New Posts 2013


I’m  told there are 4 common types of atmospheres, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Methane and ammonia. They all have different kinds of bodies, that affect the length of life, space travel, how much they need to eat and which DNA they can have.


Everything there is, is composed of 3 things, matter and energy which are interchangeable and source field or consciousness. The source field is not made of energy, it is different and unique, our souls are made out of it. Consciousness is hard to comprehend, because we can’t see it in this density, it can only be seen in the 3 highest realms, 6th density which has 9 dimensions, 7th density which has 11 dimensions and 8th density which has 12 dimensions.

There are 2 source fields one just for our universe, and the main one that comes out of the Prime  Creators, covering all universes, voids and broadcasts DNA. The source fields are the intelligence and handles the design of everything. So when someone says the real you is made out of energy, say no it’s made out of consciousness, which is immortal, whereas energy can be changed.


A while back in 1954, the Illuminati cut a deal with the Gray Aliens. They would get technology and the Grays could abduct a few people for genetic experiments, giving our government a list of who they abducted and what they are doing. Well the Elites kept most of the technology for themselves, and weaponized the technology, keeping us in war. They also increased their control over us, taking away a lot of our freedom and the Grays broke their end of the deal.

The Grays an older race, more genetically advanced focused on making hybrids, with plans on replacing Humanity. The main problem with this is it’s a takeover, all the hybrids contain a Gray consciousness instead of a Human soul-consciousness. So we’ll be kicked off our own planet so a few old men get some weapons for war. Even if we could keep our souls we wouldn’t want their genetics, cause Humanity has 3 genetic upgrade from God coming in the future.

We must find a way to rise up and get these evil people totally out of power (and in prison). Then we can share the technology with all of Humanity, stop all wars and tell the Grays to get lost. If we stop all this war, there are plenty of ETs ready to help us with technology and first fix our radiation problem. We must also prepare for the brown dwarf star coming, it figures to kill a huge chunk of our population, but it doesn’t need to be this way.


Some of you may wonder what happened to the Earth changes we were supposed to get, you know the new map of the USA, where the Mississippi river is way over 100 miles wide and full of saltwater, where parts of Florida, California and Nevada are gone. Other places all over the world were supposed to be a lot different by now or at least by 2014. Well the chemtrails blocked and are still blocking  the Superwave from the middle of the Galaxy from causing the Earth to expand. A lot of this comes via the sun and it peaks July 2015.

Blocking the Superwave and saving a lot of land, has come at great expense, poisoning the land and the water, killing many living things, giving many people Morgellons disease. The ph of the land and water has been changed and a lot of trees and sea life are dying. The small few elites doing this only care about themselves and those Earth changes may happen anyway, with the brown dwarf star coming in. We need to somehow get the Illuminati out of power and cut off the negative ET influence controlling our planet.


According to the Law of One, Humanity is to move to the next higher realm, the 4th dimension. If we go this is not ascension, as ascension is 2 higher realms, the 5th dimension. If we go it may be in January 2014, about 1 month away. The pendulum has been saying it was changed and we won’t go, but now it’s not sure. It has something to do with the reported space ships hiding on the far side of the moon, there has been a couple of videos on that lately.

If we do go, the Illuminati can’t go, because they don’t have souls, they can only get there by ascension, but they aren’t qualified. The reason to go is to stop the negative rule. We won’t need to eat or drink and there isn’t any weather. There won’t be any animals, only flowers, trees and vegetables. We’ll be about 1.5 times as tall, but only weigh 10% as much. We’ll be able to float above the ground instead of walking and think ourselves to anywhere on the planet, Wanderers can go anywhere in the universe. We’ll be able to read minds or talk if we choose, we can have sex, but not make children that way.


After seeing and reading so much on JFK, who was killed 50 years ago, it’s clear to see, he was trying to end the corruption in the USA government. I think there is actually a chance the Golden Age would be going by now if he wasn’t killed. So maybe we can kind of pick up where he was cut off, end corruption, achieve world peace, release all the hidden technology and have discloser. He was truly one of the few honest presidents the USA has had.


Some banks are insolvent because they lost money on derivatives and the people (taxpayers) are supposed to bail them out, because they are to big to fail. Well if they lost someone must of won on this crooked deal. So let’s arrest them, confiscate the money, give it to the people and let the banks fail. We could get rid of a whole load of evil this way, don’t you think?

This controversy over Iran making a nuclear weapon is a big lie. What it is really about is putting in a Rothschild controlled central bank, so the Iranian people will be enslaved with debt.


We get what is called bad karma, every time we hurt another, it is returned in pain or suffering of your own. So every time something bad happens to you it’s bad karma and you deserved it. It is never ever bad luck, you had it coming. We kind of get a good deal on it though, mass murdering 10,000 is the same as mass murdering a million. We get this good deal in smaller ways too. God tries to finish your bad karma in the life you’re in, that’s why many old people get bad health and suffer before they die, but they will get to start the next life fresh, with nothing owed. While other people hurt others so much, they spend the next life in a wheel chair or with birth defects.

We also get what is called good karma, when you go out of your way to do something good, later something good will happen for you. You can actually go around doing good things so you’re have a better life. One important thing you need to know is good and bad karma are separate, they don’t cancel out. You could win the lotto and get put in a wheel chair at the same time (get a power chair).

Some people are talking about not using money in the Golden Age. It would certainly take care of some of our problems. If the pharmaceutical industry didn’t make a profit, they would make less pills and only make drugs that really helped us. Doctors would try to cure us and prevent us from being ill, so they have less work to do. Things would be made to last, since it’s just more work to fix it. They would use better materials on roads (same amount of work), so they would last. Free energy would come out right away, since it’s a lot of work to drill for oil and a lot of pollution burning it.


