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The Use of Knowledge is Power and I Believe Knowledge is Free!


Do you still have a microwave? Put your cellphone in it, close the door, but don’t turn it on. Now call your cellphone. If it rings, that’s bad, it means your microwave isn’t sealed properly and it leaks radiation. Microwaves are bad to use anyway it screws up the food molecules, so now you have another excuse not to use it. I had already quit using mine and I found out it leaks radiation too, but my wife wants to keep using it, what can I do.

I just read David Wilcock’s latest article and I’m told he has ascension wrong. When we get the sun flash that he and others are talking about, our solar system will move into 4th density, the 5th dimension (the 5th dimension is another component of time), but this is planetary ascension, not individual ascension and we keep going to complete our cycles to make individual ascension to the 5th density. Most people with Human souls, Wanderers and Starseeds will make planetary ascension, one doesn’t need to be polarized positive, but if one is polarized negative or close to it, one don’t make it and is moved elsewhere. The elites that aren’t Human (and they know it) and a few other evil non Humans all have Reptilian souls (3 different kinds) and they can’t go even if they are polarized positive. Reptilians, Insect-people and Spider-people or people with Human bodies and Reptilian souls have what I call low souls (no empathy for others) and they can’t go to 4th density, they will be moved elsewhere I’m told. Only Mammal, Bird or Vegetable souls as people can go to 4th density. Many Wanderers have Bird souls and a few Wanderers (like myself) have Vegetable souls. Planetary ascension is likely in late 2018 or in 2019.

When we get there only half of the 18 main DNA lines go also. The other half have low souls and die off. So we will or can have the following animals, Mammals, Birds, Fish & major sea life (like squid, shrimp etc) and an unnamed animal group (not now on Earth). We will have the following plants, Flowers, Trees, Vegetables and Grasses (includes herbs and ferns). We will also have the good Microbes (some are plants and some are animals). We won’t have Reptiles, Insects, Spiders (and similar bugs) Worms, Mushrooms, Fungus, Weeds and an unnamed plant group (not now on Earth). We also won’t have the bad Microbes (includes parasites)  and Viruses.

To make individual ascension one must have a soul (not a low soul), complete a cycle (25,920 years on Earth) in either 3rd or 4th density (or some of both) and be polarized positive. Only about 8% of us have completed a cycle and are polarized positive and another 4% of us have completed a cycle, but are not polarized positive. Humans and Starseeds can make ascension, Wanderers do not ascend they stay and complete their contract and then go to the 7th density. Wanderers are 6th density souls and made ascension to the 5th density 1,000s of years ago. Individual ascension is 2021 to 2025 on the fall equinox when the age of Pisces ends and the age of Aquarius starts.


Many people are writing about moving into 4th density. So let me tell you about what I’ve been told. Right now we are in the 1st realm, 3rd density, 4th dimension (the 4th dimension is a component of consciousness). Hopefully in 2019, we will move into the 2nd realm, 4th density, 5th dimension (the 5th dimension is a component of time). Realms and densities are about the same with different numbers. In the 1st realm is the first 3 densities, in the 2nd realm is the 4th density, in the 3rd realm is the 5th density and on up to the 7th realm is the 9th density.

3rd density has the 3rd & 4th dimensions, 4th density has the 5th through the 10th dimensions, we will be going to the 5th dimension and every cycle we can move up to the next higher dimension if we are positive and stop at the 10th dimension. There are 28 dimensions in our universe, more on that on another page. Each planet can be in the 3rd or the 4th density not both, but every planet can also have the 5th through the 9 densities, but some of them may be empty as Earth’s 9th density is empty.

There are 18 main lines of DNA, 9 have souls and 9 have what I call a low soul, because it doesn’t have empathy for others. 3rd density has all 18 lines of DNA, while 4th density only has the 9 lines that have souls. The 9 lines are the animals-Mammals, Birds, Fish (includes major sea life like squid and shrimp) and an unnamed animal group not now on Earth. The plants are Flowers, Trees, Vegetables and Grasses (includes herbs & ferns). There are also the good Microbes, some are animals and some are plants.

What we won’t have is Animals-Reptiles, Insects, Spiders and Worms, Plants-Grains, Mushrooms, Fungus and many Weeds, I may be missing a plant group. We also get rid the bad Microbes and Viruses. The good news here is we get rid of the evil people with Reptilian souls, that are sort of controlling humanity.