Density, there are 3 dimensions of Space. There are 3 cycles of 1st density. A cycle is 25,920 years, so that is 77,760 years.

                      2nd Density

The Oversoul or low Oversoul divides 88 to 128 ways for 2nd density existence. Some of these low oversouls & oversouls contribute by keeping matter or space made. Most however, create a variety of living organisms, through mastery of DNA & RNA. Souls create 6 groups: Flowers, Trees, Vegetables, Birds, Mammals, and an unnamed animal group that doesn’t exist on Earth. Low souls make the other 12, out of 18 branches of DNA. RNA is used in the creation of all 18 branches of DNA, and sometimes by itself. 2 branches of DNA make a variety of simple animals and plants. The other 16 branches make either animals or plants. 2nd density has 3 dimensions of space. 2nd density lasts for 3  cycles. Each step, a soul or Low soul becomes an increasingly more complex plant or animal.  Souls that keep matter made would be a large part on a planet or star. A soul might be a river, lake or mountain or a piece of a star. 2nd Density also has 3 dimensions of Space.

                      3rd Density

The Oversoul or low Oversouls divides 22 to 32 ways in 3rd density, and becomes self-aware, living intelligent beings like humans. Souls in 3rd density can become, (in class order), Vegetables, Birds or Mammal (like us). Just 3 out of a 1,000 or about .3% become Vegetable people, about 24.9% become Bird people, and 74.8% become Mammal people, like Humanity.

Low souls can become, (in class order), Reptile people, Insect people and Spider people. More are Insect people than Reptilians, and the least are Spider people, but I’m not sure on the exact percentages. 1/2 of beings in 3rd density have souls. 1/2 have Low souls, which are similar and about equal in intelligence, more advanced spiritually in 3rd density, but don’t have  empathy for others, among other important traits. 3rd density lasts 1 cycle, or a little longer until one makes ascension.

Ascension is made after 1 cycle, if one’s soul is polarized either over 50%, for positive (service to others) or polarized 5% or under, to ascend negative (service to self).  3rd density also has 3 dimensions of space and can have a 4th dimension of consciousness (like Earth right now). In 3rd density 24% of your soul is in your body, 36% of your soul is around your body and 40% of your soul is on the soul plane. If you are a Wanderer in 3rd density, 32% of your soul is in your body, 28% of your soul is around your body and 40% of your soul is on the soul plane. That 40% of your soul on the soul plane can be used for remote viewing and help you in other ways. All 3 of these densities are in realm 1-red. 3rd density has 3 or 4 dimensions.

                    4th Density

4th density is realm 2 orange and it has 5 to 10 dimensions, It is similar to 3rd density and a soul can go through their cycle here instead of 3rd density. One would usually live just once the whole cycle and be telepathic and have other mental powers. The low souls cannot do their cycle here, nor can the Archons live here. It has only plants and animals that have souls. Plants are trees, flowers, vegetables and grass that includes many weeds, herbs and ferns. Animals are mammals, birds, Fish and includes common sea life like squid & shrimp and an unnamed animal group that is not now on Earth. 28% of one’s soul is in the body with 32% around the body and 40% on the soul plane. While Wanderers have 32% in the body, 28% around the body and 40% on the soul plane. An Oversoul doing matter divides 20 ways and is a large piece of matter like a lake or a river or a piece of a star. Low Souls get here by making ascension negatively and stay here for 1/4th of a cycle, kind of a cooling off period and then go to the 3rd realm.

                    5th Density

This is Realm 3-yellow and where we live when we make ascension; it is also 5th density. This Realm 3 has 11 to 14 dimensions 12 on Earth. Life is over 100 times better in this realm 3. One goes through 8 steps all on the same planet (Earth for us) for 1 cycle if polarized over 50% positive or 12% or less for negative and ascends to the 6th density. If not polarized, one stays until one is polarized. When we make ascension, we live in this realm on Earth. 

In this realm a soul 42% in the body and 58% around the body. One’s body does not have any openings, so no eating, drinking, talking or sex. One does need to get nourished by going to a special place and taking in special energy; this is the case for all higher realms. Cleaners live here for 2 cycles.