IWhen the Golden Age starts we are going to stop all this surveillance. When a crime happens, we will use time technology, we will simply look in the past and see who did it. When the mass arrests come down and I believe they will, many bad guys will change sides and try to act like good guys, to avoid being arrested. I think we should still arrest them, but maybe give them a little better deal.


The Law of One, says were going in the 4th dimension, around 30 years after 1981. I think it’s wrong. Some people say we are in the 4th dimension, doesn’t seem like anything changed to me. Maybe it depends on what your definition of the 4th dimension is. Mine is the next higher realm, where we have light bodies (weigh 10% & be 1.5 taller) and time and matter is different. I’m told 11% of the Law of One is negatives cutting in & giving disinformation, maybe that’s what happened.

Well I still think the SHTF is coming are you ready. I told my friend a lot of people are storing food & supplies, he said they’re all losers. I said what are they going to lose, they can still eat the food if nothing happens. Anyway will Fukushima kill most of us 1st. The government and the media sure seem to be lying about it. Well I care and I want to do something, I think we need help from ETs and higher realms. Please pray and meditate for Humanity, I think we need lots of help.

I’m also told that there is an unnamed animal group that have souls. This group does not live on Earth, but lives on Mars. So out of the 18 kinds of DNA, six have souls Flowers, Vegetables, Trees, Mammals, Birds and this unnamed animal group. Six kinds of DNA, can make 3rd density, Mammals, Birds, Vegetables, Insects, Spiders and Reptiles.


This junk DNA we all have will turn into 3 upgrades. Each one will happen a few years after the cycle change, so we will have one in about 10 years. One of the things we will get with this one is the ability to grow missing arms & legs back. The others things we will soon get will be more in the spiritual category.

Have you ever wondered why music got so cheap and head phones and ear buds got so good so fast? It is so most people will walk around listening to music, ignoring each other, isolating themselves from the rest of society. This way people are less likely to care about anyone else, just live in their own world and not make any new friends, not find out what’s going on, or to be able to help change it.


Some Wanderers such as Marc Stevens and Nathan Fraser are publicly speaking out, that we would be better off not having a government, anarchism it’s called I think. They look at governments as having all evil people at the top, with few exceptions. The people at the top are almost all sociopaths, even though only 1% of the people are sociopaths. They carefully control things and only let other sociopaths in, that they can control with bribes and threats.

Well I think we need government to be protected from gangs, honoring contracts and sharing big technology among many other reasons. A sociopath is in the soul not the body and they will ascend negative, usually all the way to 6th density and they must change before the. 75% of them do, the others get recycled by God. Of those 75% that change 2% change back after ascension to 7th and they might do it again in 8th density. The simple answer is, in the Golden Age keep all sociopaths out of the government, I think we can do it.


I was learning about cycles of time that repeat and I asked about 1776. The year the current Illuminati got established with the goal of changing the world into a one world government, which they control. We know they existed 1,000s of years before that! Anyway that same year God’s higher agents looked at the future timelines and saw that they would be successful and to counter that, they decided to start turning Humanity 4th dimensional in 2014. By 2009 so many people spiritually woke up, that the timelines changed to the Illuminati not being successful, and going 4 dimensional was called off. What wasn’t initially figured in, was the invention of the internet. Going 4 dimensional is not a good deal for most souls.

Many people speak of us being energy beings or that our souls are made of energy. This is incorrect our souls are made of consciousness. There is a source field throughout our universe made of consciousness, it is not a type of energy. God compresses consciousness, to make soul-consciousessses and consciousnesses that can incarnate into bodies as we do. If souls were made of energy a nuclear bomb going off next to us would blow the soul apart and we would be gone forever, but it can’t. A nuclear bomb going off next to one of us, only kills the body, and doesn’t affect the soul, because energy, consciousness and matter are 3 different things.


Is there a grim future coming up? Is there going to be an event? Is the brown dwarf star coming in to the kill zone? Are the evil negative people running the world making everything tough for the little people? It sure seems like it to me, although I’m getting through it. Are you storing food, water and supplies just in case? Do we go through something and then the Golden Age starts and then the window for ascension without dying opens up? Maybe 2012 was a big lie and the real end of the cycles is going to happen soon. Don’t stop meditating and praying.


I try to change peoples thinking on important subjects like religion or 9/11, by pointing out black & white facts, but people only harden their position. Why are peoples minds controlled this way. This is something we must overcome, to start the Golden Age. We must find another way to change their wrong thinking, since this is the way the Human mind works. We must reverse what they were told on TV or what the negative elite has taught them.

What one hears on important issues on the main stream media is usually opposite. When one hears the same lie enough, an unawakened, or uneducated mind believes it. Should the news people that are lying be put in jail, should that network be taken off the air. I know it has to be and will be changed. The consciousness of Humanity will be raised, the energy to do so, has been streaming into the Earth. The negative forces have increased their efforts, but it’s not going to work. We can build a new society on honesty and integrity. I believe God will have the right people rise up and start it, I want to be one of them.


Back when 9/11 happened the world really took a turn for the worse. God decided to have Humanity move to live in the 4th dimension, when the cycle changed, which is an easy way to get out of the negative control. This is a down grade though as life is not as fun, it is simpler and boring. The souls of many lightworkers went into action waking people up, spreading love & light. In 2007 god reversed his decision and decided to let Humanity stay in the 3rd density. Many people still think Humanity is going to change.

We have what scientists call junk DNA. This DNA is there for a purpose and it will be expressed over time in 3 upgrades, the 1st one in about 10 years. We will gain some mental abilities. Many of us have qualified for ascension 1,000 to 5,000 years ago. Our souls knew this and decided to sit on the soul plane (where time is not important) and wait until the cycle changed to incarnate. So they can get in on the window to ascend without dying, which I’m told will open in the next few years.


