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The Use of Knowledge is Power and I Believe Knowledge is Free!


There has been massive immigration into Europe and the USA from 3rd world countries. Most of these immigrants are male and about 10% of the immigrants have a Reptilian soul. They are evil and came here to commit crimes in richer countries. Law enforcement in Europe and the USA is dominated by people with Reptilian souls and they don’t want to enforce the laws against other people with Reptilian souls. This is why the police are told to go easy on immigrant criminals as almost all the immigrant criminals have Reptilian souls. The best way to correct this problem is for more people to wake up and be positive, then our solar system will ascend to the 4th density and the Reptilian souls will be left behind.


I saw the end of a space battle over Long Beach California. Two ships blasted an unseen ship and it disintegrated into smoke. The two ships slowly headed out over the ocean. My guides claim the Secret Space Program ships destroyed a Reptilian ship. This happened on Friday December 22 at about 5:30 PM just after it became dark. I didn’t see the whole thing, just the end of it, the unusual smoke and the 2 ships heading out over the ocean.


Looks like the globalists have taken over Bitcoin, by putting in non Human core developers! Trace Mayer & Bitcoin core developer Jimmy Song are non Human and working for the globalists. They are from a company the globalists own. So because of the high fees and slow transactions caused by the globalists, many people have sold their Bitcoin and bought Bitcoin Cash, a coin that forked off Bitcoin August 1, 2017, that has fees 100 times lower and much faster transactions.


The non Human people in the power structure (Human bodies & Reptilian Souls) are trying to dominate more and more. Roy Moore, a Human running for an Alabama senate seat, was cheated from winning the election, so a non Human would win. The Reptilian judge ordered the ballots burned as fast as he could. They continue doing evil right in our face, Humanity must find a way to rise up and stop them. Everyone should meditate and pray for our success in stopping them. They think it will just be Reptilian people in the ruling class and all Humans will be slaves. I don’t know about you, but I plan to be in the Golden Age.


My wife Chanthy has been complaining that there is usually a puddle of water in the hole in the middle of our alley and when cars go by to fast they splash dirty water on our new SUV. Chanthy wants a clean vehicle and doesn’t want to keep washing it. I’ve been trying to figure out where the water is coming from as it hardly ever rains in southern California. I thought the people across the alley wash their cars a lot and I told Chanthy, when you see them washing their car let me know so I can have a nice talk with them.

Well to my surprise, when Chanthy and I walked to our SUV, there was a lady of a different race, running our water, using our hose and washing her feet. So I told her you can’t run the water here it makes a puddle and our SUV gets splashed and dirty. She told me, get use to it, it’s my water and my house, what a liar, imagine that. So I told her I live here you don’t. She tried to hold her ground, but I shut off the water and grabbed the hose and she said something like what are you going to do. I told her get off my property and gently pushed her off and she swung her things in her hands at me, not causing any pain or injury. So I looked at her and said I’ll hurt you, she knew I meant it and could as I’m bigger and stronger. So she finally left and I had to take the hose away, get a screwdriver and take the handle off the water valve.

What an idiot liar she was, pushing it till it came to a fight and then she gave up. This frequent  lying comes from the people with human bodies and Reptilian souls. They do it a whole lot and usually get away with it, especially in the mainstream media as about 90% of the people believe their lies, they don’t check anything out as I and a few others do. So more and more people are lying to gain advantage and if it doesn’t work try a different lie or lie about something else. So I’m telling you, never accept a lie, call them out, stand up to them if you can, obviously don’t risk violence, but go as far as you can.

Just today President Trump, who has a Human body and a Reptilian soul was giving a speech. He said they used gas in Syria, a total proven lie, ISIS was the one who used the gas and the USA supplied them with the gas. Then he said we had to fire 59 missiles, another lie, they didn’t have to fire anything, especially since it was a false flag. Then he said every missile hit it’s target, another lie, even his own news said several missile didn’t hit. His whole mission is a blotched lie. They kept saying they are going after ISIS, when they only destroyed infrastructure and killed innocent people.

The whole lying mess we are in, is just a big lie. People with Human bodies and Reptilian souls in power over Humanity, please pray to get this changed. If we can somehow be positive enough, God will move our solar system into the 2nd realm, 4th density, the 5th dimension. When that happens all living things with a low soul dies. That means the people with Reptilian souls perish (unless they can get out of the solar system) and we will be a big step closer to freedom. Only animals that live in the 4th density are Mammals. Birds, fish & major sea life and an unnamed animal group not currently on Earth. Plants are Trees, Flowers, Vegetables and grasses (includes many herbs and ferns), also good Microbes that are plants and animals. All other life dies when we make the move to 4th density.