An Oversoul doing matter divides 24 ways and is in charge of a large lifeless planet, small star or a large moon. No liquids or gases in this realm or any higher realms. A soul in this realm can make one copy of its soul and astral travel the Universe all the time.

                      6th Density

This is Realm 4-green. Souls and Low souls usually ascend to this realm after 1 cycle of 5th density. An Oversoul that makes matter divides 18 ways and is an inhabited planet or a medium star; the Low souls continues to Clean, the ones that have already been cleaners and stay 2 cycles.

One gets a better body in each higher realm. After a soul or low soul goes through 1/4 of a cycle in this density (and sometimes at the 3/4 part of last density), if qualified, the soul can become a Wanderer and go back to 3rd density on a soul or Low soul (depending on what they are) people planet for between .75 and 1.25 cycles. Only about 9 in 1,000 qualify or are spiritual enough and only about 3 of the 9 take the mission, because it’s such a big sacrifice to go back to the sorrow and misery of 3rd density. I’m one of those.

A Wanderer’s mission on Earth lasts for .97 cycles. A soul or Low soul in this density can make 2 copies of its soul or Low soul and astral travel the Universe all the time. A soul spends 1 to 1.6 cycles (depending if one made ascension out of cycle) in this density before ascending, a low soul just one if polarized over 50% for positive or 18% or less of “Love and Service to Others” for negative. If one isn’t polarized (50% for positive 18% or less for negative) one stays in 6th density until one is. Realm 4 has 7 dimensions, . Cleaners do 3 cycles in this realm.

                     7th Density

This is Realm 5-Blue and it’s on Earth; an Oversoul that does matter, divides 12 ways; it is usually a red dwarf star or a large inhabited planet. One can only ascend polarized positive over 50% of “Love and Service to Others” to the 8th density after doing 2 cycles, if one isn’t polarized positive one does 1 more cycle; you can use up to 8 cycles, and if one doesn’t turn polarized positive in 8 cycles and make ascension it is recycled and no longer a being.

So this realm is overloaded with negatives, it has 7 times more than the 2 lower realms have. A soul in this realm can make 3 copies of his soul or consciousness and astral travel the Universe in 3 places at once all the time. This realm 5 has 9 dimensions, 3 of space 1 of time and 5 of consciousness. Cleaners do 2 cycles in this realm.

                     8th Density

This is realm 6-Indigo and this is the lowest Realm where souls get such special bodies, that they can go in other lower realms. Normally Souls or Low souls in the lower realms have to stay in their Realm. Exceptions are Insects in Realm 2 who can go back to Realm 1 for short times, and Vegetables souls in Realms 3, 4 and 5 who can go to all Lower Realms except Realm 1. A positive soul or Low soul that falls to 30% or lower of “Love and Service to Others” becomes a negative in the 7th density, so there is more polarizations. A soul or Low soul in this realm must make ascension by 15 cycles or be recycled; one has a chance to ascend after 8 or more cycles.

Here, a soul or consciousness can make 4 copies of its soul or Low soul and astral travel the Universe in 4 places at once all the time. A cleaner does 8 cycles in this realm. An Oversoul that does matter divides 6 ways and is a star like our sun, or bigger (but not a creation star). A 8th density being is what carries Oversouls and Over Low souls to other planets, when they go to the next step, a vital step in growth. This realm 6 has 11 dimensions 3 of space 2 of time and 6 of consciousness. Time is different, the people in this realm 6 live in the past, present and future at the same time… I’m told that there is a present in all realms, so they all have linear time plus 2 more components.

                      9th Density

This is the 7th realm-Violet, the highest realm, and it’s on Earth. A soul or Low souls does 18 cycles in this realm and goes into the creation Gods to do 8 steps no matter the level of positivity, but being more positive is of course better. A 9th density soul or Low soul like all higher density souls and Low souls carefully studies 3rd density, but the 9th density can change our reality and often does. An 9th density soul is negative at 36% or lower of “Love and Service to Others”, but there aren’t many.  A Cleaner does 18 cycles in Realm 7.

An Oversoul that makes matter no longer divides itself, and is a Creation star, found in the center of galaxies. In the 9th density there are large Councils that run Galaxies. An 9th density being can go anywhere in the Universe and other Universes. This density, like all densities has 8 steps. Realm 7 has 12 dimensions: 3 of space 2 of time 6 of consciousness and 1 of energy. A person in this realm can make 5 copies of their soul or consciousness and astral different place at once all the time.