When your friend or partner is doing something they like to do for fun and they ask for your help, you can decide, that’s not important and I’m busy. You might be in a position of power or dominance and decide to be mean and tell them to shove it or stick it (LOL). Keep in mine that this will lower your soul score, so why not give in to Love. Just drop whatever you’re doing and help, put out some Love, it will raise your soul score. Don’t you want it to be higher. In fact keep it real high and sign up to be a Wanderer, when you get 1/4 of the way through the 5th density.

Our souls are only 1/3 of the way into the body, so to speak, so we can’t have clear communication with our higher selves. Our souls know stuff the body don’t know, mainly about this end of the cycle window of ascension without dying. As I have been doing these soul reports, I’ve found many souls that have been sitting on the soul plane (where time is not important) for over a 1,000 years and have just now incarnated, so they can get in on the ascension window, but it hasn’t opened yet. I’m told that the date 12/21/2012 might have been off by 3 years, the real date is 9/21/2016 and ascension starts 9/21/2016 as it is the 1st equinox after cycle change! Did you notice anything special happen on or around 12/21/2012 I didn’t.

I heard some interviews about people telling time travel stories, like in the next few days the black ops military is going to go back in time to put a chip in Neapolitan’s head while he sleeps in the pyramid, to control his future behavior. I’m told this won’t work, because when one travels in time, they never stay in their own timeline. In other words in one goes back in time and kills his mother before he is born, it won’t matter because she is in another timeline, not yours.


We are in a tough struggle to get out from under this negative control we are in. We will do it and get the Golden Age going, but we may have a long tough road ahead. I think in the end it will be the brown dwarf star, that causes the evil government to lose it’s grip. Most of the upper government will go and hide, when it comes, probably in underground bases. When it’s over and the ones that survive come out, we can simply tell them we don’t need them anymore, and hopefully lock em up.

In the meantime leading up to this, while we are in a recession with high unemployment and the government trying to go on a power trip, we must use the spiritual energy coming in and keep our cool. We need to keep it nonviolent and just coast through these so called end times. I know the government, the military and the police, have low soul scores, taking bribes and being threatened, so their on a power trip doing evil. They will change though, when their high pay stops, when the shadow government and upper government goes underground. They will want to survive and some of them will change their ways and help some of us survive with them, the ones unprepared.

Basically we need to use our hearts and souls, the spiritual energy coming in and get the police and military to change sides and start working for the people, instead of a small few at the top. This is what will need to happen to get the Golden Age going, so plan on staying nonviolent, having a war with the government, will not get them on our side. I know it’s getting tough, with them cutting money, jobs and food, but we must hang on peacefully.


It’s another week of coasting for me since I’ll slightly disabled, I write a little bit, learn whatever I can, meditate and pray for the best to happen. I’m trying hydrogen peroxide now, along with MMS1 and Carnivora, to keep my health in good shape. I just received David Wilcock’s new book “The Synchronicity Key”, I hope I can remember a lot of what I read.

I listened to Nathan Fraser speak about winning in Court on victimless crime charges. He learned the rules of court and came up with lines of questioning the police can’t answer, gets the witness impeached and the case thrown out. He has a radio show Live free FM. I pulled out the pendulum and checked his soul, he has a high soul score and came up a Wanderer. I get that he made a big sacrifice, making a contract with God to come here and help Humanity. He also has a free 33 page e-book called “As King”, I’m going to get to it and read it, I just got to make it important, because I know it’s good.

Then I listened to Jeffrey Grupp, he explained how the mass media brainwashes us with consumerism, war propaganda, false history, fake news, fake issues, fake reality. It’s taking away our spirituality, he helping turn this around. He wrote a book called “The Tele Screen” The pendulum says he’s a Wanderer also. I think it’s truly amazing how many Wanderers are stepping up to help turn the world around. I guess I need to meditate and pray a lot for God to help me do more.


For centuries the Illuminati has been using a large group of 40 to 60 year old people to run the world for them, their evil way. These are the people right below the elites, they are the ones that do the actual work, the military, the police, the politicians and now the ones who run the latest technology. These people have been very easy to control, with bribes and threats. They likely have a house mostly paid for, children in college and they are stuck in their career. They worked their way up to the important high paid spot they now have, and kind of got a taste of the good life, so to speak. They are faced with out of line evil they must do to keep their spot, At least at first they don’t like it at all and now it’s more than just following orders, they must give them also. If they quit they lose everything with no where to turn (many do anyway), they are trapped. So the evil Illuminati machine rolls on, controlled by just a few very evil people, many do not have souls. It’s easy for them no empathy for others.

Things are changing (thank God), the latest technology, the digital age so to speak, has come on us to fast. The 40 to 60 years old people can’t figure it out, the Illuminati and the elites are forced to use 20 to 40 year old people to run the latest high tech stuff, and all of a sudden their bribes and threats don’t work so well. Many (like Snowden) become whistle blowers, their sense of goodness and fairness, wins out. They don’t have a house mostly paid for or kids in college, they know they are young, high skilled and can work elsewhere, they still have a sense of adventure, they are willing to take a chance. Many of them also have a soul qualified for ascension and it’s screaming at their mind (temporary consciousness), don’t do it or you won’t ascend, you’ve put your 3 cycles in, ascension is around the corner, if you do this evil your soul score will drop below 50 and you’ll miss the window to ascend without dying. You’ll have to incarnate in a few more lives (misery and sorrow) and get help from God to ascend out of cycle.

Snowden is qualified for ascension, he’s going to make it now, his soul-consciousness got through to his mind (temporary consciousness). Look for a lot more of this to happen, although they will try to hide it and cover it up. They are trying to step up the evil and make the crimes worse, so you would think they might be easier to resist. Do what you can, if you get a chance encourage these people not to follow the evil orders, get out and save your soul, you just might be qualified and you don’t want to miss ascension.


