Spiritual Truth

Spiritual Truth

I have been trying to find out spiritual truths (such as is there a God & do we have a soul) all my life and I think most of you claim the same. There are numerous people and groups that claim they have the true facts. If you’re like most you’ll give a lot of them a little of your time to hear what they have to say. At a very young age you’ll see that they disagree and wonder which are lying or are they just wrong or misinformed. That is, they have different answers for the same question, when there can only be one answer. Keep in mind that answers to spiritual questions are used to make money and obtain political power or control over you!

As in the rest of this website I will try to keep things simple, easy and obvious rather than complicated and confusing. This website is not designed to make a lot of money. I only have a burning desire to help humanity. I do want you to make ascension as soon as possible and would like humanity to move into the “Golden Age” and our solar system to move to the 2nd realm or 4th density, in the 5th dimension.

Keep in mind that spirituality and religion are two different things, like comparing apples and oranges. However they are related just like apples and oranges are both fruits. Simply, spirituality is the belief in things you can not see or prove, where as religion is a group or doctrine, a set of rules to follow on worshiping God, but you must have a willingness to be controlled, because you are out of control, aren’t you? I stay away from religion, because it is used to enslave or control mankind. I have also seen or heard of religious people being so evil. I went to 12 years of catholic school and was beaten up by nuns as a little kid, I heard of priests raping kids and Moslems killing people who quit their religion. Hopefully though, most religious clerics teach good things about God and the afterlife. You can surely believe in God and that you have a soul without following any religion as I do.

One way to find out spiritual truths is to ask a higher entity and get him or her to answer with the truth. I’ve been trying to get this going with questionable luck. Another way is to make spiritual statements and get your soul to answer true or false. I’ve just been told 3 ways this might work from my friend Lew.

One way is the sway test, stand up straight on both of your feet and make a statement, any statement, like I have a soul. If you feel yourself leaning forward the statement is true, if you feel yourself leaning backwards the statement is false. These statements are answered true or false by your Soul/Guardian angel/Spirit Guides. The good thing about these 3 tests is that a negative can rarely cut in, if you pray 1st, just a simple short prayer is enough. Be sure to make a statement and not ask a question or it won’t work as well.

This truth test and the two below (try all 3 to find out which one you like best) are excellent to use during shopping. For instance your shopping for food and concerned about GMOs. Select an item (you only need to look at it), stand up straight and think in your mind “This item is safe from GMOs”, if you feel yourself leaning forward it is buyable, if you feel yourself leaning backwards it contains GMOs, don’t buy it. You can also select an Item and think “This is good for my family” or “This is good quality” or “This is reasonably priced” and then use one of the truth tests.

Another test is make a circle with your forefinger and thumb on both hands and interlock the two circles. Make a statement and try to pull the circles apart, if the statement is false your fingers pull apart easy, if the statement is true it’s much harder to pull your fingers apart. You probably need to practice a little, but use equal energy every time and you’ll see there is something to this.

A third test is the arm test, the one I think is the best. Hold your arm out with your palm down and your fingers and thumb sticking out. If you use your right arm your thumb should be pointing left. Now make your statement, then twist your right arm clockwise (left arm counterclockwise) and watch how far your thumb goes. Your right thumb should be pointing somewhere to the right, if the statement is true and maybe straight up if the statement is false and in between those two for maybe. If the statement is true your arm should twist more, if the statement is false your arm should twist less. Also try closing your hand with only your thumb sticking out.

After you try this a few times and get your body and mind in the program, make statements your consciousness knows to be true or false, but your brain doesn’t. Remember to make statements rather than questions and don’t forget qualifying statements 1st, like I can get an answer to this. It’s better to make statements that don’t contain a negative.


For explaining the pendulum you are in the south facing north, so if the pendulum is swinging toward and away from you body it is swinging north and south (N-S). There are 6 ways the pendulum can move (swing or twirl-spin). N-S is 1, E-W is 2, SE-NW is 3, SW-NE is 4 spinning clockwise is 5 and spinning counterclockwise is 6 First you need to make your language or what the movements mean. For me 1=yes, always or #1, 2=no, never or #2, 3=maybe, sometimes, somewhat, a little bit, sort of ect. or #3, 4=I don’t know, I can’t answer, I won’t answer, thank you, good, sorry or #4, 5=positive, love, humor etc., Wanderer or #5 and 6=negative, fear, hate, confusion etc., Illuminati or #6. Now you should practice making the pendulum move, think your answer and make the pendulum move. Think yes and rock your body forward making the pendulum swing N-S or whatever your language is. Do this over & over for all 6 movements. After a while the pendulum will move with hardly any effort by you. Eventually your soul will use torsion energy of the universe to make the pendulum move by itself. When you get this down the pendulum will seem to move by itself and answer your questions.

Be prepared to get many lies or misinformation as negative forces will sometimes get involved. Most people complain of not getting good info from the pendulum, so it is foolish to believe every answer from the pendulum. You need to take the bad with the good and try to figure out the truth. Some say you ask God for a pure white light surrounding you protecting you from negative forces, I think this helps, but nowhere near 100%. Use the pendulum anyway and you will get some spiritual elevation that’s useful, be conservative and think things out before you jump to conclusions. Clearing your mind before you do these tests will yield better results. One is more likely to get lies on service to self questions and more likely to get the truth on Love & Service to Others questions. Always pray 1st or you are way more likely to get a negative. Try to make a relationship with whoever is answering the pendulum.