First God or the Source compresses some Zoni (Zoni is a term I made up and it is what the sourcefield is made of) and makes 16 soul size angel oversouls. It goes through 6 steps that take 24 cycles and stays on Earth or it’s planet, every planet has angels. Step 1 lasts for 3 cycles and the oversoul divides 16 ways into 12 different kind of beings, some of them are Elves,  Leprechauns, Gnomes, and nature spirits etc., all of these are positive. Step 2 lasts for 3 cycles and divides 12 ways, these are the guardian angels for 2nd density, they stay with a 2nd density oversoul for the whole 3 cycles. When the life form is simple like a microbe, it’s a angel for over 12,000 and when the life form is complex, it’s 1 angel for 4.

Step 3 lasts for 1 cycle and divides 8 ways and each angel is a guardian angel for a 3rd density being, all 3rd density beings have a guardian angel and this guardian works with it’s being on the soul plane in between lives and stays with that person through the whole step of 3rd density for 1 cycle. So when the person gets qualified for ascension, 1 cycle is up and the guardian angel must be replaced. So some guardian angels work with more than 1 being to get their cycle in. Step 4 lasts for 3 cycles and divides 4 ways, these angels are guardian angels for Wanderers, all 3rd density groups have Wanderers even the low soul ones. Wanderer contracts don’t last 3 cycles, so they do other work helping the people of that planet they are on. Step 5 lasts 6 cycles and divides 2 ways, these are archangels. Step 6 lasts for 8 cycles and the oversoul doesn’t divide, these angels can be called Cherubim and Seraphim, they are the top angels of Earth and greatly help Humanity. Angels never have a physical body, but they can transform and appear to us to help.



Life can be based on 6 different elements, here is the order of how common they are: Carbon, Silicon, Magnesium, Chromium, Boron and Arsenic. DNA is used in all of these and it’s made of the same thing. All of these life forms have equal chance of being intelligent. Some of 3rd density lives under water and has a little chance to develop technology. 3rd density life lives in 5 common atmospheres, here is the order of how common they are Oxygen, Water vapor, Ammonia, Methane and Hydrogen. Beings that breathe Hydrogen cannot travel light speed or faster in space travel, but they can use worm holes or alter gravity. I’m told life springs up almost everywhere and over 90% of solar systems have 3rd density life.


Wanderers are souls or Low souls that have made ascension and are highly spiritual and agree to go back to 3rd density for between .75 to 1.25 cycles to help that group with spirituality, even the most negative groups has Wanderers.  A soul makes ascension to the 5th, or a low soul goes to the 5th then they ascend to the 6th and 1/4 cycle into the 6th or sometimes near the end of the 5th, souls and low souls can become Wanderers if qualified. Some Wanderers, less than 5% start their contract 3/4 of a cycle into the 5th density and go to the 7th density when they are done, skipping the 6th density, Jesus Christ was one of those.

Only .9% of souls or Low souls are spiritual enough to become Wanderers, but only .3% (3 out of 1,000) go for it because it’s such a big sacrifice to go back to the sorrow and misery of 3rd density, but there is a big reward when one is done, who go to 7th density with 1 of 2 cycles completed or do all of 7th density if they came from the 5th density, and get a wonderful position and are treated like a hero, almost everyone will want to be your friend, especially the opposite sex. Wanderers have special spiritual skills and are on a mission of sorts. A 3rd density’s soul’s reality is 92% locked in place, so 8% freewill but 96.5% of a Wanderer’s reality is locked in place, so a Wanderer has only 3.5% freewill.

You may think this is bad, but it’s not, a Wanderer stays on a good life path and is prevented from making most blunders, 3.5% is really plenty, I know all I did and it should of been terrible, but was only bad at times and now I was able to turn it around, if I had had 8% freewill I know I wouldn’t of been able to turn it around. Use the sway test on my spiritual truth page to find out your souls skills.

