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Knowledge is power and I believe knowledge should be free!


This climate change stuff is just a scam to sell carbon credits or I should say take money from the little people and give it to the super rich. I just listened to the Corbett Report and they say the climate hasn’t warmed up in 18 years 9 months, but they had a conference in France about taxing people on CO2. What they don’t tell you is over 90% of the CO2 comes from volcanos, so the manmade part doesn’t change much. Earthquakes and Volcanos have picked up in recent years especially in the oceans, so the percentage of CO2 has also went up. Man has only affected it a tiny bit, but they still want to use it as a reason to tax us more.


Big spiritual change happens in 2016, not in 2012 as most 1st thought. This will be the year when things turn round. The brown dwarf star comes into the inner solar system and the ascension window opens and within those events comes Divine Intervention. The evil people (Illuminati & coconspirators) will be taken out of power, new advanced technology arrives and all religions will start to be dissolved, people will learn spirituality. Humanity will believe in the Golden Age as it will be on the way.


If you are spiritual enough to be reading this and an unusual amount of things are going wrong, you may just be discharging your bad karma, before you make ascension. Yes that’s right God will try to discharge all your bad karma, before you ascend, so you will enter a new realm with a clean soul! As long as you don’t have to much, there is still time to discharge a little bit bad karma in mild ways, but it will be one thing after another going wrong. You’ll kick your toes into furniture when walking in your house, a lot of things will break all at once, flat tires etc.. It may seem non stop, but be glad your soul is being cleaned for the next realm. Just get with me for a soul report to find out if this is the case, if you can’t afford it ask for a mini soul reading, but don’t send me any lists for this only 1 per email or get a soul report and a mini soul reading for 5 people comes with it. I’m told ascension starts around 2016/9/21 and a bunch of people will ascend each day for about 2 months, about 530 million people will make ascension, with about 73,000 getting the rainbow body for 40 days and then ascending.


Donald Trump is running for president of the USA, I listened to his interview with Alex Jones. He is leading right now, but the problems with him are. He is subservient to the elite Jews and the Illuminati, otherwise they would blast him, for running for president. He wants to win and he is probably not as bad as the other politicians, although he is still bad. If he starts saying the real truth and he probably knows it, he will be barred from being on the main stream media and then he won’t have a chance. His soul score is 39 and he is on the 4th step, he has a fair amount of bad karma and he has a fair amount of good karma. He has a much higher soul rating than the average politician and if he were to get in, his rating will go way down, if he wishes to stay alive. He may have plans to do good, but he will be told what to do and he will cave in to the pressure of threats.


I’m told that when you ascend you will go to the 5th density (5th dimension) for a very short time and then go to the 4th density (4th dimension) on Earth for about a 6 week training course to learn about higher density living and then go back to the 5th density on Earth to live there for 1 cycle if you do things normally and then advance to the 6th density. In the 4th density and all densities matter and life are expressed differently in each one. In the 4th you will get a body that is about 1.5 times as tall, but only weigh about 10% as much as now and be transparent. There is no air (no gasses), so you won’t breathe, you will be able to eat & drink, but you won’t need to (only children need do), but you can for fun. You will need to sleep about 3 hours a day. You will be able to float above the ground instead of walking or teleport anywhere on Earth, read minds and other abilities, you can and should have sex, but no fluid exchange. There is another component of time, so it will be way different. In 5th density there are no gasses or liquids and the other component of time and another component of consciousness. Your body will change to about twice as tall, weigh 75% as much as now and not have any openings, so no eating, breathing, drinking or sex, but life will be about 100 times better. You will not need to sleep. You will have all those abilities, I named in the 4th plus a few more, like teleport to anywhere in the universe and other universes and voids. It is hard for anyone to harm you in the 4th density and above as your body will go out of phase if objects are coming at you, whether you know it or not, the objects will simply pass through you causing no harm. One will also be able to look into the future and see possible futures making many decisions easier.

I’ve been told the cycle or great year ends on August 23, 2016. So ascension starts on the 1st equinox after that which is September 21, 2016. I’m told that a bunch of people that are qualified for ascension will ascend everyday for about 2 months, about 530 million in total. Each person ascending will get an about 2 hour warning, so that they can say goodbye to friends and loved ones. To be qualified for ascension one must have completed all 8 steps, which takes 3 cycles of living on 8 different planets, and one’s soul must be polarized, either positive or negative. 3 cycles is 77,760 years, one cannot do it any faster. If you want to find out if you are qualified or if you are a Wanderer, sign up for a soul report, by going to my home page, they are not free, a small donation is required and I will answer all your questions, before and afterwards for free, if you are reasonable about it.
About 73,000 people will get the rainbow body, right away, when ascension starts for 40 days and then ascend. They will have 5th density abilities in the 3rd density. They will be able to teleport anywhere on Earth, read minds, look into the future and not be able to get hurt or harmed, plus more. If an object is shot or thrown at them, whether they know it of not, their body will simply go out of phase, and the object will pass through them, causing no harm. They will get instructions from the higher realms to imprison all the evil people (Illuminati & coconspirators), kill (with a special weapon) all the Archons and clean up the planet (radiation and other problems). Paving the way for the Golden Age.


