New Posts 2012

These posts are edited, anything I think is wrong is deleted or slight changes are made.

    The pendulum says the Sphinx is about 19,000 years old, the biggest Pyramid in Egypt is over 7,000 years old and the Hindu religion started a little over 13,000 years ago, making it our oldest religion still in use.The best way to take advantage of the coming cycle change is through meditation. Have both feet on the floor, close your eyes and imagine you are seeing either a triangle, square or pentagon and keep your mind empty. Perform one the truth tests to see which shape is right for you. The truth tests are on my Spiritual truth page.
    The pendulum works good and I haven’t lied about the information I get from it, but I get a lot of lies from it. It tells me a lot of people who ask are going to make ascension, a higher percentage than a few months ago, it seems to tell me over half of those who ask are on their 8th planet of 3rd density. This is probably right since mostly spiritual people would find me and ask.
    It seems very convenient that on the spring equinox 7% of the population is going to make ascension. Other websites say everyone will move into the 4th dimension, some say 5th dimension.
    What I have learned is all 7 realms exist on Earth already, they always have, so I don’t understand how the Earth itself can ascend to the 4th dimension, when 4th dimension is already here.
    I witness synchronicity all day long every day, constantly seeing triples on the clock and other places too. Way more than could be by chance, I wake up in the night to see 11:11, 12:22, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, or 5:55 most every night I see at least one of these, but I don’t know what it means. I’m told I’m going to go into the 4th dimension several times a week for about 5 months, but it never happens. I’m told if I do go I can come back, since I did my 3rd density on a Vegetable planet, giving me a Vegetable soul, I’m told I’m the 1st wanderer on Earth, there are about 86,000 of us. If I do go and come back, I’m supposed to have triple helix DNA and special abilities, which I will use to help humanity.
    I have gained a lot of weight making me unhealthy and feeling bad, but I’m told by the pendulum it needs to be this way. It’s hard for me to accept getting lied to for 5 months straight about going into the 4th dimension. Maybe by or on December 21, 2012 something special will happen spiritually.
    The Illuminati fast food chain restaurants are now using GMO products. I seldom eat there, but I found out the hard way and got a little sick. Maybe this will help a few people to eat better.
    The pendulum tells me the moon was towed here about 8,500 years ago and the beings that live on it came with it. In the 4th dimension there are 3 groups of negative Insects, kind of controlling Humanity through the Illuminati. On the moon there is a group of Reptile beings they are running the machinery that sends out a signal distorting our view of reality.
    They have courts in the higher densities. One needs to go to court to be a wanderer. One needs to be qualified to be a wanderer, only 3% are qualified, but far less choose to be one. There are no police states after one ascends, unless one is a negative Insect. I’m told that the Golden Age is almost a certainty.
    I’m told that I’ll get to go in the 4th dimension and since I have a Vegetable soul, I’ll be able to come back into the 3rd dimension. Everyone else has a Mammal soul, except some of the wanderers have a Bird soul. Where ever a wanderer did their 3rd density, is what kind of soul they have. If a wanderer did 3rd density on a planet, where the people had Bird DNA, then the wanderer has a Bird soul. Once a Mammal or Bird soul goes into the 4th dimension, they can’t come back, except dying and reincarnating.
    The pendulum says we are behind pace on ending the negative control and bringing in the Golden Age. The bad guys are ready for the cycle change and the new sun on Dec. 21, 2012. The bad guys are not ready for the spring equinox, when many of us make ascension and many more of us move into the 4th dimension. We may be able to get the negative Insects to take the moon away and the Reptilians that live on it.
    Well we have less then 2 months, till the cycle ends (Dec. 21, 2012). I doubt if anything special, that is noticeable will happen on that day. It will end the 3rd cycle of Humanity’s 3rd density, which means we have 9 cycles left and then Humanity in 3rd density is over with.
    In the USA we have elections coming up, the pendulum says they won’t be honest. If I vote, it will be for a 3rd party. The pendulum says one of the top 2 parties will win and they are both controlled by the same evil elites. I’m told they won’t stay in power much past the spring equinox, when many Humans will make ascension and others will move into the 4th dimension awaiting ascension.