Wanderer’s have a skill level and it is now included on soul reports if you are a Wanderer. The scale is from 1 to 4 in halves and 4 being the best. Only .006% of Wanderers have a 4 skill level, I have about 7 of them on my Wanderer page, only 262 (30 are to young to have done much or on the soul plane) in the world out of about 65 million. My skill level is 2.5 and I’m in the top 15.7%. Almost 50% have a skill level of 1 or 1.5, but they are important as there are over 30 million of them. A skill level of 2.5 or higher is a top Wanderer.

2 or higher is 50.6%

2.5 or higher is 15.7%

3 or higher is 8.3%

3.5 or higher is 0.85%

4 is 0.006%

Most Wanderers on Earth come from Bird-people planets and because Bird-people have much stronger emotions as a way of life, they are more perceptive as Wanderers. When a Wanderers finishes their contract, they have to go back and live on the planet they came from in the 7th density of course, with 1 of 2 cycles completed or if they came out of 5th density, they start at the beginning of 7th density.

Here is a Wanderer’s hand book, I doubt it will have the types of souls, length of contract or skill levels, but I’m told it is good.



There are five types of civilizations. Type 0 to type 4. Type 0 has little or no technology and may or may not have a government. Type 1 has some technology with space travel and must have a government and is usually negative. Type 2 has great technology by accessing the source field and has a government that is usually negative. Type 3 must have souls and may be in the Golden Age, must be positive, must have mastered energy and can easily move planets. Must have a fair government and some spiritual harmony. Type 4 must souls and be in the Golden Age. It will have maximum technology and total spiritual harmony and has the ability to move stars.

                 Possessions & Ghosts

A person can only be possessed by a ghost of a person who died and didn’t go to the other side or of a Jinn. An Archon which is the same as a demon cannot possess you.  The person must agree to it in some way. The ghost or Jinn cannot control the person, but can strongly influence them. The possession lasts for life, unless broken by the 9th density or Creator Gods. One way to do this is through an exorcism, where the 3rd density being asks for a clergyman’s help to call on God to break this possession. Another way is by reaching a 9th density being to ask God to break the union. A 9th density being can talk directly to God whenever it wants to. A ghost can only be a ghost for .22 cycles and it’s whole oversoul must wait for it to return, before they can begin reincarnating again as their cycle of 3rd density is put on hold. After .22 cycles an 8th density being comes and returns it to the soul plane. A soul never becomes a ghost more than once and about half of the oversouls get at least one ghost along the way.


There are 2 kinds of karma; good and bad. One could win the lotto and be put in a wheelchair for life the same day; using a lot of good karma, while discharging a lot of bad karma. Karma is caused by emotions, the 2 main ones are Love (positive) and Fear (negative), and all other emotions are a combination of these two. One must have a body to get or discharge much karma, so when one is on the soul plane in between lives, one gets or discharges much less karma.

An exception is a ghost or a soul that chose to get out of the reincarnation cycle (which is a stupid choice), a ghost is the soul of someone who has died and refused to go to the soul plane. The ghost still has an etheric body and may do evil and get bad karma. Anything one does to hurt anyone else in any way incites bad karma and it will be discharged later by something bad happening to you, though one may reduce it or get to discharge it in more mild ways through forgiveness. For a victimless crime, one does not get bad karma, but if you get caught and are punished you will be discharging bad karma. Doing something good for another, without expecting to be properly compensated gets one good karma, it would be wise to accumulate as much as you can reasonably get. Good karma is discharged when you get something good; often unexpected. Good karma is mainly responsible for the quality of life you are born into. A sports star would have had good karma from previous lives to get the great life or high quality reality a sports star has is a good example of using good karma.

Here is an example of my new karma report. Many people have got 1 on their weekly bad karma and 9 on their weekly good karma.

Here is your karma report, I’ll give your total karma and weekly averages and explain what they mean. So let’s find out what your Karma Footprint is. Your quality of life goes up if you improve your Karma Footprint.

Your total bad karma is   78

Your total good karma    117

Your weekly average of getting new bad karma is    5

Your weekly average of getting new good karma is  3

Your weekly discharge of bad karma is                        5.2

Your weekly discharge of good karma is                      2.5  and saving a .5

0 to 49      Hardly Any                                on soul reports

50 to 74    A Little Bit

75 to 99    A Fair Amount

100 to 199  A Whole Lot    200 to 299  2x A Whole Lot   300 to 399  3x A Whole Lot   etc.

