Golden Age

Golden Age

The principals of the Golden Age have been flying through my mind day and night for months, but I couldn’t get started until late 2011. I will need your help to get them all right, so email me any input you have. I don’t think I’m inventing these principals, only discovering them as God has made our bodies and souls a certain way.
If you have wealth and power the principals will seem unfair, because we are all equal and most of us are far behind in prestige. It has to be that anyone born has an equal chance of being the best, even though some of us will have parents that seem to be way behind or ahead. Each soul will be judged by its own merit and the cream will rise to the top (heard that one before). Those of us that think we’re better or are owed something, will have to get with the program or face fending for themselves. A few of us will choose that route as that must be allowed. If you can write out one principal to add email it and I’ll look it over and add it. Anyway I hope you like my plan, as it is just a few ideas to make it a more spiritual place to live.

1. Positive emotions. Love and Service to Others will bind humanity together. A willingness to do our part of contributing to society, helping with our basic needs. This will make the Golden Age be a reality. Positive emotions should taught to us at a very young age, being careful not to infringe on one’s freewill, to choose the path that’s right for them.

2. Negative emotions. God made them, so they aren’t going away anytime soon. Having a never ending fight against them as we do now is the wrong way to go. Instead we need to be able to circumvent them or have a slot for them to fall into. The negatives try to acquire wealth and power, so we need a society where they are not wanted so much. If one has his basic needs covered and the freedom to pursue whatever one wants, how important will wealth and power be?

3. Freedom. God has given us all freedom to choose what we want to pursue. Whether it’s surfing, banking or inventing or a wide range of things that don’t harm others, we will be able to spend most of our precious time at that.

4. Technology. Technology will be available for everyone, not a chosen few. We’ll need positive inventors who will give their inventions to everyone to use and share, rather than trying to only make money off it. Of course weapons of mass destruction or anything that hurts or controls others will be discouraged and unwanted.
Most of us heard of free energy or zero-point energy, so electricity for buildings and fuel for vehicles will be low cost and abundant. What we will have is a super computer, or the source field to run everything, probably artificial intelligence, or the source field in charge of directing our lives as this will stop government people from taking from you to give to their friends, like it is now. I’m told the military has suppressed technology that we will convert to friendly use, not to mention what ETs will give us after disclosure and an end to war. For a while we will have heavy surveillance (maybe 2 generations) on everyone to end crime and corruption, which will be OK since only the super computer or source field will watch us. No person or corporation will have access to the surveillance and we will have privacy except when the computer or source field points out a crime and we’ll have rules for it, that will be the same for everyone.

5. No person, family or group will own or control land. We should pass a law, that only the people alive now can own land, so after everyone now living dies, the new people living won’t own land. Where you live or what you get will be decided on merit. It may take a couple of generations to fully put this into play. Merit will be what you have done for everyone else. We won’t mine for metals unless they are needed, not for wealth.

6. Everyone will be assigned (by the computer, or source field) a fair share of work to supply our basic needs. Most people will have Love and eagerly work smart and fast to do their share as they will know they are getting a fair deal. They will want to learn a better skill to help more. The people who won’t work well will be given a task to complete and be able to work slow and long or have an appeal or could go on their own and see how hard it is. This may seem like communism, but without an unfair dictator it will work out fine. We will probably work 8 to 20 hours a week with everything free and a good place to live and plenty of time to enjoy it. In the beginning we will work longer as we set up and build things while we figure out the best way to do it.

7. Some will choose to go into business to offer things beyond our basic needs. This is good as one will have more opportunities and ways to enjoy life. There will of course be rules to follow to protect the business and the workers, but they won’t be so hard to enforce because one won’t need the work and the government can’t play favorites if a central computer or source field runs the deal. There will be a high tax rate 20 to 50% and this money will be given back to the people performing our basic needs. A balance will be reached on the tax rate, allowing only the talented and hopefully honest business people to make it. Everyone will have a chance, not only the people that are connected with someone in the government. Private workers will have the option of paying instead of performing their share of society’s basic needs. Free market prices will determine the amount they pay as well as what one would make doing his or her work.

8. Medical care will not be about money as it is now. It is one of our basic needs. Pharmaceutical and other basic care medical companies must be owned by the people instead of private ownership as this will take the money out of health care. We will have healers rather than doctors and the norm will be a long healthy life. We will stop eating high profit unhealthy foods and take far less drugs. Many things are now done to hurt our health and will be stopped or changed, like food and water additives and chemtrails. When it’s all said and done (a lot more will be said than done) we will need much less health care and some of it will be done at our homes. We will be using many more remedies, besides taking pills like now. One will choose a healer by how healthy his or her patients are rather than how many surgeries a doctor performed. Cancer will be cured by changing the body rather than cutting it out or using radiation. Many inexpensive remedies are now blocked to make more money, so with the money taken away they will be used. These changes will be very hard to put in, but they will and must be done. So many medical people have dollar signs in their eyes, take the money away and things get done wisely and people stay healthy. Doctors must stop cheating the free market principals and start posting their fees, so people can choose, lower price or more experience.
Dentistry in the USA is one big scam, I think! When you go to one, they tell you what they want to do in your mouth, rather than what you need or the cheaper way to do it. For instance if you have a crowned tooth that hurts and need a root canal, they would take the old crown off, do the root canal, put a new crown on and try real hard to talk you into other work you don’t need. Where as they could drill a hole in the existing crown do the root canal, plug the hole up and shut up about the stuff you don’t need yet. I had a hurt tooth and just took MMS1 and avoided the root canal. We could start off with check up only Dentists, you get a check up only, they’re not allowed to do any work. They tell you exactly what you need and the cheapest way to do it and you go to someone else to get the work done.

9. Gambling The highest house edge allowed is 10% and if you participate in the game 5%. Casino operators and communities will think twice about putting in gambling and casinos when they find out they can’t make big fast easy money by robbing the players with a high unfair house advantage. The world needs gambling reform! The poorest people who don’t have enough money and shouldn’t gamble will be priced out of the game as the minimum bet will be too high, because the operator can’t make enough on a small bet to have it. For instance poor people blow a lot of money on $1 scratch off lottery, 50% against them, sometimes more, clear robbery. If it could only be 10% against them the minimum bet would have to be $5 for the house to have the same earn per bet and how many poor people would play $5 a scratch, not many and if they did about 5 times as many would win, giving them a fairer deal.

10. Population The population is too high, we must reduce it and keep it under control, but not by killing anyone, as they are planning! We have the technology to do something safe & simple to newborn girls, that prevents them from becoming pregnant until they earn the right and qualify, but can have sex if they want. They should have to prove that the child would be raised well, with a father. Just cutting out the children that are born by accident to unwed teenagers may do the trick of reducing the population. In Marcia Schafer’s book Confession’s of an Intergalactic Anthropologist, it says we need to breed out our aggressive warring ways or something like that, I think you get the point. Although I’m not sure about this one, but we should take a look at the concept and get it right.

11. When we make something we will be more responsible for it instead of creating a repair industry for the item like automobiles or roads. Free warranties should come with almost everything, forcing us to make it right the first time or pay for free repairs. This will of course upgrade the world around us, the way it should be.

12. I’ve learned it is cheaper and more cost effective to give every adult a minimum check to pay for food and housing, rather than spend money on fighting crime, poverty and funding other social programs, that are full of corruption. This may be a better way to go, than making everything free for those who help society. Those who won’t help will get less of course and not have as good of life and be encouraged to help and get more.