What has happened on Earth is, about few thousand years ago, Reptile-people came to this planet. These Reptile-people often came to Earth in the past. The primitive people thought these Reptile-people were Gods. These Reptile-people knew they would not be permitted to rule Earth. So what they did is take some of the eggs out of their females and take out about 62% of the genetic material and replace it with Human genetic material. The Grays a negative Insect group  tried to do something similar. The Reptilian-people had offspring that looked just like Humans (the Illuminati), they are able to shape shift from Human to Reptilian. These people have Reptile  souls of the negative Reptile group that created them.

The Reptilians on the moon answer to or are ruled by another Reptilian group that lives on the moons of Saturn. That group is ruled by another Reptilian group that lives outside of our solar system and that group is ruled by the top group Draconians. The Draconians think they own this part of the galaxy, but many soul groups have superior technology and are able to resist them. If Humanity is able to defeat the Illuminati and get in the Golden Age, ETs will share this superior technology with us.
The Illuminati must breed with other Illuminati, to have offspring with the Reptile souls, they must stay in the bloodline. If an Illuminati has offspring with a regular Human, the children will be given a Human soul. The Reptile-people, appointed the Illuminati to positions of power. Most of the Illuminati are white out of Europe, but there is an Asian group (about 10%), Chinese and other oriental countries.
The Illuminati have put Humanity on the negative path, with them in control. The top Illuminati are Jesuits they have the most control. These Reptile-people have created  some technology that blocks most of Humanity from seeing all of our reality by sending out some type of signal, helping the Illuminati stay in control. I’m told they have cloaked ships in low orbit plus stuff underground sending this signal.

There is a top bloodline group about 10% of the Illuminati are in it and they are in political positions, have control over money creation and control the secret space program. The other 90% of the Illuminati are not given this power or knowledge, but they have privileges and do well in society. The NAZIs control the secret space program and the Jesuits control Earth.

The Illuminati want to reduce the population by maybe 90% and have them in the ruling class, that no one else can get in and everyone else is a worker-slave. This is kind of the goal that they want to reach. Humanity will rise up and stop them and go into the Golden Age.