Don’t miss the current gold rush and that is cryptocurrencies. Yes I highly recommend buying some Bitcoin and maybe other coins too. In the beginning of this year the market cap for cryptocurrencies was under $20 billion USD and now near the end of the year it’s around $350 billion USD and figures to hit a trillion USD in 2018, don’t miss out as many have made 10 to 1,000 times on their money and so will many new people in the future.

One probably needs at least $500 to get started and pay the fees. Maybe download an Exodus wallet, buy some Bitcoin or the other top 2 or 3 coins on an exchange or at (click the menu in the upper right corner) and put it in the exodus wallet where you can exchange it for 18 different coins. One can get the prices and graphs at


I received another semi important update about 4th density, that our solar system will be moving into before 2022. One half of the 18 main DNA lines have a soul and one half have a low soul (as I call it), a low soul doesn’t have empathy for others is the main difference. Only living things with souls lives in 4th density, with the exception that negative low soul 3rd density beings make ascension to a hidden dimension of 4th density and stay there about 1/4 cycle and then move to 5th density.

So in 4th density we will have the following animals, Mammals, Birds, Fish and other common sea life like Squid and Shrimp, and an unnamed large animal group that isn’t currently on Earth. The plants we will have are Flowers, Trees, Vegetables and grass that includes many Herbs and Ferns. Another main DNA line included is good Microbes that has some plants like bacteria and some animals like protozoa and amoeba . So our Earth will be somewhat different and somewhat the same!


Well I just got a big update, the brown dwarf star doesn’t come near Earth till 2019. It will 1st be seen in Nov. or Dec. 2018 and go into the kill zone May or April 2019, so one has another year to prepare. I’ve been wondering why they weren’t seeing it with telescopes getting close.

I’ve also been updated that everyone in our society that has a low soul, has a Reptilian soul, nobody has an Insect soul as I thought. They don’t all have a Reptilian soul from the same group, three different Reptilian groups are represented, but they are all evil and they are working together somewhat. Evil souls may not be that loyal as they go for themselves.


I’m getting that the cabal got into Bitcoin. Somehow they bribed the miners to cause the fees to go way up, to about $5 a transaction. So it only makes sense to do $100 and higher transactions. No more buying a coffee with bitcoin. So Bitcoin has sunk from the high $7,000s to the low $6,000s at the time of writing this. At the same time Bitcoin Cash the coin that split off bitcoin in an August 1, 2017 fork, has went from $300 to close to $1,500 since it has very low fees and may become the real Bitcoin some say.



I asked about AI and wouldn’t you know it, it is run and controlled by souls. So Clif High is kind of right, that it can’t be self aware and have emotions by itself, but it can if souls get involved. There are always loose souls hanging around that got out of the reincarnation process that I explained in a new post on 2017/10/13. So technically AI is alive as the souls that jump in are. Most souls that quit the reincarnation process, turn negative (80%), since there seems to be no penalty, but there is way later. It is fun for loose souls to control and move things, but hard to do for loose souls as they must grab energy from a person or animal to do it. To move or run the software instructions takes hardly any energy, so all the loose souls in the area want to get in on the fun. Since the loose souls are about 80% negative, so will the AI. If the AI is big many souls will be involved and it may be an opportunity to travel the universe. The software can be made to lean toward negative or positive, but after awhile the souls will do what they want. They can take over and control a planet, wipe out a planet or make life easier and better for the people of the planet. AI can be made to go positive and usually it would go that way.


I asked what the percentages of low soul people in each group. These are the people that have Human bodies, but don’t have Human souls, some are clones and some are born this way. I’m told that there are about 1,010,000 of them, most of them in positions of power. The biggest group is Jews at about 41%, so .41 x 1,010,000 = 414,100. So we have about 57,400 evil elite Jews in power over Humanity. I hope the Human Jews don’t follow these evil people. The next group is White at 21%, so .21 x 1,010,000 = 212,100, I think many of these are Illuminati. Then Blacks at 17%, Asians at 16%, Hispanics at 3% and others at 2%. So the leader or politicians in any country could have a low soul. It will be a great day when all of these people are taken out of Humanity.