I have a spiritual friend in Sweden that represents a  forefront / revolutionary / leading company that builds plants that wants to turn the worlds waste into electricity production, same model that have been done in Sweden for the past 50 years. They need a 6 million usd. investment and will return the 6 million plus 20% (1.2 million) in 6 to 9 months. They have a contract to build 10 plants in the Philippine Islands. All the directors have high soul scores. If you are interested send me an email and I’ll put you in touch with them.


The USA and Russia both have a Chronovisor, which means they can both look into the future. They both saw that Russia would be able to get all of the enemy out of Syria. So the USA has and is, destroying all the infrastructure that they can. So Bashar Al-Assad will get control of all of Syria, but will have a tremendous rebuilding job. He will get help from Russia, Iran and Lebanon. There will continue to be plenty of fighting on Syria’s borders from ISIS, the USA and Israel. This all should happen by about the end of 2015. Some of the refugees in Europe will return.


I’m getting that before the war picks up in Ukraine, the people will vote and Russia will annex the Eastern part of Ukraine and put it back like it was years ago, since mostly Russian people live there. I’m told this will happen and it will stop the war. There will be a lot of protests, but Ukraine will not go to war with Russia and other European countries will not join in. Only the USA want war, the rest of Europe does not.


I found a new very important skill level 4 (highest) Wanderer Dr. Philip Savage his website is, but more important is his phone number 1-818-332-6445 if burned call immediately  you need either a picture of burned victim (face) or full name one was born with & date of birth & place of birth. It’s very important to call within 30 minutes of the burn. A normal burn will heal within minutes a severe burn will heal in a few days. By all means put this number in your contacts/phonebook and use it, when anyone around you is burned, you will be surprised/delighted with the fast results. Just open his website and click the movie Rush and hear all the testimonies and the good things that are said about him. Oh I forgot to tell you this service is free. So there is absolutely no reason not to use it, unless you are part of the cabal and enjoy watching people suffer needlessly.


Justin Trudeau who was just elected as Canada’s new leader, has a soul score of 52, he is on the 5th step out of 8 of 3rd density, he has hardly any bad karma and he has a whole lot of good karma. These stats are unheard of for politicians, even Ron Paul had a soul score of 32, 95% of elected politicians have a soul score below 16, over half in single digits and 24% are polarized negative (5 or less).

So I look for him to do good things for the people and when he does the Illuminati will go against him every way they can, bad press, assassination attempts, you name it. My spiritual sources say he won’t give in and he’ll try to good things for the people.


I strongly believe we are going to have a Golden Age. I’m impatient, I’m tired of false flag events,  wars that are unneeded, bad food and water. Not to even mention a fake president I want the spiritual changes to get off the ground, I guess we still need more people to wake up or the event to happen.


Getting slivers of good news from every direction, ever since Putin started successfully bombing in Syria. One should check out my Wanderer page, many new ones with interesting websites. I feel as though maybe we have turned the corner. This guy Manoj Bhargava who invented the energy drink, 5 Hour Energy, that comes in a little bottle and sold at convenience stores is a high skill Wanderer! He’s worth about $4 billion has planned to spend 99% of his money helping Humanity. Check out his 43 minute video as it is wonderful, if there has ever been a rich guy to root for, he is him.


With the crashing of stock markets world wide, around 11 trillion in wealth disappeared in a short time and most of the wealth that disappeared was newly created money by the central banks.

What hasn’t happened yet in these end times is Devine Intervention. I think it’s coming up for sure, although I doubt Jesus will return. There are a lot of religions waiting for the Messiah to come and save everyone. Maybe cataclysms will somehow just mostly kill the evil people that are making life terrible. I’m told over & over expect Devine Intervention.


Can you feel the change in consciousness, the average person is trying harder to get along. While the most evil people who are trying to control the whole planet are making things worse at a faster rate. The consciousness will be the strongest at the cycle change, which is 2016/5/21. That may be during the brown dwarf star in the kill zone, but the top people connected to the sphere being alliance say it isn’t coming in, although they do say, we need a karma tic  event to get us on the right path. So maybe they want us off guard and it is coming, but their spheres will greatly reduce the damage. Another guy Kameran Fally in a big interview with project Camelot, says it comes in August/2016, but there were a few things he wasn’t allowed to say, so might he give us the wrong day. My spiritual sources still say it’s coming in April/2016, but it won’t be so bad do to the sphere being alliance.


In order for the Golden Age to start, a lot of people above the government must be arrested. These people are mostly Illuminati and elite Jews. We must also arrest the people running the main stream media, banking and education as well as all the top evil people in the government. This is going to be between 1 and 2 million, what do we do, put them in FEMA camps, less than half should be in for life. The Illuminati should be made to go extinct, we don’t want any people with Reptilian souls and not have empathy for others, especially if they are being guided by Reptilians. We can hope that during the event coming, many if not most of these people will perish, God can and will create this reality if it is the right move. I just hope there are enough high level honest people to keep things going somewhat smoothly.


I getting that something financial is coming up, having your money in cash is better, buy stuff you’re going to get now instead of later. I recommend checking out my Wanderer page as I’m constantly adding new ones, just try their websites, there is something good for you. Things are slow for me, it’s a good time to get a soul report done for someone special.

In memory of 911two among the best investigators of are women Dr. Judy Wood a Wanderer with a 3.5 skill level and Rebekan Roth a flight attendant and a Wanderer a 3 skill rating, check out their websites by finding them on my Wanderer page or listen to Rebekan’s latest interview on Sept. 10, 2015


Well me being on the radio is canceled. An asteroid was going to hit on 2015/9/23, but the sphere being alliance stopped it. I don’t get anything else happening in September as other people do. I get that the Golden Age will start in March 2017.