The average person in the world gets 5 points of bad karma a week and 3 points of good karma a week. Wanderers and those qualified for ascension have 3 bad and 6 good as averages. It’s not that hard to get your bad karma down to 1 or 2 a week and get your good karma up to 8 to 10 a week. Just carefully examine what you do. Bad karma is actually 1.5 times more important than good.

To get bad karma, one must hurt someone in any way, cause other(s) to have do more work (unnecessarily), make someone feel bad, waste something, throw something away that someone else wants, don’t give something to someone or other(s) when you are supposed to, pollute the environment, rob, kill, rape,  etc.. Never retaliate when you are wronged or get bad karma.

To get good Karma, one can help someone or many in anyway, make one feel good or better, give someone good sex that wants it and is allowed to get it from you or clean the environment. Use your imagination there are more ways like contacting higher beings as they usually like your attention, so at least use the sway test once in a while.

The average bad karma one gets in a week one has to discharge plus a little bit more, of what one already has. If the weekly bad karma is high and or the weekly good karma is low, this is what makes one’s life tough or hellish. So lower the weekly average of bad and discharge less, raise the weekly good (improve your Karma Footprint) and the quality of life goes up, it can even be fun. The weekly good karma one gets, one uses most of it to get good things or have things go your way and saves a little to add to one’s total, used in getting better next lives.

If one has high weekly bad karma and to a lesser extent low weekly good karma (a poor Karma Footprint), one has a lower quality of life, because one has to discharge that bad karma, by having problems to solve, crap to deal with and lots of things not going your way, while low weekly good karma causes you to get less good stuff and to have less things work out your way. Plus use your imagination and observational skills to see stuff I missed that are valid in your own life, that would be improved if you have a better Karma Footprint so to speak.

Your total karma is used in getting to choose your next life, if your bad karma is high, you are forced to choose a life where you discharge all or a significant part of it. So if your bad karma is real high, you may have to pick a life where you are crippled or get tortured to death or even sacrificed as a baby by Satanists. Usually you would get to pick a life with constant problems to solve, crap to deal with or hardly anything goes your way. So people that have these lives are not getting them by bad luck, they were forced to choose them. If you are a Wanderer or qualified for ascension, you’ll need to reduce your bad karma and or increase your good karma at a fast pace, to prepare for the next realm, you will be living in. Wanderers are not supposed to get a lot of bad karma, so they have to reduce it quickly, while souls inside their cycle of 3rd density are usually given up to 4 lives to discharge a little bit to a lot of bad karma.  Your total good karma determines if you get and easy fun happy life or a hard maybe miserable one, especially as a child. One would try to go in the next realm (ascend or finish one’s Wanderer contract) with 5 or less of bad karma and 400 to 800 or more of good karma.

The reason one saves some of their weekly good karma is to cash it in on the soul plane to get a good next life, so the more one has the better options, one gets in the possible next lives one can choose. So get your average weekly good karma as high as possible, so you get to save a lot, to get great options on your next life as well as keeping your average weekly bad karma low and also choose a next life, where you can easily get to accumulate a lot good karma for your next life after the new one your in. When you get to go into a higher realm, ascension or finishing your Wanderer contract, good lives are very expensive, so make sure you have loads of good karma waiting in the wings, so to speak and maybe even take a lesser life, on the  few lives before you get to move up  to a higher realm, saving some of your good karma and where you can also accumulate a lot of good karma and use it all to move up in style as one seldom dies in the higher realms and if one does accidently die, you would almost always get the same life back and you’ll be dead a very short time and your soul gets to reload your new mind rather quickly.

One is only allowed to discharge their total bad at a very slow rate, .32 per week is the fastest rate and one is only allowed to discharge so much per life about 60, but they must discharge their whole weekly average unless it gets real high like a constant criminal or a mercenary in war fighting on the evil side or maybe just do a hit and run in a parking lot. So if your average weekly bad karma is high like 8 or 9 your life will be very tough and hellish. Different arrangements on this are agreed to on the soul plane in between lives for discharging bad karma, or getting an easy life to get good karma, you could agree to be tortured to death to get rid of 500 or 600 of bad karma. Something like this happens to about 1/4 of the souls during the 1 cycle of 3rd density and that’s why there is no pain in the higher densities.