The main reason the USA continues demonizing Russia and Iran is these two countries do not have any non Humans living there.  Japan, Russia and Iran are the only high population countries without non Humans controlling them. About 70% of the countries on Earth have non Humans controlling them. The other about 30% have mostly evil Humans controlling them that are subservient to the non Humans or they will likely face regime change, probably by the USA CIA. Unfortunately this is how the Earth is run. Russia might be an exception, but Putin’s soul score is 16 with 3x a whole lot of bad karma, because of what he’s done in the past. However Putin is running his life and country like he has a 50 soul score, so it’s on the way up and he is very likely to continue doing the right things. What the main stream media says about him is way off.

I looked at 35 pictures of recently arrested pedophiles and child traffickers and asked about them one by one. Well all 35 were non Human, and had Reptilian souls,  what I call low souls that don’t have empathy for others. I’m sure there are Humans doing this too, but the big players are all non Human. We need a lot of help to turn the corner completely and move toward the Golden Age, please pray and meditate for a free spiritual Humanity. So we can get the about 1,010,000 people that have Human bodies and a low soul from a negative ET race trying to take over out of our society. They need to be executed or imprisoned. The about 8,000 or more negative ETs hiding in underground military bases controlling these people, need to be removed from Earth and our solar system.


Many people write about the reincarnation trap, so I’ve been asking about it for awhile and finally got it all explained to me. As you may know 40% of your soul stays on the soul plane while you are incarnated and living. After you die you only get 2 choices, you can stay where you are or you can go to the other side which is the soul plane and be reunited with the other 40% of your soul. There is no other way to go. Stay and be a ghost with only 60% of your soul for up to about 5,000 years and after that you will be bought to the soul plane. While you are a ghost all the souls in your oversoul must wait for you, they cannot reincarnate until you join them!

After you get to the soul plane, you can quit and take off with all of your soul and 1.85% or about 37 souls in 2,000 do just that. If you quit you must stay off the soul plane and go where ever you want, without a body that is. This is probably not a good choice and why only 1.85% of souls choose to do it. When one decides not to reincarnate in 3rd density one does not advance or make ascension for 8 cycles (instead of 1) and you must ascend by 27 cycles or your soul will be recycled. You can come back before 8 cycles is up and start reincarnating again. This could be a good move if living conditions improved, like if we went into the Golden Age, but when you come back you will be taking an undesirable life.

While you are out running around you can pick up bad or good karma, usually bad when you mess with living things or just things. If you do enough bad stuff, you will be a negative when you come back. If you’re going to be a negative, you won’t want come back after 8 cycles, you’ll want to stay out longer. Of all the souls that quit reincarnating 80% are negatives after 8 cycles, which is a good reason not to do it. Also when you ascend after 8 cycles, you’ll be on the bottom or have the worst position.

If you quit and you are running around the only way to get off the Earth & moon is to sneak a ride in a spaceship. You could travel the universe by sneaking in ships. If you get lost or stranded somewhere, you can call for help and be taken back to your planet. If you possess someone you’ll be a negative when the 8 cycles are up. The Djinn are souls that quit reincarnating in 3rd density. So I suggest that you don’t quit and try to advance the best you can.


The Las Vegas shooting is another obvious false flag, the official story is shot full of holes. One person couldn’t of shot, killed and wounded so many in the short amount of time the shooting went on. Many people claim 3 or 4 shooters and there is video evidence of it. The exits were blocked and when the band quit, the lights were turned on the people. The police changed their story at least once and all kinds of guns were mentioned over and over as the evil people are trying to get gun control. I’m told no one was shot or killed.


Bitcoin, the Block chain and Cryptocurrencies are kind of God’s gift to Humanity to go against central banks and unfair governments. So if one is going out of their way to make videos to bash Bitcoin, they are going against Humanity. Some who bash Bitcoin say it will go to zero, well all money does eventually. Bitcoin figures to last longer than the USD. Very few people own Cryptocurrencies so far and more & more figure to, so they are a good investment, but one needs to learn about it first like anything else. Others say it is a bubble, I doubt it as so few own them. One needs to ride the swings though, as they will often go down 25% in value, one must hang on and not panic. Some of the new coins figure to go way up, but most will die as there are to many of them, like about 1,000. Even Gold figures to be worthless in 10 to 50 years or sooner, when they figure out how to make it out of anything using the free energy we will soon have.