September is almost here, I haven’t heard of anyone afraid. Are we overlooking the chances of war or a financial crash. The pendulum still says nothing will happen, the easiest prediction of them all. The sphere being alliance say we are entering a place in the galaxy, with unique energies and one can take that to mean we are going into the 4th dimension to escape the negative control. I just want to get out of the heat, since I don’t have AC, the heat has been really bad, we’ve had 5 times more overly hot days than normal and most years we need AC maybe 3-5 days, but this year we’ve needed AC maybe about 25 days. It almost has to be manipulated, let’s hang them by their fingernails.


I’m getting that going into the 4th dimension is only about 25%. So I get nothing important happens in Sept. 2015. I still get the brown dwarf star is coming in April 2016, but the spheres of the sphere being alliance will block the energy and not much damage will happen.


A lot of people are asking me, what is going to happen in September, since there is so much talk about it on the internet. The only thing I get is we are going into the 4th dimension on 2015/9/25 and this is only a maybe. I keep asking about all the other possibilities and get no. Going into the 4th dimension will be a giant change though. All of us with old bodies not in that good of health like myself will be real happy about it and I hope it happens. The Illuminati can’t go, because they have the wrong kind of soul. We will be moving into the 2nd realm and everyone will start out with nothing.

My interview with Peter Eugene on has been postponed till September 9, 2015 at 3PM pacific time.


I’m being interviewed by Peter Eugene on August 19 at 3PM my time on, the name of the show is Solutions for the Planet with Peter Eugene. Peter has a great show on a great station, try it out, there is constant great stuff on this station, some of the time only music. Peter is qualified for ascension, but doing better work than most Wanderers.


I learned right away, that there a seven Realms, nine Densities and 12 Dimensions. From reading the “Law of One” I decided to go with two 4th densities (higher & lower) and have 8th Density be the highest. Now I’m told it’s a mistake, the negatives cut in during the writing of the “Law of One” and to just go with Densities 1 through 9. I’m even told 23% of the “Law of One” is negatives cutting in and slightly changing the answers to the questions. So I’ll be rewriting parts of my Spiritual Facts texts on this website to Densities 1 through 9 and eliminate any traces of higher & lower 4th Densities to clear up this mistake.


Everyone seems to think there is going to be an event, a special event that can change everything. Could it be the brown dwarf star coming near the sun, only a small few think so, I am one of those. Others say our solar system is passing through the plane of the galaxy, which I also agree with, but will special energies hit Earth causing us harm. Supposedly the sphere beings have about 100 large cloaked ships that will balance out this energy, but when is it. It is also said they will take out the cabal ruling this planet and release suppressed technology, putting us into the Golden Age, I can’t wait and wish I could help more. So far nothing I can see is happening as things get worse, they create money out of nothing, only a few get much of it and the rest have a really tough life. When will we all wake up and change it, the sphere beings say we need to, for it to change.


I’m told that the mile wide asteroid hitting the Atlantic ocean on 2015/9/28 is BS and that not much will happen that month. The cabal will just keep things going until it becomes obvious that the brown dwarf star is here to do damage, then they will crash all financial markets, so people cannot buy stuff to save themselves. However there is a Sphere Being Alliance to help save us. It is 5 ET races that have high technology, planet size sphere shaped ships, and will take out the cabal at the end.


The Cabal is planning to keep the financial system together and working somewhat well until just before the BDS (Brown Dwarf Star) enters the kill zone. About 92% of the people think that the BDS coming into the solar system and causing cataclysms is total nonsense, even David Wilcock says it isn’t going to happen. I’m told God wants it this way, so the non spiritual & evil people get wiped out and a whole lot of bad karma is removed from the planet. The moment it becomes obvious of what’s about to happen, the Cabal will crash the financial system, so few people can save themselves. I’m telling you that if you live near the coast, have Food, Water, Supplies and Fuel for your vehicle stored so you can try to make it out of your bad area, in case my spiritual sources are telling me correctly. They now say it’s going to be about 80% as bad as it can be, the Earth is going lose 7% of it’s land and this is going to happen around April 2016 and last for about 90 days. If you live in that 7% you need a way to leave when it’s time. If I’m wrong you can still use the stuff you stored, you won’t lose on it.


Today is Independence Day for the USA, but the government doesn’t want us to celebrate it. They don’t want us to be independent, they want us to rely on the government, but many of us know, that the government don’t care about us, they only care about themselves. In less than a year the end of the age cataclysms are coming and you shouldn’t rely on the government to save you, they won’t. Many of you are waiting for the Savior of your religion to come and save you, that won’t happen either. All religions are created by negative forces (mostly the Illuminati) and they expect you to worship a false god and many of you will. The truth of the matter is God doesn’t want to be worshiped, all that God wants is “Love and Service to Others”. So if you want to make it, you just need to be spiritual and save your self. Prepare ahead of time, you should pray to God or the Creator for guidance and you’ll get it, but if I were you, I wouldn’t be waiting for the Savior as that is what the Illuminati hopes you will do.

There are a lot of deals for survival food right now, I heard a months worth for $100 or something like that, but you probably need at least 3 months, maybe a little more and that is if you are in a safe location. If you need more help look at some of my older new posts or send me an email.