I think I finally got the correct spiritual facts about how much time we do in each density. 1st density = 8 cycles, 2nd density = 5 cycles, 3rd density = 3 cycles, 4th = 1` cycle, 5th density = 1 to 1.6 cycles, 6th density = 2 cycles, 7th density = 8 cycles, 8th density = 18 cycles. An oversoul is involved in the 1st 3 densities. In every density there is 8 steps and they are not always equal length. In 3rd density the 8 steps, may or may not be on/in different planets/groups, but usually more than 1 planet/group. The 1st 7 steps start about  .30 cycles and get longer, with the oversoul remixing after each step and the 8th step is at least .56 cycles.

A lot of people are doing good things to stop the evil from controlling the world, but no one is stepping up to make the arrests of all the mass murders. I’m told about 1 in 200 people in the world is an evil mass murderer. So about 35 to 40 million people should be put in prison for life and not get out and about the same amount should be put in for a shorter time and later get out. We the honest spiritual people of the world, should not make any kind of deal with these people, just arrest them and have a civilian tribunal and use the FEMA camps.

You have probably heard of Dr. Judy Wood, she wrote the book Where did the Towers Go. Ever wonder why she isn’t stopped, why the government hasn’t killed her. Even some of the truth movement doesn’t like her, because they are being falsely led by the negative elite. Well the reason is she is a Wanderer and it’s called Divine protection. You should follow what she says because she is at least mostly right.


I’ve been following The Real News Network. They show what’s happening with the evil war machine. They show the lies of the main stream media. They show how the corporations steal funds from the little guy through the government. Consider making a small donation to them and get their news page in your email and accurately learn how a lot of the evil is being done and help stop it, know who to go after when we can.

I’ve also been following the work of a couple Wanderers. The first one Mary Elizabeth Croft, wrote a free e-book called “How I clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-confiscatory Agency Known to Man, a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who you Are”. It’s a free e-book on the crowhouse, 96 pages long. It shows how we are being cheated throughout life by the use of the Strawman that’s always guilty and we are responsible for. If you want to read it and you should, but can’t find it email me, it comes up easily on searching.

The other one is Marshall Masters who just put out a new video “Planet X System Observations and Orbital Analysis”. It shows that the brown dwarf star will be here soon, 18 months to maybe 10 years, there isn’t good data on it yet, but there should be in a few months. I’ve been asking the pendulum questions on it, everything I can think of, over & over. The pendulum is no good for predicting the future, so I know I can’t find out when it gets here, but I can and have found out other things. Here’s what I got, I hope it’s true, it’s a little surprising. The brown dwarf star arrives in the inner solar system, to cause terrible Earth changes at the end of every cycle. So maybe the cycle hasn’t ended yet. When the brown dwarf star leaves ascension starts. More consciousness, source field or I call it zoni, comes from the galactic central sun to Earth a little before it gets here and maxed out when it arrives, making us more spiritual, to help us defeat the negative control (Illuminati). The brown dwarf star does not have an exact orbit, it is sent in every time evil takes control to cleanse the Earth. This last one is hard to believe, but I’m told over & over it’s true. Can it wipe us out so bad that we lose all our technology like in the past. When the brown dwarf star leaves the Golden Age usually starts. I’m also told the Earth changes are going to lean toward being least destructive, rather than most destructive.


I was confused about who the Gnostic Illuminati is, I falsely assumed they were part of the other Illuminati group, the ones that don’t have souls and are part Reptilian. I carefully checked out the group with the help of the pendulum. They are completely different and separate from the Illuminati. They have souls, most have good soul scores and they do not want to rule the world. They want the world ruled correctly. The major problem with this group is many of it’s members are soon going to make positive ascension. But God has delayed ascension so this group and other similar people will stick around long enough, to assist Humanity in taking the evil cabal out of power.

Earth and surrounding space, goes through the stargate, Monday July 29, 2013, moving a little bit closer to the center of the Milky Way, causing all our matter to vibrate a little faster and becoming a little less dense. When you look up at the stars at night you’ll still see the same zodiac, so hardly anyone will know, unless you’re sensitive enough, let me know if you feel the difference.

Just a few people emailed in requesting a soul reports, this month July, but 9 of them are Wanderers (big month for me). Most of them are already doing spiritual work, helping others. Two of them were at the crossroad of their life (they wrote this), and when they found out they were Wanderers, they knew which path to take. They were all confused at how they got to my, not that popular site, well I think they were guided by God.

Let me mention 3 famous people, that may not know they are Wanderers. Paul Craig Roberts, another journalist, I love his work and listen to his audios whenever I can. The other 2 are Brooks Agnew and Ben Fulford. The Wanderers and the people waiting to ascend are going to win Humanity’s freedom and bring in the Golden Age.


It’s my birthday tomorrow July 21, I’ll be 59, but I feel like 69 cause I abused my body when I was a young adult, to many long parties. They were fun I had tremendous pleasure, so I now I have to pay the price. I hope God invites me into the higher realms, where my body will renew and I can come back with advanced knowledge to help Humanity or I die soon so I can reincarnate and help in a new life.

There are quite a few Wanderers out there helping Humanity, but they don’t know they are one. I’ll name 3, Jim Marrs, Mike Cremo and Bill Black (real news network), if you have personal contact with them, tell them I said they are Wanderers. I have personally discovered over 60 unknown wanderers, that have emailed me for a soul report. Every Wanderer doesn’t have a famous productive life every time, but hopefully maybe I caused at least one. I guess David Wilcock is having 2 in a row (Edgar Casey), good for him, I mean us, well both.

