New Posts 2010-2011

These posts are edited, anything I think is wrong is deleted or slight changes are made.
    The source field is made out of the same thing our souls & consciousness are, I call it zoni. We are alive and so is the source field. There is a living positive source field and a living negative source field, as well as a living God consciousness. We will have direct access to these after ascension, but until then our lives are being shaped by these massive consciousnesses indirectly. The source fields take on the role of parents and we are their children. Parents tell young children what they want them to know, rather than the total complete truth. This is what’s happening to us in 3rd density, we’re being told or educated with what they want us to know or what they think we can understand. We can’t get or even understand the complete truth of everything at this point in our existence.
    To increase your spirituality, there is only one thing you must do, Love & Service to Others. Don’t be worried about or fear, tracking technology or a one world Government if they are in loving hands they will be good. Your job right now is to wake others up and spread the truth. Our universe will be of the light, sooner than you think! This is a loving time of the year, if you are able, give gifts, especially to children and spend time with your loved ones. Peace is on the way!
    Kim Jong il leader of N. Korea has died at 69 of natural causes. He was known to have starved his people to build up his military, in response to threats from the west. His 3rd son Jong un is set to take over, even though he is in his late 20s. One thing I know is, he has a soul score of 45, so things should be looking up for the N. Korean people as they can sure use a lot of improvement.
    I went walking at Venice Beach today, it’s in the LA area a mile south of Santa Monica. There are so many souls trying to express themselves in a free unique way, that it’s an experience one should want in ones Akashic records. I always get a sense of freedom as well as spirituality. If you came to LA be sure to spend a half day at Venice Beach it’s a low cost fun spiritual activity, that one shouldn’t miss.
    Have you ever wondered so many go hungry on a planet so rich in life. Well it’s designed that way by the evil elites. Not only is food production designed solely for profit, those with no money go hungry, it is designed for shortages and no reserves in most countries. To have it explained well watch this 11 1/2 minute video
    Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the USA, but we should all be thankful as God has finally started up the big good changes we shall soon see.
    Some of you reading my last post, think enslavement, I’m not a slave. There is a famous quote. None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe To start with those of you that work 40 hour weeks, are actually working about 15 hours for yourself and 25 hours for those above you, mostly the negative elite. It only requires about 15 hours of work to get all the good things you have and could be less than 10 when all the suppressed technology is released. How about all the extra security and spying on us, if we were free it won’t be so. How about how hard and complicated many things have become, were made to wait and work harder for nothing.
    Watch this 3 minute video What this guy knows is, in the planes waste disposal system has one big tank and two small tanks that are hooked up to spray chemtrails out of one wing. The pyramid is BS to cover up the story and confuse the average person. Hopefully this story will hit the news within 2 weeks and the bribed mechanics will be jailed.
    I’m told the Greys have infected about 100,000 highly spiritual people with some kind of virus, it makes one real weak and tired a lot. One can cure it with MMS 3 to 5 times a day for about 3 months. You can get MMS with the link in my news section, MMS slowly kills viruses in a week to 3 months. People who publish spiritual material have been targeted. They got me and one of my internet friends, I couldn’t figure out why I was weak and tired all the time, but I’m getting better now by using MMS, it has also cured two other problems, I avoided a root canal once, saved a lot of money, I don’t have.
    A very close internet friend on mine told me about her strange dream. She said people were implanted 3 ways in their front teeth, side of the head and somewhere else she didn’t know. I’m told it needs to be near the heart. She said there was all lockers like high school, but some of them had a secret stairway down into a lower chamber. So she went down and seen these implanted people. Right away they knew she wasn’t one of them and went after her, but she had something to spray them with to kill them. When she sprayed them they died, but they were so happy to be killed! I guess it must of been so awful to be implanted.
    The United Nations is an evil power grabbing organization controlled by the few. It was supposed to be an organization to help nations settle disputes and prevent wars, but that was just a big lie to get it started. It regularly forces it’s agenda (lately agenda 21) on nations to increase its power, taking away our individual God given rights. This way a few people (council of foreign relations), called elites, can gain control of the world, through financial and military power. It’s all about enslaving us for their own gain. Look for Agenda 21 in your community, study it and see the evil in it and speak out against it. You as an individual can make a difference in making the world more free.