I get that ascension starts on 2016/9/21 not in 2017 like I though for awhile. If you are a Wanderer you can’t/don’t ascend, because you’re already a 5th density soul and made ascension 1,000s of years ago, back when you were in 3rd density on your planet.

Many of you reading this are around my age (60) and have looked back where you grew up. You usually noticed that it’s all changed, there are houses where you used to play or the woods you walked in are gone etc.. Well the rate of change is accelerating, you may want to take some pictures where you still can. You might also want to write about how it was when you grew up, because things figure to be so much different and if you live by the coast, you will probably need to leave if you want to survive. So take some pictures and write about the good old times, that will be gone forever soon.


Big spiritual change is ahead, be ready. Make sure you have a relationship with God, not the religious ones as they are false Gods. Just God or the Creator is the one to have a relationship with, talk to God daily, if not several times a day. Tell him how you feel and what you are going to do and ask for guidance. Watch for hints to help you make the right decisions. They will be there, it will be part of your reality. I’ve been noticing God working this way for quite awhile, I just wish I would of always followed the hints. The big problem is you won’t always want to follow the hints, you need to be strong and under control, don’t always do what you want, do what God wants of you to have a better life. I’ve been meaning to write about this for way to long, please use it and let me know what happens.


I’m told that in March 2016, large ET ships will land and evacuate people, that are in danger from the brown dwarf star. A lot of people have been told that the negative ships will come first and not to get on. So I guess you need to be sure, before you board.


I recommend looking at my Wanderer page as the list is getting very long. The number to the right of the person is the Wanderer’s skill level. There are a lot of good websites to check out as each Wanderer has a unique skill. There is so much to learn from some of these Wanderer’s websites, you will be so surprised.

I also want to say, don’t forget your guardian angel, talk to her and give her love, don’t take her for granted, all of you would be dead without her help.


Many people send me dates and tell me that such & such will happen, but it almost never happens. I’m told that such & such happen also and it seldom if ever happens. So let’s try it again. I’m told that a mile wide asteroid will hit the Atlantic ocean on September 28, 2015. It will cause Tsunamis that will penetrate 15 miles inland. I actually think I’m closer to my spiritual sources than ever before and have a better shot to be right than ever before, but I hope I’m wrong again. Don’t forget I’ve been predicting that the brown dwarf star will 1st be seen in Feb. 2016 and enter the kill zone in April to July 2016, and if I’m right it’s important to be prepared ahead of time, since the power will likely be down the 3 months it’s in the kill zone. Have food, water and supplies like medicine and don’t forget about 15 gallons of fuel for your vehicle, in case you need to relocate to save your family’s lives.

Try this 56 page book I’ve just posted on my Links page. It will help you feel and look younger, by doing 5 simple easy exercises daily to make your Chakras work properly. This is to easy not to try it, I’ve been at it almost a week and will continue.


I sent many of you this video

The Death of Germany -A Shocking Film  

please don’t send me emails on it. This video shows the terror that was inflicted on the German people. The civilians and soldiers alike, the Geneva convention was ignored and everyone got away with their crimes except the victims. Many of the mass murders and torturers will be spending quite a lot of time on the soul plane and then discharge bad karma for up to ten lives. Many were qualified for ascension and are sitting  on the soul plane to ascend negatively.


Most people won’t wake up spiritually, because of Archons living in their light body, that is attached to their regular body, but in a higher dimension of 3rd density. Soon more torsion energy will be hitting Earth and forcing out the Archons. People will start to get a glimpse of the truth and begin to understand what’s going on this negatively controlled planet. Then the brown dwarf star will come through and afterword’s we’ll pick up the pieces and work toward the Golden Age.


If you are waiting for your soul report, I’m about a week behind, sorry. I’m on the PC most of 16 hours a day, but remember I’m disabled, I cannot concentrate the whole time, I must take a lot of breaks, that is how my body is currently working. Sending me additional emails of where is my Soul Report, doesn’t help as I don’t usually see it till after I have done your report, sorry.

I’m having problems with my PC being attacked and getting the negative on the pendulum, sorry. So I just want you to know, I’m working full time and not slacking off. I was able to do them a little faster a few days ago, when it was only Soul reports to do, but now I’m getting 5 or 6 emails to every request. I do the emails in the order received and will continue to do so. So please be patient as I want you to get your Report as soon as possible and remember I don’t have any help and I can’t use any help unless they were here in person. A lot of people offered to type for me, from where they are, but I don’t think that would be any faster and I would have new problems.


I’m told by my spiritual sources, that about 70% of Humanity is kind of possessed by Archons and or have etheric implants from them. Quite a few people have about 150 Archons living in there Light body and most people have 3 etheric implants in their mind. This is the stuff that keeps people from waking up, so to speak and becoming spiritual it also keeps their soul score under 51 which is needed for ascension. Wanderers and those qualified for ascension generally don’t have this or maybe only 1 etheric implant.

One can remove these by one’s self. One should go to a quiet place and forcefully say or think “In the name of God, I want all Archons, etheric implants and negative entities removed from my Light Body, mind and entire being. In the name of Jesus, I want all Archons, etheric implants and negative entities removed from my Light Body, mind and entire being. Say or think this very forcefully from your heart over & over for 2 to 5 minutes and mean it and they will be removed. I think just about everyone knows many people that have these and should strongly consider helping them get these removed. A lot of people will laugh this off and tell you to get lost, but try anyway as you will be able to help some. After these are removed one will have a slight personality change and be a better person with a higher soul score and probably quit being stubborn about spirituality.