God has been sending positive spiritual energy into the Earth for awhile and will awhile longer, he also delayed ascension, keeping the spiritual people around a little longer, so we can break out of the negative control. The government has been staging false flag events like crazy, passing extra laws to create more criminals. The government has also clamped down on the little criminal and let the big ones go as well as putting us under ridiculous surveillance. They are taking from the poor and giving to the real rich. They are doing whatever they can to break our spirit and make and keep this a negative society. Well it isn’t going to work, we will find a way to win, the Golden Age is in our destiny. So get in the fight if you can, do what God calls on you to do, I know I am, I only wish I could do so much more.


Well my sources and many others all claim at once, that we have about 1 year to turn things around and get the negative dirt bags (Illuminati) out of control. Native peoples from all 6 populated continents agree, we must turn it around within a year or all of Humanity is at risk of never being the same or reaching our God given potential. We are being pushed toward transhumanism. I really doubt if many of us want to give up our freewill and merge with machines and be designed, for a certain task. What kind of life would that be, no good is my guess.

Are you aware that your body is made up of many different cells, all doing different things, but working together. Well that is you. Well in Humanity think of each person as a cell all doing different things, but working together as one. This will be the Golden Age, everyone does a little (maybe 8 hours) for everyone else and the 7 to 9 basic important needed things are given. A rich busy person could pay a poor person to do their 8 hours of work. 8 hours of work and 160 hours of free time, with free food, transportation and all the other common services given. This is how it will eventually be, if we become free. On top of that, right now about 1/4 of our soul is in the body, but in the next 5 years God is going to move it up to about 1/3, giving us more mental abilities and cosmic understanding.


I don’t know if I wrote this before, the Earth is in the Sagittarius galaxy. It is a small satellite galaxy, that has entered the Milky Way. It is one of the 7 galaxies in our governing group. It has a black hole and fully qualifies as a galaxy. Well the good news is, it’s getting ready to go through a stargate and move closer to the center of the Milky Way, where the frequency is higher the matter is less dense and we are going to switch from masculine to feminine energy. It is only possible to get the Golden Age started while in feminine energy. If one looks out with the naked eye, one may not be able to tell we moved, because you’ll still see the same zodiac, which is fully in our satellite galaxy, but the astronomers will know and may be bribed by the PTB to not tell. This is happening on July 29, 2013, some of you that are sensitive will feel the difference.

The last Golden Age lasted about 8,000 years and ended about 14,000 years ago. There is plenty of history of this, steady culture, no wars or empires. So the elites left it out of the history books as they don’t want this again. Which would kind of mean they go to jail where they belong. Politics for them is “On the Left nothing is right” and “On the Right nothing is left”, but it’s much worse than this as they bribe the Politicians to give them the right to create money and loan it to every government at interest. They create the money, but they don’t create the interest so real assets (mostly homes) must be lost to them (foreclosures), especially when they shrink the money supply as they have done lately. Once we take away money creation from them, it will be mostly down hill to rout them out of power


The government has been looking ahead in time (with technology) to see who will be holding the high positions in it. Then it has the NSA do extra spying on them years before, to dig up as much dirt as possible. Then the shadow government is ready to use blackmail on the higher ups to get them to do whatever they want, if they want to keep their positions.

Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and Eric Snowden, were all Whistle blowers against the government, all of them seemed to help the people a little, but only hurt the government minimal. I’m told the shadow government put them in as a scam, so the government can use problem, reaction, solution. Rest assured the people aren’t going to like the solution. Tougher rules on whistle blowers, maybe we’ll need to carry a tracking card to go through all the virtual checkpoints, you can plan on them being up to no good.


We are being tricked and controlled by international central bankers, we are actually consenting to being slaves, with the politicians and bankers being off the hook. They have the contracts set up in a confusing way and thinking it’s legitimate, but most all of them are simply guilty of mass murder and should all be jailed. They have it set up so everyone near the top is bribed and threatened and the people below that are highly paid, like the police and military. Everyone is afraid of losing their spot or income to support their families. It’s one big mess we need to get out of.

There are many people and groups working hard to change the system that enslaves us all, although most people don’t understand or care. One thing that is done in all western countries is to have 2 political parties and convince everyone to support one or the other. This way everyone is divided and constantly arguing over the political stuff, when the bad guys actually control both parties. We need to somehow convince everyone not to vote for either party, make sure everyone knows that both parties are the evil that’s enslaving us. If the top 2 parties are blocked from winning, the bad guys above it all will have a lot of problems keeping it controlled.


I never want to stop learning about ways to help the world. Because of my health (a little bad) and tastes, I love to lay back and listen to interviews of people who have world changing information. So awhile back I joined what I think are the 3 best sources of interviews. I think they are in order of best Veritas radio, Red Ice radio and Coast to Coast AM, they all cost about the same, around $8 a month, if you pick one of their pay in advance long range packages.

Veritas has the best guests, 1 interview a week and has a great website to get involved in, a forum, a blog and more. It seems to be geared to ETs, scientific and political information and more. All the interviews are done by Mel Fabregas, who is great and very  knowledgeable. He seems to run everything with great help. Of the 3 their software is good, but the least user friendly for me. If one doesn’t join, one can still listen to the 1st hour of all their interviews, that are usually 2 hours, sometimes longer. One needs to join to hear the full interviews and  participate in the rest, one can go back and listen to all interviews, they started in 2009, I think. All most all their interviews are interesting to me, I’ve went back to 2010 so far.

Red Ice is out of Europe (Sweden) and also allows one to listen to the 1st hour (usually 2 hours) without joining. Red Ice has about 2 to 4 interviews a week, the most user friendly software and the best interviewer in Henrick Palmgren. He is an intuitive, very knowledgeable, just a little better than Mel, much more experience. Red Ice has similar topics with history added a lot. I like most of their interviews and they started in 2006, if one joins, one can go back to the beginning and listen to everything.