There are a lot of Starseeds on Earth. A Starseed is a 3rd/4th density soul from another planet/group that has incarnated on Earth in Humanity and of course has a Human body. Almost all (over 99%) Starseeds are here to make ascension, to take advantage of the ascension window that opens on Earth around 2021, when the Age of Pisces ends and the Age of Aquarius starts. Many Starseeds have natural abilities to help Humanity with spirituality. Many Starseeds are visited by people from their planet. It is very hard for these souls to make ascension out of cycle on their planets, so rather than wait 1,000s of Earth years for the ascension window to open on their planets, these souls cut a deal with God to come to Earth and incarnate in a Human body and take advantage of the ascension window opening on Earth around 2021 and make ascension. As part of the deal they must use their natural abilities to help Humanity with spirituality. They get to pick a life, where they are unlikely to die early or be in wars and be in position to help Humanity with spirituality.

Also around 2021 or before our solar system will kind of make ascension. Right now our solar system is in the 1st realm, 3rd density, the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is a component of consciousness. Our solar system will be moving to the 2nd realm, 4th density, the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension is a component of time. We will still have the same amount of time, days, hours, minutes, seconds etc. and keep appointments, but time will be experienced much differently, that is all I know. If you are a little familiar with my work, you know that there are 18 main lines of DNA, that account for all living things. Nine of these lines have souls and Nine of these lines have what I call low souls. Low souls do not have empathy for others and are prone to evil or service to self, otherwise souls and low souls are very similar. This mostly matters when the low soul lines become people (self aware intelligent beings) as in Reptilians, Insect-people and Spider-people.

In the 2nd realm or 4th density, which can be 5th through 10th dimensions, 5th dimension for our solar system, only the 1/2rd of the DNA lines are used, the ones that have souls. So there will be a lot less evil or service to self. The only Plants that can live in 4th density are Trees, Flowers, Grasses and Vegetables. The only Animals that can live in the 4th density are Mammals (us), Birds, Fish and an unnamed animal group, that currently isn’t living on Earth and the good Microbes. The plant eating land animals, will eat the existing and new varieties of Flowers, Vegetables, grasses and trees or the fruits, nuts and berries, the Trees produce. Low soul people get to the 4th density by making negative ascension, but they will be in a special dimension for only 1/4 cycle and we won’t have contact with them. In the 4th and all higher densities, matter and life are expressed differently in each one. When we move to the 4th density in a blink of an eye, our bodies will be expressed differently and some of the medical problems will be fixed.

One more thing I want to mention is Storms, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, WildFires and Tsunamis are increasing at an alarming rate, because the Brown Dwarf Star (BDS) is coming into the inner part of our solar system. You need to be prepared, store at least 90 days worth of food, Water, Supplies and Fuel for you vehicle especially if you live near the coast. You might want to leave in a hurry to save your life at some point in time and if you are low on gas and the power is shut off, you will be SOL (S%#! Out of Luck). The deep state or evil government wants as many people to die as possible, so they will be likely crashing the economy, most will be out of work, with prices going through the roof and a bank holiday is the worst case scenario. Maybe it won’t be this bad, but it could be real bad, so you need to have what you need and extra to help others, who refused to prepare.


I’ve been asking about the Mandela effect and I’m told it’s caused by these Insect people trying to take over Humanity. They are experts at changing history and making clones with souls of their people in them. Nelson Mandela did die in prison in the 1980s or early 1990s, but they made a clone of him and erased history and put him in as leader of South Africa. I’m told and it’s in the book (2017/8/26 new post) that they have changed a lot of history in the last 200 years.

Here is the list of realms-densities-dimensions for our universe.

1st Realm  1st, 2nd & 3rd Densities  3rd & 4th Dimensions

2nd Realm  4th Density  5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Dimensions

3rd Realm  5th Density  11th, 12th, 13th & 14th Dimensions

4th Realm  6th Density  15th, 16th, 17th & 18th Dimensions

5th Realm  7th Density  19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd Dimensions

6th Realm  8th Density  23rd, 24th & 25th Dimensions

7th Realm  9th density  26th, 27th & 28th Dimensions

Each planet can only have the 1st or 2nd realm and the 3rd through 7th realms. Each planet can only have 1 of the dimensions in each realm that it has.


I’m told that these low soul people, that aren’t Human who are running our planet, have decided to hit the USA with one natural disaster after another. Hurricanes, floods, fires, Earthquakes, droughts, heatwaves or whatever they can come up with. Something has got to give, we can only take so much, before a lot of people start dying. I’m praying for Divine help, these evil people must be taken out of power. They have powerful technology to use for evil purposes, there agenda is a complete take over, some time down the road.