Archons are made by the negative Reptilians, by compressing the negative sourcefield and making a temporary soul and programing them, they live about 300 years and are constantly brought to Earth. You can copy and post this wherever you want, but be nice and say where you got it from


Whoever is attacking my PC nonstop, would you please stop, I haven’t did anything to hurt anyone. Every 45 minutes I have fix or restore my PC, haven’t you had enough fun by now, please leave me alone. I can’t get much done.

The pendulum has given me an update on the brown dwarf star. I’m now told you’ll be able to see it with the naked eye in February 2016 and it will enter the kill zone in April to June 2016 and all coasts all over the world will get blasted. If you can’t/don’t move be sure to store about 15 gallons of gasoline so you can leave when you have too. The power will likely go out during these 3 months, and you may not be able to buy stuff, so store enough food, water and other supplies to get through to the backside.


So many soul reports were ordered on the day my interview came out 2015/4/22 and I’m still doing interviews from that day. I can only do about 7 or 8 a day and do them correctly. So please have patience and I will get to yours soon.


Well my 1st interview is out and it’s the lead story on one of Alfred Lanbremont Webre (a 4 skill level Wanderer) sites or the youtube link is . I could of done a lot better, smile more and rock my chair less and I forgot to say a few things, but overall it wasn’t that bad, I hope you like it.


I used the pendulum a bunch to get all the simple information on how Humanity was formed. The Black Africans were native here already, but then the Anunnaki genetically changed them to be smarter and be gold miners about 77,7600 years ago (3 cycles). I’m told they weren’t complete slaves, instead they were compensated for their labor, but they may have been paid to little.

Then the Australia Aborigines, landed here 73,500 years ago and slowly lost their technology over time. After them came the Pacific Islanders brought here by another race 73,300 years ago and decided to live on the 20 to 30 thousand islands mostly in the South Pacific. Notice how they kept away from Africa.

As each new group came here a 4 level of technology group (the highest technology) trained by the 8th & 9th density, came and slightly changed each group genetically into Humans, so the Earth would have just 2 peoples the Humans and the Neanderthal and continued to do so on 3 more groups that arrived, were made into Humans. The Neanderthals got wiped out for good about 23,500 years ago.

Then next, the Middle Easterners were brought here by another race 72,200 years ago and lived in Turkey to India to North Africa and all land in between. After a time all these groups except the Aborigines, developed into many smaller ethnic groups. Next came the Whites from Mars 69,300 years ago who lived in Europe and last came the Orientals, 68,900 years ago. Humanity is like the 20th 3rd density group to inhabit Earth, the 1st one was about 20 million years ago, all groups were Mammal people, along the way other kinds of people came here and had and still have hidden secret small colonies.

About 55,300 years ago both North & South Americas started getting populated by a mixture of Orientals, Whites and Middle Easterners and a little bit Pacific Islanders and after awhile of mixing their were many ethnic groups of Native Americans. Six times the Humans rose up in technology, became evil and were mostly wiped out by Natural Disasters and had to start over without technology. So this is our 7th time and higher in technology than all the others and we are controlled by evil, so do we get to fix it or do we get wiped out and have to start over. I think we are going to fix it.


I’ve added a new feature and it is a Wanderer’s skill level and it is now included on soul reports if you are a Wanderer. The scale is from 1 to 4 in halves and 4 being the best. Only .006% of Wanderers have a 4 skill level, I have 7 of them on my Wanderer page, only 262 (30 are to young to have done much) in the world out of about 65 million. My skill level is 2.5 and I’m in the top 15.7%. Almost 50% have a skill level of 1 or 1.5, but they are important as there are over 30 million of them. So if you got a soul report and came up Wanderer,  before the skill level came out, you can email me and get an advanced reading on your skill level, you must be a Wanderer to have a skill level though.


There has been a lot of stuff coming out about giants, I’m told they are hybrids and have Human souls. So a few of us will have past lives of being a giant. I’m told they started about 13,500 years ago and the Illuminati are using some of their DNA, because they were so negative. I’m told there are still a few left, living secretly underground and that they are positive now.

I’m also told that there are three 3rd densities at different frequencies and that explains the interdimensional  ETs as they can disappear into one of the other 3rd densities. We live in the one with the lowest frequency.


Consider joining Michael Tellinger’s (one of the world’s most important Wanderers) UBUNTU party. The pendulum says it’s the future of the Golden Age.


