The story starts about 45,000 years ago. There was a planet in an orbit closer to the sun than Jupiter. Many call this planet Maldek, Mars was it’s largest moon. The Reptilian people that lived there were very violent and negative. They went to war with the people that lived on Mars. They were greater in number, but the Martians had better technology. These people refused to quit attacking the peaceful Martians. So the Martians devised a plan to seriously damage Maldek, making it impossible for these people to stay there and get the war over. The weapon they used, turned out to be to strong and blew up Maldek, scattering pieces all over our solar system, making the asteroid belt, new moons for some of the outer planets and comets in the far reaches of our solar system.

About 8,000 of these Reptilian people were in large space ships and survived. So they decided to go live in our moon and kick out the few Draconians that lived there. The Reptilians (Draconians) soon returned in force. So they had to leave in a hurry, while their ships were being blasted and crash landed in Antarctica, which at that time was in a tropical area. Now they soon no longer had space flight, because of the Draconian continued attacks. They had trouble living on Earth as their bodies didn’t agree with Earth’s elements. Humanity had just came out of cataclysms caused by Maldek blowing up, so they were few in number and lost their technology and now were sort of primitive.

These people captured some Humans and using genetics made hybrids of themselves, so they could live on Earth. They made 2 kinds of hybrids, one kind was very similar to and could mate with Humanity. The other kind was different and had elongated heads and became the ruling class and could not mate with Humanity. There are still some of these left, although they stay secret. Within 2,000 years the brown dwarf star, came through our solar system as it does every 3,557 years. Earth was hit hard and had a devastating pole shift, making the south pole in about the center of Antarctica as it is today.

Most all of the people on Earth died as there was a flash freeze in the new polar areas, killing a lot of animals too. So the Reptilian-Mammal hybrid people that were similar to Humanity lived with and bred with Humanity. When one of their females had children, the children would get one of their souls, regardless of who the father is. These people, the Illuminati today can tell each other apart from Humanity, but Humanity can’t seem to tell that they have different souls. They arranged to put each other into positions of power, like kings and queens and still hold these positions today. Although with the invention of the internet and spreading of knowledge, they are starting to lose control.

With them in power, we have war, central banks, shortages and other forms of suffering. Because of them we live in a negative world. In 2021 our 3rd cycle will finish and positive soul groups get to move up to the 2nd realm, 5th dimension (4th density). We are in the 1st realm, 4th dimension (3rd density) now. So we must get the Illuminati out of power and turn positive, to move up to 4th density. A soul can either go through 1 cycle of 3rd or 4th density (or some of both) and make ascension to 5th density (12th dimension on Earth). If we get in 4th density life improves, our bodies will be a little better and matter a little different, the biggest change is another component of time. Many of us will gain some telepathy and see a wider range of the spectrum and other improvements.