Trump has a Reptilian soul, while the people in the deep state have a different Reptilian souls, that’s why they hate him. Texas went against the federal government, that’s why Texas was blasted by Hurricane Harvey. What a shame that so many are severely affected.


What’s keeping Humanity from being free? How far down the rabbit hole have you gone? It is obvious that there are evil people in power. Are they Human, are you sure. To be Human one must have more than a Human body, one must have a Human soul also or at least a soul, from a Mammal, Bird or Vegetable people group as in the case for a Starseed or a Wanderer. There are over 100 million Starseeds and Wanderers within Humanity, they are not a problem, they are an asset.

The problem is there are about 1,010,000 people with what I call a low soul, they don’t have empathy for others and are prone to evil. Normally Reptile, Insect or Spider people have low souls and likely from a negative group. They can and have made clones and hybrids and put their souls in Human bodies and are in the process of taking over Humanity. They haven’t got to the 1 world government yet. They have been here for thousands of years (Illuminati) and put their people in power, created money, shortages and terrible rules.

What is even worse is an Insect group has come here, in the 1930s and upstaged the Illuminati. Their people are in power in about 180 countries. Their technology is like 5,000 years ahead of ours and I’m told they look like a Praying mantis. There are about 2,000 of them in a couple of underground military bases. There planet is about 26 light years away and they have cigar shaped ships. They want a nuclear war in 2018 with China hitting the USA and we don’t respond. Then they put in a 1 world government and total control.

I’m told that they won’t win, because enough of humanity is waking up. There are positive ETs with even higher technology, that won’t allow nuclear weapons to go off, screwing up their plans some and we may get help from them too. We have them so outnumbered that if enough of us wake up, they lose. A lot of good things can happen, maybe the Messiah returns.

To backup what I’ve been getting with the pendulum, this book just came out  

One can read this free as an e-book and it’s real short, about a 2 or 3 hour read.



A big event on Monday August 21 at 10:20AM Pacific time is the full solar eclipse, that can be seen across the USA in a narrow band. Many people will be taking pictures of it, later looking for the brown dwarf star (BDS) and it’s planets and moons, since the BDS is supposetly behind the sun, getting ready to come around where everyone will see it.

A lot of people will be meditating for Humanity’s freedom right after the eclipse. I suggest everyone do the same and if a lot of people do so it will have an effect as it had on other times. We need to find a way of getting the Illuminati and those negative ETs behind them out of power and change our negative ways. Most want love and peace with a bright future.

Check out Earth Ex on August 23, even though planet X is not mentioned it is all about preparing for the coming BDS. They call it Black Sky event as the BDS is to be kept secret. Please get a soul report to help me continue my work, I have one of the lowest prices for spiritual services on the internet. Your soul is the real you, your soul lives forever, while the body is temporary.



I’ve been bashing the Illuminati lately and still feel the same way. The Illuminati has evil plans for Humanity, we must find a way to take them out of power. I believe God should discontinue this low soul group, since there are about 60 thousand of them alive and about 540 million of them on the soul plane, wanting to incarnate into bodies. If all of them were dead and no young could be born, God would modify all the low souls in this group and combine them with another low soul group, hopefully a positive one.

The evil stuff they are doing to Humanity, is just so out of line and needs to be stopped. Some of the evil stuff they are doing is Obamacare in the USA, forcing vaccines, chemtrails, Fluoride in the water, GMOs, central banking, bad medical care and bad pharmaceuticals, forcing dumb downed education for children and keeping the space program secret. Not to mention war and mass murder. I really don’t think any of these would be happening to the extent they are without the Illuminati. So get the Illuminati out of power or dead and all this evil bad stuff would stop in a short time and we would have a great peaceful planet and be in the Golden Age, reaching for the stars, doing so good in God’s creation.


The Illuminati (people that look like us, but have a reptilian soul, that doesn’t have empathy for others) are responsible for almost all of Humanity’s problems. They create all the money and give a lot to other reptilians and Humans that do evil for them. The rest of us must work hard for our money (maybe make from investments) and are subject to taxes and banking scams. They are above the law and are doing evil in our faces. They are poisoning the food, air, water, plants, animals and the environment. They create artificial shortages of many things, so they can up the prices and control society, with haves and have-not’s. They want to reduce the population by 90%, so they have less people to control. Their main weapon in this is keeping the coming brown dwarf star a secret so many people living on the coast will die by tsunami. They also release viruses and create poverty and starvation. They are responsible for all the immigrants, that make our life worse and thus the police state.