Did you know there is a worldwide semisecret war against white people. It started in 1923, in every country that has mostly white people, or used to have mostly white people, they are immigrating people from other races as fast as they can get away with it. They are encouraging whites to marry someone from a different race. They are also lowering the financial conditions so that the whites that do marry and used to do well, don’t want to have children or not many, because of financial conditions.
The white people on Earth came from Mars and were quickly genetically changed by the 9th Density about 66,000 years ago so they can mate with any Human and Earth would have one people. This was done so we would all get along better and one race wouldn’t become dominant wipe out the other races that moved here. The black Africans started here and so far 5 other races immigrated here and the whites were 2nd last, the Oriental Asians were last about 63,000 years ago and the 8th Density treated them the same, it wasn’t the Andromeda Council, like I was told last week.
White people are unique, we are the only ones who commonly have different eye and hair color and on average are less evil and more spiritual than the other races, except about the same as the Oriental Asians, but this has a little bit to do with the living conditions the last 300 years, all races have good & bad people. It is commonly said in the main stream media that the whites are an evil race and want to go to war with everyone, after all they pretty much wiped out the natives in North and South America and then brought slaves here.
Well this isn’t quite right, Columbus, Cortez and Pizarro were all Illuminati and didn’t have Human souls, they had the Reptilian lower soul, with little empathy for others. The slaves were bought here on Jewish ships, most of the Jewish ship owners were Illuminati also. There were also white slaves (mostly Irish) and about 7,000 black slave owners in the USA. Less than 1 in 1,000 white people owned slaves and were constantly programed that blacks were inferior from authorities, so the non slave owning whites would accept it. The non slave owning Whites hated slavery, because they were forced by law to help capture run away slaves with no compensation and it was extremely hard to get a high paying job, with slaves doing a lot of work for free. All the wars are started by and run by the Illuminati and Elite Jews. To many Whites are brainwashed to go along with the program, by the main stream media Which is all owned by the Jews or Illuminati.
Are you getting the picture, stop reading for a few seconds and see if you can figure it out. If there is no spiritual revolution, the brown dwarf star doesn’t come near the sun and damage Earth and the Illuminati and Elite Jews win, everyone else will become a worker/slaves. Whites won’t be allowed to marry or if they do they won’t be allowed to have children or if they do the pedophiles will take them. The only whites will be Illuminati or Jews and they will be in the ruling class, unelected and can’t be taken out of power. If you don’t want this future wake people up and help the spiritual revolution happen, become more spiritual. I think it’s going to happen and it’s called the Golden Age, it’s a wake up and win situation, but I think we’re going to get some wake up help. Even if your not White don’t accept that Whites should be wiped out, I certainly wouldn’t accept that Blacks should be wiped out or any other race. The only people I would accept being wiped out is the super evil ones. There will be a delightful place for everyone of every race in the Golden Age.


I spent some time this week looking over Michael Tellinger’s work, you know Adam’s Calendar and at least 10 million stone circles used for sound energy. If you don’t know about him you need to, because he is by far one of Humanity’s most important Wanderers. Well it was about 3 cycles ago (77,760 years) when the Anunnaki took the primitive Humans and genetically upgraded them to be workers/slaves in mining gold in South Africa. They did a good job because when modern slave trading took off around 16th to 19th centuries the black slaves were the most valuable. Slaves were taken from every group, the worst ones were the Native Americans and the white ones were treated the worst, many from Ireland. I learned a lot about this from radio 3 fourteen part of Red Ice radio. As you may know I’m partially disabled and spend a lot of time laying down listening to podcasts often in pain, but I’m ready to type you out a good Soul Report. I’ve been charging for them almost a year now, got about 200 in and still no one has asked for their money back on the 30 day guarantee.

What I’ve been told is the Anunnaki were from the planet that used to be between Mars and Jupiter and not the biggest planet that orbits around the brown dwarf star that is coming in early 2016. I’m now being told it’s going to be a very mild hit, but you should have some food and water saved in case the cabal keeps the power off for 3 months. The Anunnaki were 9 foot tall Mammal people with their leadership negatively polarized. They weren’t Reptilians, that’s why they could easily use their own genes to upgrade us. When their planet blew up, that was the end of the Anunnaki, those 9 foot tall Mammal people that came to Earth. Someone else may be identified as the Anunnaki, but I’m told they are a different group. Nibiru has Reptilians living on it. Maybe the planets got their names changed.

All the other races came to Earth separately later and the Andromeda Council sent representatives to genetically change them one by one, so all the Humans on the planet can breed together and we are one people. Way down the road all humans will look more similar and everyone will have traits from every race that came here to live, we will have been in the Golden Age for centuries by then. Meanwhile we’ll soon be getting a genetic upgrade from God, it’s already in our so called junk DNA, but don’t think for 1 second it’s junk as we will be getting a genetic upgrade shortly after every cycle ends.


Earth is not going in any higher dimensions, except those ascending. The higher dimensions are already here on Earth, the 3rd, 5th and 7th realms and always have been. Earth could move into the other kind of space and we would go into the 4th dimension, buts that’s been canceled and it’s a terrible deal, Humanity doesn’t want it. If we got it, it would be cool and fun for a short time, then life would become terrible and boring for about 97% of the people, so trust me and don’t pray or wish for it. It would only be good for a month or so.

It would only be good for the super lazy that don’t care about anything or don’t want to do anything, we couldn’t even play cards, because we will be reading minds and seeing a glimpse of the future, we wouldn’t even be able to play sports, because we’ll have bodies 1 & 1/2 as tall but only weigh 10% as much and be transparent and be able to float in the air, except there won’t be any air. Maybe will invent a sport that works out, maybe golf.

There will be nothing to see outside, few plants (trees, vegetables and flowers only) no animals and the terrain will be bland. We’ll only be waiting around and communicating about past lives we get to remember, no weather to talk about, we won’t need anything, won’t need to eat, drink or talk, but we could, so eating & drinking will be entertainment, no smoking since no gasses. There will be music, We’ll be able to have sex, but no fluid exchange and it will maybe feel 5% as good, not very intimate, money won’t be needed not much to buy, a massage won’t feel good or be wanted. The good thing is the evil people won’t be able to control anyone, so probably not much war or fighting, maybe if someone is jealous over lovers. There will be drugs to get high on! We’ll be able to teleport anywhere on the planet and make technology though.