Coast to Coast AM is a little different, with a 4 hour interview (sometimes open lines) every night (day) on main stream radio with listener call ins, usually at the end of the speaker. They often have more than 1 speaker in the 4 hours. Sometimes they put on an Illuminati or someone giving misinformation, I think by accident and they have a few different interviewers, mostly George Noory. One needs to join to hear past interviews back to about 3 years and just highlights before that, but one can hear resent ones on other websites. They have a lot of interesting people on and I like some of their interviews. They also talk about the daily news some, which the other 2 don’t.

I hope I didn’t make any big mistakes here, I may have, I don’t have anyone helping me, correcting my stupid mistakes. If you need any help with the links or questions, to hear my opinion on this send me an email, I’ll be glad to help. Many good speakers are on all 3 of these. I’ve listened to a lot of John Lash lately and learned a lot from him. If you have joined any of these, recommend me as a speaker, I have a lot to say on Spiritual facts, soul reports and the Golden Age coming. I can’t seem to get on, because I haven’t written a good book yet. Don’t forget project Camelot they have many good interviews for free, I’m a yearly member and listen to anything new they put out, I’ve listened to most of their old stuff.

I’ve just looked over Marshall Masters website yowusa dot com for information on the brown dwarf coming and I now think we may see it in 2016, I think be ready with 3 months of food and water storage as everything will be knocked out if it comes, also get away from the ocean. The way the governments are hiding information on this, we may not get any warning.

I watched a new Project Camelot video I think it’s called a Rothschild speaks. It was a lady that was not evil and half the bloodline I think. She claims she came from a parallel universe and doesn’t have contact with the main family and was used sort of as a super soldier. I asked a bunch of questions with the pendulum and found out there are 8 parallel universes or timelines happening of us. There will be less timelines, can’t be more later, probably down to 2. Out of the 8, I’m told we live in the worse one, the one the bad guys have the most control in. The good guys have taken over and kind of thrown out the bad guys in the other 7, the most evil of all of them is hoping to come here and take full control and enslave us totally and then maybe there will be just 2 timelines a peaceful one and an evil one. Somehow we must wake up the people and stop their madness before it’s to late. I think they are waiting for the brown dwarf star to come through and then enslave us in the aftermath.


I have also been told that Michael Cremo is right, I’m now told Humanity first started about 23 million years ago. We’ve had 3 major upgrades to first 2 were done by ET genetic scientist, but the 3rd one was done by the Creator Gods sending energy from the Central Sun about 77.7 thousand years ago. Creating a new Humanity, with extra DNA waiting in the wings, so to speak. This extra DNA, falsely called junk DNA, will give us spiritual leaps in abilities every so often along the way. There is one coming up in the next 5 years. I don’t exactly know what we will get, but eventually we’ll be able to read minds and travel by being telleported with our own minds. I’m claiming this will be within 100 years.


Let’s think logically about the brown dwarf star. The main stream media does not admit it exists. Other researchers, like David Wilcock have kind of proven it does exist. Some have shown a picture from a space based telescope of it. The pictures I’ve seen are not real impressive. Since it is the closest star besides the sun and has to be much bigger than Jupiter. The top astronomers must see it and be told by the Government to hide knowledge of it from the public. Them saying we haven’t found it yet, it’s to small or it doesn’t shine, so we can’t see it, is just BS. We have huge telescopes, infrared telescopes and radio telescopes, so they are lying for sure, same as they do on other stuff. Astronomers are like everyone else and would want to show how good they are and show pictures of anything popular and get credit. Now the question is why are some being killed, why are others hiding this from the public. So I think it’s obvious, it’s coming close and going to cause Earth changes, but exactly when. Well it would have to be within living people’s lives or they would show the star since they would be gone, don’t you think? They must of known of it since at least 1980 something. I’m told it’s coming in September 2013, but the pendulum has never got a prediction right yet, I’ve only made a few though. Clif High predicts a global coastal event coming soon, but doesn’t mention the brown dwarf star as causing it.

I’m told to tell you Michael Jackson ascended negatively. Ascending negatively is still much better than not ascending. First he will get an ugly body. Then there will be higher ranking negatives giving him holy hell and he will have to do as they say or it will be at least 5 times worse, so he will be doing it. Just before the cycle changes again, he may try to change to positive and ascend positive.

The Jinn are still going after me, they have a way of making my teeth hurt real bad, but if I complain to my spirit guide, the pain completely goes away in 90 seconds. They have made ants appear on my arms, the same kind that are in and near the house. When I walk down the sidewalk they constantly make it feel as if I walked into a single strand spider web, but there is never anything there, are they using the Archons to play with my mind.

I’ve asked some more questions about the Angels in our universe. There are 6 levels, the 2 highest levels 5 & 6 are always positive. Levels 4 and below can be negative and only deal with our local group 7 galaxies, 2 big ones Milky way and Andromeda and 5 small ones. We have 5 level 4 angels, one of them being Lucifer, the other 4 are positive. I’m told Sodom and Gomorrah was burnt by a negative level 2 angel, not by God as the Bible says.

Another thing I’m told is we can help change the world through magic rage. Just think in your mind only of hurting and killing the mass murders controlling us. Don’t physically do any violence in any way, just have magic rage in your mind and I’m told it will cause change.


What are the chances of severe Earth changes coming soon, maybe to purify the Earth from the evil control. Has anyone made hard copies of our technical information, books and computer files may all be lost. This was put into my mind this morning. Then I received an email from Verizon, who has been over charging the hell out of me in my opinion, telling me I would be getting a free HBO channel for awhile. So I turned in on at 10:33AM and the movie the day after tomorrow was starting, where a giant climate change takes place over night almost, I’ve seen it before. The pendulum which is not a prediction tool for me, tells me something like this is coming, but in a different way. Maybe the brown dwarf star is coming soon. I live in a very bad place for this stuff, Long Beach California, and have food and water stored for 2 or 3 months, but the pendulum keep telling me I’m going to be alright, I don’t understand why.