    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
    The Illuminati and their conspirators are about 830,000 in numbers, but many others do what they want out of fear or bribes. They totally control Italy, the Euro, the Pound and the mainstream media. They partially control England, France, the USA, the US dollar and other currencies. They’ve lost control of everything else like the 214 underground bases, they’ve all been damaged. They are starting to rat on each other to stay out of jail and maybe keep some wealth and power. 1,472 of them don’t have souls, of those 584 hasn’t became evil yet and might not. If anyone has questions about an individual, on whether they’re in this group or if they have a soul, get with me as I can easily find out with the pendulum.
    Guacamole’ 1st Law Guacamole’s 1st Law If the pen is mightier than the sword and it is, one can take a country with a pen, just ask Rochschild. Then the Pendulum is mightier than the nuclear bomb and it is, we can take a planet with a Pendulum, wait and see!
    Moments after releasing my 1st law, I was told by the 8th density, that news of it has already spread to other galaxies. Never under estimate the power of the pendulum. If I & my associates were to take control of Earth, we would execute all soulless people & their associates that are guilty of murder or worse and remove the other soulless people from Earth to end the evil bloodlines forever. After that is done, we would put it the Golden Age, with special rules to likely make it last for eons.
    I just listened to an important and very interesting interview on Project Camelot called Secrets behind the human genome project . It’s a little to confusing for me to explain here. Just open the link & click the show more double arrow pointing down to get an understanding from Kerry Cassidy and listen to the interview when you have time.
    The bottom line is the pendulum says Cynthia Maria Brewer is telling the truth and she has a soul score of 61. The pendulum also says choose death before accepting the tracking chip (the mark of the beast) as it will take away your free will!
    If you want to get more spiritually evolved, you really need to read this book, The return of the light . This book is one really long page, it explains the nature of universes, darkness & and how it all relates to Earth. I’ve read 10% of it so far & know I have to finish it, otherwise I won’t be able to do what I’m here to do and you’ll find out what that is soon enough! So I beg you start reading & see if you feel as I do.
    You may not believe this one. Most of you should be familiar with the Caylee Anthony murder trial, a mother of a 3 year old child that died & was found in the woods months later. Caylee never reported the child missing for a month, she went drinking & partying the whole month & then came with all sorts of lies. The jury found her not guilty of any serious crime. Caylee’s soul score is 2, the lowest possible and the pendulum tells me the federal reserve people bribed and threatened the jury to get her not guilty. I guess they are really trying to guide society into bad social values, don’t you think?
    If you want to see how evil the FDA is watch this movie , tell anyone you know to watch it. 1:48:00 video about curing cancer.3/15/2011Here’s a short book on spiritual stuff that I may have missed, easy fast read .
    Many of you are concerned about what’s happening in Egypt. A revolution like this one is always funded, by a rich person or group and almost never by the people being fed up with the current political regime. A small number of people start it & the rest of the people join in, thinking things will be better for all, when in fact things are only better for the people who funded it. I want you to realize though, that the people who are funding it are controlled by entities above humanity.
    I have something very important to teach you. It may be hard to believe, but if you think logically you should go for it. It is what you do now can change the past if it’s positive or negative enough. To make my point let’s assume 30 years ago you murdered, got caught & were sentenced to life without parole. While in prison you became a real good person, somehow you taught everyone to be honest & love each other. All the new criminals meet you & you help them be reformed somehow. When they get out they all become good members of society ect. Your a wonder worker. What God may do is change the past, you didn’t meet the wrong people to begin with & didn’t murder. You are married & have a good life. You & everyone else has no memory of any murder, it didn’t happen in Earth history.
    The last couple days God has rammed this little rhyme into my head.
There is no end.
You will ascend
It’s up to you
to determine when.
    It’s so short and simple, but it has an incredible amount of clarity don’t you think? I have been passing out a little square piece of paper with my web address on it to people I meet. I am going to order a box of business cards & along with my web address, this little rhyme will be there too!