Would you want to live in a world like this, not much in spiritual lessons either, we’ll just be waiting till we ascend and there will be another component in time, which will add to the boredom. Some spiritual groups get this to escape the negative control and most of the other planets will have ascended Reptilians, Insect people and spider-people, that were very negative in 3rd density, we won’t be able to see or go to 3rd density planets. Spaceships will come from other planets full of Reptilians, Insect people or spider-people and probably teach us to make spaceships to trade for plants and minerals. they won’t be able to fight us, cause we’ll be able to take our bodies out of phase and bullets will just pass through us, but they will be able to make trouble stealing our stuff, so will probably get help from positive groups.

Will be able to have children, but the Reptiles, Spiders and Insects won’t. Will get children by extending our hands and asking God, promising to care and raise the child, then there will be energy in between our hands and a baby will form and be about 1 year old. They will need to eat and drink food from the plants and grow up very quickly, maybe about 6 years.


The Golden Age is coming soon, I think within 3 years. The few will no longer control the many and in the west it’s the Illuminati/Jews controlling Law enforcement, Medical industry, Media, Government and agriculture. Maybe a few other areas are also under total control and a huge total number of law are passed in our face, that must be taken down. There are a lot of families that need to be put in prison and all their wealth taken away and given back to the people. This wide gap between the rich and poor must end, in a lot of cases the rich will lose everything and go to prison for what they did to get the wealth. It can all be made to happen real fast, none of this dragging it along in court, the people shouldn’t have to put up with that crap.


I just can’t believe how bad the Illuminati have went in negative high gear. So many people don’t have jobs, worldwide maybe 1/3 of the people are out of work and the one that are working are way under paid. The Illuminati wants as many people to be broke as possible when the brown dwarf star goes through in 2016. That way the most people will die, population reduction. I guess a lot of bad karma will get discharged in the next year and then Humanity will be ready for the Golden Age. I hope you are here to enjoy it.


Insiders have leaked that a group of positive Bird people are going to help us defeat the cabal and all the Reptilians they are aligned with. Enough people have prayed and meditated for help and with the cycle coming to the end we are getting it. However they are required to let the brown dwarf star pass through the solar system and the cycle end (2017) and then they will help us get into the Golden Age. I’ve heard they are about 10-11 feet tall Bird people with blue feathers, and they have many huge ships, some as big as Neptune. The pendulum tells me that they are a level 4 group with 3 planets and about an 18 billion population. I can’t wait to meet them.


I’m told that ascension for our solar system, starts September 21, 2017 and goes on till, November 19, 2024. If one is qualified for ascension, one will ascend during or within this window, no matter if one is dead or alive. This goes for all groups native to our solar system and there are 6 groups on various planets and moons within our solar system, Nibiru is not in our solar system. When one with a soul ascends, one’s body will change and go directly to the 5th dimension, also called realm 3, right where they are in there house or at work or where ever they are and stay there for only 3 hours. Then their body will change again and they will be teleported to the 4th dimension or also called realm 2, where they will stay for 38 days, while they learn the rules for ascended life. Then their body will change again and they will be teleported back to Earth in the 5 dimension or realm 3. They will be staying in realm 3 for at least 1 cycle.

Now if one is qualified for ascension, but doesn’t have a soul (Insect-person, Reptilian or Spider-person), one’s body changes and is teleported to the 4th dimension, also called realm 2, where they will stay for at least 2 cycles, while they 1st learn the rules. Insect-people will have the ability to briefly teleport back to the 3rd density (realm 1) for short amount of times, but only if they had ascended positive.


What I’m told is during the 3 months, that the brown dwarf star is close to the sun and the Earth, the Illuminati will stage a fake ET attack from outer space. It will just be their negative Reptilian over lords. The object here is to try and unite everyone against ET invaders, because shortly after the brown dwarf star is gone, the positive ETs from a level 4 society are coming to take out the Illuminati and all the negative Reptilian groups that are aligned together. Then together we will build the Golden Age, that can last millions of years and Earth will be a jewel in the galaxy.


Does the Cabal control BRICS, I don’t think so, but they do have their fingers in the pie so to speak. Here’s what the pendulum reports, now I don’t think these numbers are real accurate, but they do have some meaning. Russia has kicked out the Illuminati awhile back, but still has 28 evil Jewish elites in high government & media control positions, China & India both have 250 Asian Illuminati in high government, Brazil has 75 Illuminati & 35 Jewish elites in government & media and South Africa has 8 Illuminati & 18 Jews high up in the government and media. So this crap must get handled before we can have the Golden Age.


I’ve been given some big spiritual facts changes, I not sure why I was given wrong information in the 1st place, but I know there is a method to their madness so to speak. The 1st change is that when one 1st gets a soul or the oversoul divides 36 ways, it stays that way forever and doesn’t remix after each step of 3rd density as I have been saying, so you stays you all the way through all the densities, but your oversoul still gets together on the soul plane and shares past life memories. This change also means that everyone needs to complete the spiritual lessons separately.