The Jinn know which of the 7% of the people can make ascension. They are concentrating their efforts with the use of the Archons, trying to put evil and hate in their hearts and souls. If one is not careful they can easily be possessed, I know one that has been. He was a warm friend, but then continued to come after me with hate over and over, constantly playing the race card, saying all whites (like me) and western people are spiritually stupid or something similar. He is Indian and is acting like he knows the truth, but none of us (whites) do. I tried to explain that whites and western people (at least from the USA) have a wide range of beliefs, some of us believing as he does (maybe), but he continued to lump us all together and coming with hate. No matter what I said (only a little), he kept trying his hardest to create an argument, but I wouldn’t have it. The pendulum said he has become possessed, so I blocked him from Skype as he kept sending hate.

So if you know or think you are ascending, be on guard for this. I want to help people who want my help, I don’t charge and many say I do a very good job. Some people say I have a dead website, not enough great stuff to get a lot of traffic. Well I don’t have any money or help, so I want it this way, so I can answer every email. In the beginning I tried to predict stuff with the pendulum, but that hasn’t worked out at all, so for me the pendulum is not a prediction tool. What it is, is a tool to find unknown information that already is, with the inclusion of many lies, that I must figure out and eliminate.

My website has a lot of unique information, that no one else has. Are there Insect, Bird, Spider and Vegetable people. Are their 18 lines of DNA broadcasted in all universes, that account for all living things. I believe these things are true, but are they important, does anyone care? I have never got any emails concerning these, what I call spiritual facts.


I’ve been attacked by the Jinn lately, mostly during meditation. They make my muscles twitch in various parts on my body, 3 or 4 times every minute. I’ve been getting light electric shocks mostly on my hands. They make it feel like bugs are crawling in my hair and like there is a cloth on the side of my face. They are doing a good job of disrupting me. It’s been happening so much I don’t get scared anymore. They also make the walls or cabinets creak and plastic bottles pop. I see many extra shadows with my third eye. When I open my eyes I can see their consciousnesses floating in the air. I see two small circles, one with a dot in the middle and many lines sticking out of the circles. I see and am told that about 25 of them are in on this. I’m told that they can’t hurt me and haven’t in any way, they are just tricksters and can’t help themselves. When so many of them go through all this trouble, it makes me feel like I’m important or maybe they have nothing better to do.

I’ve been following Clif High’s global coastal event predictions and saw the news of all the snow in the Midwest USA. Two things enter my mind, probably both wrong. One is volcanoes go off and pile up ash real high in a few places, stopping transportation and causing grief. The other is kind of out there, the Earth gets knocked somehow and the true north pole gets put in northern Asia, and Los Angeles is like on the equator. Wouldn’t that really screw things up, the pendulum agrees, but the Jinn are answering it.

I also been following the planet X predictions from Marshall Masters and many others. It seems like it is really coming soon, now I think about 2016. I come up with this from several factors, not so much the pendulum, which is terrible on future predictions, except soul reports I hope. There are some observations and whistle  blower reports, ancient text and of course the pendulum.


The new movie out called Sirius, Steven Greer’s film that shows the little dead alien. They are doing DNA tests on it, but nothing exact has been reported yet. Well I told it is an Insect person. When an Insect becomes 3rd density, it goes from 6 legs to 2 and it loses it’s wings, but it still has big eyes and some of the other Insect features. I’m told this is God’s way of expressing DNA in 3rd density. The Greys are another example as they are also Insects and don’t have souls.


During meditation I saw 2 suns in the sky and a mass of people walking away from a wrecked San Francisco. There was no power, nor any help from the government. I’m told this happens in June 2013. According to this the brown dwarf star will soon be here. I haven’t been right on this stuff yet, but this is the first time, I got it during meditation.

The .01% that create the money out of nothing and run wall street & the financial markets, continue preaching austerity, while they take interest payments from the governments, that they don’t deserve. They also speculate on the commodities driving up the prices, forcing the poor to pay more and even deciding who lives and dies. These people will be jailed and their wealth taken away, rather than them buying up the world and enslaving us all, as they think. We will have the Golden Age as there is plenty for everyone.