    An oversoul is a large amount of soul material, I would call it compressed Zoni. It contains 36 to 44, 3rd density souls. In 2nd density it contains 4 times as many souls and in 1st density it contains 16 times as many 3rd density souls, because the souls are smaller in those densities.
    In 3rd density the oversoul separates into single souls and each one incarnates in a body. After each body dies the oversoul gets back together and waits on the soul plane for another round of incarnating. The oversoul learns the 15 spiritual lessons rather than the single souls. Your soul contains a piece of every soul from the previous round, all the way through 3rd density.
    I spend most of my time listening to audios and reading other peoples work. A lot of them are saying that the Earth is going to change to a higher dimension or density. Some even say there are going to be 2 Earths, a positive and a negative one. Some are saying that the Earth will go to the 4th dimension and others are saying the Earth will go to the 5th dimension. Most of these websites think that everyone can make ascension, but a lot or even most souls don’t want to. It makes me laugh real hard to think that less than 98% of the souls want to make ascension.
    I spend a lot of time working on spiritual facts, these other people don’t. Besides the “Law of One” and my work there isn’t much out there on spiritual facts at all. First of all let me say there are 7 realms in our universe (I’m not the only who knows this). There dimensions are 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 12. They are all already on Earth and all other planets, so the Earth doesn’t need to change to the 4th or 5th dimension, the Earth already has the 4th and 5th dimensional realms, with entities living in them.So it’s the people who may change to the 4th or 5th dimension (lower and upper 4th density). When a soul makes ascension it goes to the 5th dimension (upper 4th density). For a soul to make ascension without dying it must first go to the 4th dimension (lower 4th density). A lot of souls won’t make ascension because they haven’t been in 3rd density long enough, they aren’t old enough, not because they don’t want to (they do).
    Yesterday there was a big accident near my house. A car was speeding through a red light, hit by a truck and rammed into a light pole. They had to cut the car apart with the jaws of life to get the 2 people out, but no one seemed to be hurt bad. It was only a big accident, with a totaled car. For some reason though 3 fire trucks and 5 ambulances came to the scene. What a waste of city resources, I thought. The evil government is not accountable to the people at all anymore, every department wants to get all the tax money they can it seems.Does the evil have such strong control, that we are beyond the point where the good people can rise up and put the evil doers in jail and take back our cities, states and country. Has it gone so far that the good people cannot turn it around without divine intervention or at least some kind of paradigm big change. It sure seems so, but aren’t we supposed to get this sort of thing at the end of the cycle.
    Can you feel the shift coming in? Can you feel a change in our consciousness? Well you should it is happening, we are creators and our creative force has increased, because of the extra energy in the end of the cycle super wave! Have you read the book or seen the movie “The Secret”. This is the kind of creation that has increased and will continue to increase more so. Think about what you want or how you want things to be and sit back and watch it happen easier than before, but you still got to do it right, with your mind and consciousness. God does give us the power of creation, try it out and see how you do, you have the magic within you, you only need to believe. It has been working some for me, I have a lot of new things and other things seem to be set up easier almost all the time, but I’m like the rest of us I want more. What I want is more power to help and maybe fight evil, you know get us into the Golden Age.
    Meanwhile the evil cabal, will not give up, in the western countries, where they have the most control, they are sneaking in a little here, a little bit there, to take away our freedom, but the strong positive members of Humanity, are rising up and fighting back. We will soon see a noticeable change, if only more of us would care, it would happen sooner. I pray every day to be given the power to do more and I’m told it will come.
    I’ve learned a lot more than I’m able to write on this website, if anyone would like to interview me I could contribute quite a bit of unique information, that should be a big help, in these trying end of the cycle times.
    When a person dies and their soul goes to the soul plane, it doesn’t stay separate, it rejoins with the oversoul. Oversouls contain 36 to 44 3rd density souls and in 2nd density multiply the number by 4 and in 1st density multiply by 16.When a consciousness dies it goes to the consciousness plane. Over Consciousnesses contain 36 to 48 3rd density consciousness and in 2nd density multiply by 4 and in 1st density multiply by 16.
