Please Help

This Was Lee Harvey Oswald’s Girl friend, I’ve been in contact with her for a few years and she is wonderful, so please Help.   THIS WILL BE A FAST FUNDRAISER, IT’S AN EMERGENCY!  Doctors told me inadequate protection from x-rays when doing cancer research caused this and I can go blind.  If nobody replies, it’s OKAY….no hard feelings. BUT –NEED AN OPERATION ASAP in at least my left eye. Woke up also with more cloudiness in right eye and now some black spots. It was frightening. Have all three kinds of cataracts in both eyes, but left eye is now useless without operation.

In USA, the operations needed would cost $14,000 for left eye alone, due to retina detachment issues and surgery needed on left eye muscles. Plus, overnight hospital stay of $2000-$10,000 and would have to fly to USA.  Insurance coverage is a joke. .Now can’t walk far without a friend to guide. HAVE TO ADMIT IT, NEED HELP.  In Latvia, went to a clinic there two years ago for an eye infection… would be a total of $6.800 -$7,100. (Pam Dennis finally persuaded me to ask for help! Thank you, Pammy, for caring and sharing–God bless you!) My case is unusual in that I have all three kinds of cataracts in both eyes, plus double vision (that can be corrected with operation on left eye muscles). PLEASE DO NOT FEEL BADLY IF YOU CANT HELP. IT’S OKAY! ‘ASK NOT, RECEIVE NOT’ THE BIBLE SAYS…
James 4:3 New King James Version (NKJV) 3 “You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasure.” This is not for pleasure. I am an artist and my art has been my biggest source of income to help with my unusual living expenses — special costs due to being forced to live overseas because I’m also a controversial witness.  Was forced to move overseas, as most who know me well understand, for my ssfety. Because am not an EU citizen, must move every 90 days to a non-EU country thst is primitive. Have been doing this since 2007 sas my passport proves.  My book ME & LEE, documentaries, and videos against the cancer research INDUSTRY  is the main reason for my exile due to threats. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING YOU DO TO HELP. GOD BLESS YOU!  jvb

Cherish Truth.