     I’m told that Humanity is evolving and there will be a noticeable change in us by the end of 2017. Our spiritual mental abilities are increasing, it will be the most noticeable in children. It will be a big help to stay away from fluoridated water and GMO foods. I don’t clearly understand what it will be, but we will perceive more with our consciousness and be more connected to others. Humanity will a step closer to being telepathic and do other neat stuff with our minds.
     I’m still worried about the possible global coastal event, it could be in 2016. A brown dwarf star may be coming in. I’m told you’ll first see it near dusk near the sun. I’m confused why this is and I’ve been wrong on this stuff every time so far.
    I just learned some new spiritual facts. 91% of life is Carbon based, 3% is Silicon based, 3% is Arsenic based, and 3% is Chromium based. Only 4% of 3rd density groups are intelligent enough to develop space travel and Humanity is more intelligent 99% of all 3rd density groups. The reason the Human life span is much shorter than when we started is because we used nuclear weapons, the extra back round radiation shortens our lives. 6% of the Illuminati are positive and do good things and the Illuminati have copper based blood instead of iron like us.
    I’m now told that oversouls contain 36, 3rd density souls. Before incarnation the oversoul is together in one piece, like a pot of soup. Every part of it has the experiences of every past life the oversoul had. It breaks up into 36 different piece each time and after everyone dies it goes back together in one piece again and when it incarnates again it breaks up into 36 different pieces. So let’s say your oversoul incarnated 20 times and there is 40 souls in your oversoul. When it breaks up and incarnates each soul would have memories or experiences of 800 (20 x 40 = 800) past lives. In 2nd density each soul is only 1/4th the size, so there would be 160 (4 x 40 = 160) souls, and in 1st density each soul is 1/16th the size so there would be 480 (16 x 40 = 480) souls.
    I’ve been asking about the different dimensions in the the higher densities. Now 1st of all the matter is a little different in each higher density/realm. For instance in the lower 4th density (4th dimension or next higher realm) the matter is bigger in size, but much lighter, however it is still 3 dimensional in shape. The 4th dimension is a time component, time works much noticeably different. I’m told the 5th dimension is a consciousness component and the higher dimensional components after that are all energy, time and more consciousness components.
    We will have a Golden Age, it is coming maybe sooner than you think! Of course my pendulum information may be garbage too, since I do get a lot of misinformation. What I’m told lately is around the 2nd equinox in 2016 ascension starts, some of the people that will ascend will ascend then, but most will ascend at different times. The pendulum gives me a date for anyone who asks, just a month and a year. Remember though only about 7% of the people will make ascension during this end of the cycle window.
    The lower 4th density is an in between realm, between the 3rd density and the 5th dimension (upper 4th density). 3rd density beings with souls (Mammal, Birds and Vegetables) ascend to the upper 4th density (5th dimension) and 3rd density beings without souls (Reptiles, Insects and Spiders) ascend to the lower 4th density (4th dimension). The Illuminati do not have souls. A soul is needed to have much empathy for others. Insects and Vegetables can occasionally briefly go back to the 3rd density after making ascension.
     I’ve learned how it all works, let me know if I got it right. About 5,000 years ago Moses said pick up your shovels mount your asses and camels, I’ll lead you to the promised land. About 80 years ago President Roosevelt said lay down your shovels, sit on your asses and light up a camel, this is the promised land. About 40 years ago the Federal Reserve stole your shovels, kick your asses, raised the price of camels and mortgaged the promised land. Some say we are 16 to over 100 trillion in debt. This is only part of what we need to fix to bring in the Golden Age.
    The way things are going, do you think we will have the Golden Age. Are we on the right path, can we put the Illuminati in prison and stop the corruption. Can we make the governments smaller and filled with people who really care about us. Will we start getting technology that improves things, rather than make a few people a lot of money. Will some companies agree to stop making money on something, because there is a better easier way. These kind of things need to happen for us to reach the Golden Age. I don’t thing the bad guys will quit, if we agree to let them off with no punishment, nor do I think we should do that as others has purposed.
     I think we might not win without help from the 5th dimension.I heard a couple interviews, with the experiment of life being created, talked about. Where they have a sealed sterile environment and run electricity through it for several hours and there are insects or mites living in it later. This experiment is in David wilcock’s new book The Sourcefield investigations. Well I’m told that each of the 18 lines of DNA that live on any planet must start this way. Nonliving matter is hit with energy and the universe applies the DNA that is in the God consciousness sourcefield, that is kind of broadcasted in all of the universes. This is how life starts, the 1st mammal needs to be made this way on every planet that has mammals. The planet starts with a real small one like a mouse and 100s of million years later, the planet has all sorts of mammals, even elephants. They evolve from each other, once the DNA line is put in.
    There is a lot of prophecy about the Golden Age coming soon, wasn’t it supposed to be in 2012 or something. That’s what I thought, Ron Paul is elected president of the USA and the Golden Age soon starts. Well Ron Paul was cheated in the election.
    The police are on a power trip and if anyone complains, the police decide what to do about it among themselves. There is a blue wall of silence and they believe they can do whatever they want, since it’s their turf. This is what I see on the internet, but when I walk around my neighborhood and I do it a whole lot, the police don’t do anything much bad to anyone. When something happens they send to many city vehicles, I guess they all want in on the action and want their department to get some of the tax money.
    When I look on the internet, it says every country is going broke and putting in austerity. There are a lot of wars going on and the main stream media lies about what is going on, why they are fighting. It looks like billionaires are trying to steal each poor country’s assets as mostly women and children are being bombed. Israel seems to be doing a lot of killing and slowly adding more land, they are on the offensive, rather than protecting what they have, like it says on TV.
    It doesn’t seem like the Golden Age has any chance at all, a lot of the USA population could soon be in FEMA prison camps, they have 360 of them waiting in the wings. I sure wish I could do something about all this, I’m going to keep praying and a lot of meditating and I’m going to watch everything turn into the Golden Age just like the prophecy says!
    David Wilcock just put out a new article claiming he finally figured it all out, how the Mayans did their calendar and how ascension works or something to this effect. He claims our sun is orbiting a dark star, probably a brown dwarf.
    What doesn’t make sense to me is 2 things. One, isn’t a brown dwarf or dark star, is lighter in mass than our sun, so wouldn’t the lighter in mass star orbit the heavier in mass star. Two, isn’t there a lot of ancient knowledge of this star coming close to Earth and causing cataclysms, so if our sun orbited this dark star in a circle as David says, that couldn’t happen. In the Law of One it says the sun is in the center of the galaxy (star system for Law of One), so the dark star orbits the sun.I spent a few hours praying, meditating and working the pendulum on this and the ascension problem, which I’ll cover in the next paragraph, so I think my material is right.
    I think David is implying that this cycle is the last cycle of 3rd density for Humanity. It is also said that the Golden Age is coming, but the Golden Age is only for 3rd density, so this is not the end of 3rd density for Humanity. Besides, we know the Illuminati must have contact with many aliens, so they would know if 3rd density was going to be over for everyone soon, would they do what they are doing if it was!
    Another thing David is missing is there are two 4th densities, 4th dimension and 5th dimension. 5th dimension (upper 4th density) is where souls go that have made ascension