    I have been asked by God to write this confusing, but important post. The Illuminati have infiltrated important spiritual (religious) positions in Humanity. The Pope, the Dalai Lama and 2 important Moslem cleric positions in Europe are held by Illuminati members. These 4 people do not have souls, they should not be considered Human, they have a dark mission to convert Humanity to one religion, Luciferin. If you have followed spiritual news sites, you will hear of people becoming Zombies. Zombies go crazy and start eating other people, it is real hard to stop them, many of them had to be killed. This is caused by a virus that is transmitted by technology world wide by the Illuminati. This transmitted virus only affects about 1 in 10,000 people, one can only get it by a technological transmission. Once infected a demon quickly possesses those infected and controls them to eat others. One can only be cured by exorcism. Now that we know about this evil, we have a better chance of stopping it or at least containing it.
    When God makes your consciousness, it’s actually just a small part of himself, you are asked if you want to be responsible or care for, which one could take as having empathy. If you say yes and about 28% do, you are given a soul. One needs a soul to have empathy, as a consciousness only (like the Illuminati) does not have empathy. If one is a soul, one is matter and if one is just a consciousness, one is space, for 8 cycles of 1st density. The making of matter or keeping matter made, is done by the 1st density soul, but it always has 2 backups, if case the 1st density soul slacks off and quits performing properly. Often living things will be on this matter or maybe walk over it. The 1st density soul can send love, positive energy, or maybe be jealous and send negative energy.
    Depending on how one does all this, determines the deal the soul gets in 2nd density. One can do 2nd density, positively or negatively also. If one is a lion, one could only kill enough to eat, or one could kill more than is needed for food and fight over it more than necessary. If one is a tree, one could make just enough roots to stand up and get water, leaving room for other plants or one could be selfish. Anyway if one does 1st & 2nd density positively, one gets a choice in 3rd density of having Mammal, Bird or Vegetable DNA. I’m told Vegetable DNA (.3%)is the best choice because one always gets to remember past lives and negative controlling Insects aren’t permitted. Bird DNA (24.4%) is the 2nd best choice because the beings are more perceptive, they love each other more and work together better, they are more likely to have special spiritual skills, most wanderers have Bird DNA souls and use their special skills like healing to help us. The rest of the souls are Mammal DNA souls (75.3%). There are also minuses for the 1st 2 and pluses for Mammal DNA souls, so a soul with a choice, doesn’t always choose in that order.
    The powers that be are working hard trying to get us divided into groups. You know the drill divide & conquer. They’re trying to divide us by ethnic, social and religions mainly. They want one to think, my ethnic group are better Humans. They want one to think, I have more stuff and income, than you poor uneducated scum. They also want one to think, my God is better than your God.
     Well Humanity is one group consciousness, the physical differences are just the rich variety God has given us. If you are doing better socially, be kind & generous, help raise up others, because in another life later or in the past, you may be on the bottom end of it. As far as religion goes, we are all praying to the same God, we all make ascension, all of our souls eventually make it back to the God source, no matter what one believes. So don’t ever think someone is believing in a false God, it is never the case nor does it matter. Let others worship God in the way of their choosing.
    Governments worldwide are passing unfair laws, that only affect 1 or 2% of the people and are carefully keeping it out of the media. They want you to ignore this, and think, that law has nothing to do with me. When they take your neighbors freedom or way of life away, one should be outraged, because who do you think will be next. You stand up for them, they will stand up for you, we all stand together and keep our liberties.
    I’m so sorry, but lately my health has been down a little and I’ve been so busy with my day to day life, that I haven’t written much or got to your email yet. I certainly plan on continuing to answer all emails and helping on an individual basis. My 8th density handler just tied my pendulum chain in a knot to let us know she is there for us.
    Well I found an important update in spiritual facts. From 2nd density on we go through 8 steps in all 8 densities, as well as 8 steps inside the Creator God and 8 steps inside the Prime Creator. In 2nd density we do 1 cycle on 8 different planets, starting with a life form that don’t live long, to a life form that lives a long time on the last planet.
    In 3rd density we do 1/3 of a cycle on 7 different planets and on the 8th planet we stay till we make ascension after at least .56 cycles. On all 8 planets we have the same type of DNA, whether it be Mammal DNA (about 75%), Bird DNA (about 25%) or Vegetable DNA (about .3%), which I was before I was a wanderer. Everyone here that’s not a wanderer has a Mammal DNA soul. Most wanderers seem to have Bird DNA souls, I’m the only one that has a Vegetable DNA soul, I’m told.