 Who Answers the pendulum

I’ve went back & forth on this question and must admit I’m not totally sure. The pendulum itself changes its answer on this, because your soul-consciousness has some control of the energy that surrounds you. If you are doing it right, torsion energy that surrounds you will make the pendulum move. Your soul-consciousness must connect with this energy!

Any being above 4th density can answer the pendulum, if it is close to you and receives your thoughts. So it needs to be a being in the 5th through 9th density and have a body. An angel, Jinn or Archon cannot answer the pendulum. Your soul-consciousness receives the answer and converts it into torsion energy and moves the pendulum. Often there is an answer you want to get and you might override the answer given and get the answer you want to get. This is most likely to happen on personal service to self questions. So the pendulum is the most truthful when you get a positive being and ask a love and service to others question. I recommend going through a series of 20 to 25 (some of them clever) questions to find out if you are connected to a negative. Since they are lazy and disrespectful, they will usually give themselves up by the 25th question. I know this sounds hard, but it is required to get good results with the pendulum. If you got a negative, wait 20 seconds or so & try again.

I have changed this text (about 4 times) and others till I get it right. I’ve worked very hard on this and now believe I have it right. It’s a good idea to reread my pages from time to time as I am changing them until I get them right. I want every word to be the exact truth, that is my main agenda.

The question that one can ask and almost always get the truth is a soul score, the percentage of “Love & Service to Others” versus “Service to Self, Controlling & or Manipulation Others”. One can ask for a score for a person.  A score for a person ranges from 2 to 69 with the average being 44.

Below is a chart for obtaining scores with the pendulum for persons, with just 3 swings. The chart is divided into 4 sections, 4 rows in each section and 4 numbers in each row. So your 1st question is what section, your 2nd question is what row and your 3rd question is where in the row. This chart was made for a person’s soul score.

A good score for a person is over 50.  If one gets a 32 for a person, one should know that they will likely have problems with that person, and should shy away from forming a close relationship with that person. You want your friends to have a soul score over 50, but over 44 is good and above average. As long as they are in the average section 35 to 50 it can be OK if you are cautious with the lower scores. If they are below 35, I wouldn’t allow them to be much of a friend.

So here’s the chart, I’ll describe for a person’s soul score. This top section is SPIRITUAL loving persons to know and trust.

section 1

row 1   63   64   65   66 to 69

row 2  59    60   61    62

row 3  55    56    57   58

row 4  51    52   53    54

Average         section 2

row 1  47    48   49   50

row 2  43    44   45   46

row 3  39    40   41   42

row 4  35    36   37   38

Misguided, greedy and untrustful

section 3

row 1  31    32   33   34

row 2  27    28   29   30

row 3  23    24   25   26

row 4  19    20   21   22


section 4

row 1  15    16   17   18

row 2  11    12   13   14

row 3   7      8     9    10

row 4  2or3  4     5     6

These scores one can get come from God, but relayed by an entity, there is no privacy, no one can hide or cheat on their score. Many people should start using the pendulum to get scores. When a person, finds out their score is low, they will want to raise it, thus humanity will slowly become more and more positive and we will soon arrive in the “Golden Age”.  Use soul scores for picking friends.

I am starting a soul score movement, it is already being used off the Earth. When one has a low soul score, one will want to raise it or risk having less friends and associates.    It would only take about 3 to 5% of the people to use the pendulum to get scores for the people to accept it and use it to their benefit. Using the pendulum is an opportunity for more people to contribute positively to society. I’m told as many as 20% of the people can use the pendulum successfully and it will soon be as high as 50%, when the wave of energy coming from the center of the galaxy gets a little stronger. It only takes a little practice to see if it works for you. Soul scores are extremely valuable in political elections. The winning candidate will be serving the people, so wouldn’t you want the candidate with the higher amount of “Love and Service to Others”. Let me ask you a question: Who would you want for President, a well experienced crook or a less experienced person with a lot of “Love and Service to Others. Well, if your like over 90% of the people, you would never want a crook to get elected and a very low soul score will identify the crooks. Look through my new posts to see the soul scores of the presidential candidates, and you will be surprised to see how low some of them are. You don’t even have to take my word for it, use the pendulum and find out for yourself!     Anyone can make a pendulum for almost free, just get a 9 inch piece of string and tie it to a nut or washer and practice a little and you’ll see it’s not so hard, you’ll have a real spiritual tool to work with. When this catches on, they’ll be sold in the dollar store.

My Quotes
The pendulum is mightier than the nuclear bomb.
If one doesn’t lead by example, it will be hard to get anyone to follow.
When the going gets tough, there is spiritual help available from above.
The universe runs on change, but change is often highly resisted.
When evil is not concealed, it gets squashed.
Unconditional love is one of the hardest things to do, but the most important thing in our universe.
I am not as important as we are important.
When someone says nothing’s impossible, I ask how about impossibility.
Friends come and go, enemies accumulate. (read elsewhere)
One who thinks ones self is good is arrogant, one who knows ones self is good  usually is.
Violence is something to think about, but seldom do.
If a store is any good, it does not need to end most of its prices in nine.

Some people choose to use their imagination to imagine that they have no imagination. Imagine that!

Negative people complain loudly, positive people speak soft and friendly. So who might you hear.

Never Retaliate (you’ll get bad karma), let God take care of it with bad karma.