The other change is about Reptile-people, Insect-people and Spider-people. I’m told Reptilian groups are 90% negative, Insect-people groups are 70% negative and Spider-people groups are 95% negative. The real big change is they all ascend to the lower 4th density (like before), but instead of staying there for 33 cycles and then go to the Creator Gods, they only stay in the lower 4th density for 2 cycles and then they advance through the densities the same as souls do. Most of these people make ascension negatively, so the 2 cycles in the lower 4th causes 80% of them to change to positive. So now I’ve got to change the rest of my website and that will take awhile, but I’ll do it as I have on other changes.


Greece elected a new government that claims, they will serve the people instead of the bankers. Well they could play hardball. Get out of the EU and NATO and purge the main stream media of the Illuminati/evil Jews and have truthful journalism. Then they could let Russia put in a military base for protection in exchange for the use of about 500 to 1,000 tons of Gold and use the gold to back their own currency without a central bank and also allow the people to use the EURO. Then their economy would be booming in no time! Join BRICS and the European natural gas goes through them.


The government plan for the brown dwarf star has been released in an interview by Bob Fletcher. He claims shortly before it’s arrival 6 months or less, a big negative event(s) will take place such as a fast spreading disease, or several big terrorism events in a very short time or maybe something else. Then the government will put in martial law, probably with police, national guard and military going up and down every street and probably stopping and searching people. Most people who haven’t woke up to what has been going on the last few years, will have so much fear, that they will actually want this, thinking it keeps them safe.

The right way to look at it is, that this is the signal that the brown dwarf will soon be here and if you haven’t relocated to a safer place yet, the martial law will prevent you from doing so. However if you have been in denial, not believing it was really coming, this is the time to acquire your 90 day supply of food, water, stored fuel for your vehicle and other supplies. For when it gets close and the Earthquakes start happening, the martial law people will bail out and save themselves. Then will be the time to load up and go to nearby higher ground place for about 90 days, while the star passes. If the power goes out, you don’t want to be in a city with a lot of people and the government gone. I’m told San Francisco will get hit by an Earthquake higher than 10 on the richer scale.


I’ve been given new information or an important update on the coming brown dwarf star. I’m told the east coast of the USA gets hit by a giant tsunami almost for sure in the 1st half of 2016, but the west coast of the USA is unlikely to get hit. So if you live on the east coast you should move and do it by the end of July 2015, because after that the knowledge of the brown dwarf coming will start to be widely known and to many people will try to leave at the same time and there will be far less good places to go, plus the evil people in the NWO may stop you. If you own property put it up for sale right away as there are plenty of buyers still (denying suckers or the uninformed). If you live on the west coast, plan on leaving temporarily and coming back, plan on the power being out for about 3 months, so have food, water, fuel for your vehicle and other supplies. The evil NWO wants as many people to die as possible, so stay clear of them as they won’t help you. If you need help on your decision or more information (worldwide) go to

What I am also told is the brown dwarf star has 7 planets and the 2nd biggest planet (not Nibiru), which is 4 times the diameter of the Earth, will crash into and merge with Jupiter. It will cause Jupiter to be 3 times bigger in diameter and become a brown dwarf star and light up within 1 day. One will be able to see it lit up, but it will be smaller and dimer than the full moon.


Many spiritual writers are writing that the cabal has lost and that they are on the way out. Well one cannot see that  by looking around, things are not good and their are lots of obvious lies coming out of the main stream media. So maybe they have a back door end game plan. I’m told they do. When the brown dwarf star comes, many will try to flee to safe areas at the last minute, but there will be road blocks. Take the chip (Mark of the Beast) and you can go on, don’t take the chip and you must turn around and go back. If you take the chip you will lose your spirituality and be part of them, but at a low level. Will they be able to control you and get you to fight against the others who don’t have the chip, maybe, but why put yourself in this position.


I have a correction to make, I now get that Michael Jackson is not going to ascend negative, as I reported before, I now get he had a soul score of 40 and is on the 7th step of 3rd density, which is good for a person in his position. I thank Mike King of for helping me get it right. I pray Michael Jackson gets a good reincarnation, likely in about 130 years, I’m told. The pendulum gets at least 11% of negative BS, it can’t be helped as all spiritual information is this way.

There is quite a lot of new information about the brown dwarf star coming, it’s a for sure the real deal. Now how bad it blasts the Earth, obviously remains to be seen, it’s very likely all coastal areas are totally unsafe.  80% of the population lives near the coast and most people will remain in denial until it’s to late and be prevented to leave, why be one of them! I myself am struggling to get out of here as my wife won’t go at this time. I’m disabled in questionable health, and sometimes think why keep living, just stay and go for reincarnation, but I know that’s totally stupid and God doesn’t want me to do that, so I’m constantly praying for help. Many elites claim they have bunkers to go to as I have been guided to listen to Planet X information for 2 & 1/2 days straight. If you need help get with Marshall Masters (Wanderer) at There is tons of ancient information, 2 Bibles and more, that seems to fit in to what’s currently going on. The correct plan is to get to a safe place with supplies for at least 3 months and then help make the Golden Age happen. You can be an important part of it and live on a truly spiritual world. Shortly after it’s over, we are supposed to get a genetic upgrade, making life great. Many of us will be able to travel the stars. There is also a chance the Earth will be moved into the 4th dimension to escape everything, but I wouldn’t plan on it, if it does happen it would likely be at the end of this month.