    Law enforcement is being given more and more power, they are serving the shadow government and are on a complete power trip. The police are supposed to serve and protect the people, but are only trying to make money for the government and fill the jails, so the private owners can get the most money, from their government. It’s getting to be a police state everywhere the people have no rights. If one complains about the police, a group within the police rules on it, using some new law and taking the side of the police as much as possible.
    There are no good police, for if there were, they would arrest, some of the other police they work with that are outright criminals, constantly persecuting people. What is needed is civilian panels that investigate police complaints, and they need to be given the power to charge and arrest any out of line offender of the people. This is what is needed to turn the tide on the police state.
    Mike Wallace died on April 7 at 93, he had a positive career as a journalist for about 60 years after graduating from the U of Michigan with a B of A. He was the major star of the CBS show 60 minutes for about 50 years. He contributed very positively to Humanity, he was in 3rd density for .78 cycles, had 76 lives, completed all 15 spiritual lessons (I know what they are now), died with a soul score of 57 and made ascension.
    I just learned that universes are measured in 5 dimensional space. There is a 5 dimensional counter part to the 3 dimensional cube, but they can’t be compared in size because they are in the upper 4th density (5 dimensional reality). However I’ll call it a 5D cube, since we don’t have a name for it yet. Our galaxy in size is about 64,000 5 Dcubes and our universe in size is about 78.3 trillion 5Dcubes. This is a fixed size although there may not be galaxies in all of it yet. So our source field is also about 78.3 trillion 5Dcubes. The source field is considered the Creator Gods, a universe is said to get one Creator God for every 10 trillion 5Dcubes of source field. So it is said that our universe has 7 Creator Gods as it is rounded down. All universes have 2 to 12 Creator Gods. I hope you can make sense of this as it is somewhat confusing, but God has coerced me to write this.
    If you are sharp I know what you are thinking, take the 78.3 trillion and divide it by 64,000 and get around 122.3 million. Now come up with the 3 dimensional size of our galaxy and multiply it by 122.3 million to figure out the 3 dimensional size of our universe. Well I’m told this cannot work because a universe cannot be measured in 3 dimensional space. That is why universes are measured in 5 dimensional space, because it’s the smallest number of dimensions that a universe can be measured in. For some reason beyond my understanding, parts of the universe can be measured in 3 dimensional space, but the whole universe cannot. So how’s this for some exciting new pendulum information.
    If you want things to go better focus on the positive a little more, if fact thank God for creating you a few days in a row and see what happens. I did this only because I was truly thankful for being created, I figured wow I’m in this wonderful universe, living in a country with an easy life and I’m being given a chance to cause positive change. After a few days of thank yous, I started acquiring a few more material things, just small stuff that improved life, that I didn’t think I deserved, my wife too.
    The timelines have changed the prophecy in the Bible and many other books of the end times is not going to be as written. The reason is the internet, it is an unforeseen lucky invention, I guess. The anti-Christ will only reign for a very short time, I think the Bible says 6 years plus, not gonna happen! The people are going to free this planet by ourselves, the return of Jesus was canceled one year ago, he is more needed elsewhere. Plan on 2012 being quite a ride, heating up in maybe one month.
    These strange loud mysterious sounds heard in various places all over the Earth are the Illuminati rebuilding the underground bases, that were destroyed, a little while back. They still think they can start WWIII and hide underground till it’s over. Well they can’t, the new bases can be destroyed the same way and Humanity will not let WWIII get started, we just won’t.
    A new internet friend sent me 20, when I discovered he that he lived near me, I invited him to come over. He said I’m in a wheel chair, so I said I’ll come & see you then. After telling each other what we knew and asking the pendulum questions, I decided to try and find out why he was in a wheel chair (4 wheeler accident), the pendulum told us he was getting bad karma from 17 lives ago (he committed  murder back then), God goes a long way back to even things out! So go ahead and forgive yourself for bad things you’re not aware you did!1/11/2012
    The operators of predator drones are guilty of murder! Many children and innocent civilians are constantly killed by them. The operators believe they are shielded and above the law, but they will have tons of bad karma coming their way. Don’t they know they are just making evil corporations richer and giving bankers more power and when they are done they will be cast aside as trash.