                           Higher Density Negatives and Archons

There are many higher density negatives visiting Earth, 90% have a soul and 10% have a low soul, All beings with a low soul, must ascend to the 2nd realm and chill out for .25 cycles and only about 10% remain negative and most of them seem to change to positive in the 3 or 4 realm, because they don’t want a soul ruling over them so when one gets to the 5th realm or 7th density, 90% of the negatives have souls. A few in the 5th density  (3rd realm), a whole lot in the 7th density (5th realm) and 1 in the 9th density (7th realm) and once in a while a 8th density negative  visits Earth. These negatives can attack your mind with bad thoughts, lightly touch you, or slightly move your things around as they often tie my pendulums in knots. Unless positives have touched you or moved your things around, the negatives won’t do it either, because they will be attacked by positives. So everyone gets a fair amount of protection from negatives, but not so much from mind attacks. Over 90% of souls that ascend negatively stay negative right on through 7th density, but must turn positive by the end of the 8th cycle of 7th density or be recycled, about 6% are, that’s why there are so many 7th density negatives (it lasts for 8 cycles). Very few, but some, less than 1% that change to positive and ascend to the 8th or 9th density change back to negative.

Archons which are demons do not have a physical body only a temporary low soul (very little empathy for others). Archons have an incomplete soul that comes out of the creation star, but it only lasts for about 300 years and automatically recycles back into the God consciousness. When our solar system goes to a higher frequency of 3rd density, Archons won’t be able to be here.  Jinn are souls without bodies that quit the incarnation process are negative and can make themselves visible at times.  They only live in the 3rd density (realm 1) and very few people can see them. They can possess you, or put etheric implants on your mind, usually 3 of them. Wanderers can’t be implanted and people with souls that have been in 3rd density long enough to ascend seldom can get implanted. Most other people have these 3 implants and it prevents them from waking up to spirituality. Many spiritual healers can remove these implants, but few people are interested enough to want to get them removed. This is the main reason why most people won’t wake up to what’s going on and just blindly follow authority. Archons only live about 300 years , so they are constantly being replaced. Jinn and positive souls that quit the reincarnation process often return to reincarnating when times are better to advance through the densities, but don’t do well (stay on the bottom), so I recommend not quitting.

         Choosing to get out of the reincarnation cycle


Many people write about the reincarnation trap, so I’ve been asking about it for awhile and finally got it all explained to me. As you may know 40% of your soul stays on the soul plane while you are incarnated and living. After you die you only get 2 choices, you can stay where you are or you can go to the other side which is the soul plane and be reunited with the other 40% of your soul. There is no other way to go. Stay and be a ghost with only 60% of your soul for up to about 5,000 years and after that you will be bought to the soul plane. While you are a ghost all the souls in your oversoul must wait for you, they cannot reincarnate until you join them!

After you get to the soul plane, you can quit and take off with all of your soul and 1.85% or about 37 souls in 2,000 do just that. If you quit you must stay off the soul plane and go where ever you want, without a body that is. This is probably not a good choice and why only 1.85% of souls choose to do it. When one decides not to reincarnate in 3rd density one does not advance or make ascension for 8 cycles (instead of 1) and you must ascend by 27 cycles or your soul will be recycled. You can come back before 8 cycles is up and start reincarnating again. This could be a good move if living conditions improved, like if we went into the Golden Age, but when you come back you will be taking an undesirable life.

While you are out running around you can pick up bad or good karma, usually bad when you mess with living things or just things. If you do enough bad stuff, you will be a negative when you come back. If you’re going to be a negative, you won’t want come back after 8 cycles, you’ll want to stay out longer. Of all the souls that quit reincarnating 80% are negatives after 8 cycles, which is a good reason not to do it. Also when you ascend after 8 cycles, you’ll be on the bottom or have the worst position.

If you quit and you are running around the only way to get off the Earth & moon is to sneak a ride in a spaceship. You could travel the universe by sneaking in ships. If you get lost or stranded somewhere, you can call for help and be taken back to your planet. If you possess someone you’ll be a negative when the 8 cycles are up. The Djinn are souls that quit reincarnating in 3rd density. So I suggest that you don’t quit and try to advance the best you can.