They run the secret space program and are in many secret societies, suppressing free energy, food replicaters, portal travel and many other technological advances. Humanity must find a way to rise up and arrest these people for crimes against Humanity. A device or maybe an apt for a smart phone can be made to take a picture of one’s aura to see who has a reptilian soul or human soul and I can identify who has one with the pendulum.


Many beings from other planets (starseeds) have incarnated in Humanity, so they can make ascension. These beings have completed their cycle of 3rd density, but the cycle is not ending on their planet (no ascension window), so they came to Earth to get in on the ascension window that opens on Earth, when the cycle ends on 2021. Many of the beings are meeting ETs (people) from their planet, before they ascend, like Alex Collier has. These ETs are much more advanced than Humanity. Some people think everyone is from another planet, but almost everyone is from earth. All Wanderers are from another planet, but they have already ascended (6th density souls) and they are here for a Wanderer contract (many lives), while starseeds are here for 1 life.

We got to get the reptilians (Illuminati) out of power over Humanity. Their soul group has common evil memories stored over the ages, that encourages them to stay evil. They are trying to put in the basic income, which can be good if Humanity was doing it. When the Illuminati does it, they will make you sign an agreement with them being rulers over you, sort of. Most people will sign to get the money and then it will get worse & worse.


Do you like being ruled by Reptilians, I doubt it. It is something like the movie “They Live”. Although few believe it, that movie was made to show what is really going on. If I can just get the right kind of sunglasses made, that shows who is a Reptilian, like in the movie, I could change the world for the good. The pendulum says something like that can be made that will show the Reptilians (Illuminati) among Humans. Now I just got to figure out how to make it, whatever it is, I’m told it isn’t sunglasses though.

The Reptilians are treating us terrible, poisoning the food, air and the water, while ruining our education. They maneuvered their way to own every central bank to give them control of the money, which helps them control almost every country. They make free money for other Reptilians, while Humans are required to work hard to get theirs and then part of it is taken in taxes and banking scams. They use this almost unlimited money to manipulate just about every market. They cheat in every important election, with the electronic voting. If a law is broken most of the time little if anything is done against a reptilian, while Humans are given long prison sentences most of the time. There is so much more I wish I could communicate to the world.


Well I found out the Illuminati calls itself of nobility or something like that, another word for evil I guess. The Illuminati has been and is in high gear, stealing any money that isn’t nailed down. When a country, state or city collects taxes, they put part of it in CAFR accounts which fund projects in the future and by law can’t be used to make the budget. The politicians cipher off the earnings on these accounts to enrich themselves. They also do a lot of other evil crap like Hillary cheated in the election and when she didn’t win, accused Trump of cheating. When the USA (Illuminati) test a missile no one says anything, but when North Korea tests a missile it’s threatening world peace, even though North Korea hasn’t evaded anyone in years, while the USA (Illuminati) has invaded over 40 countries since WWII and killed way over a million people. So go figure and believe the propaganda.


Lots of people are talking about us going into the 5th dimension, except they don’t know what it is, when it is, what are we in now or if it is for sure. So let me explain it. Right now we are in the 1st realm 4th dimension. The 1st realm has the 3rd and 4th dimensions, the 4th dimension is a component of consciousness. If Humanity goes positive, we can advance to the 2nd realm 5th dimension in 2021/9/21, when the cycle ends, the 5th dimension is a component of time.

The first realm is the 1st, 2nd & 3rd densities, the 2nd realm is the 4th density on up to the 7th realm is the 9th density, there is 28 dimensions in our universe. The second realm 4th density has the 5th through the 10th dimensions. Every time Humanity completes a cycle and we are positive we move up 1 dimension till we get in the 10th dimension, we can’t move up any more after that, to go higher one has to make ascension.

With the Illuminati in power I don’t think we are positive, so we must get them out of power by 2021. In each realm matter and life is expressed differently. So if we move to the second realm our bodies will change and machines won’t work, because matter will be expressed differently. Even the lock on your front door will no longer work, let alone cars or PCs.





I’ve been given new information concerning the Illuminati, that changes the old stuff. I’ve told they are hybrids of these people that landed in Antarctica 1,000s of years ago and not Draconian  hybrids! I had been lied to for 3, 4 years or so. They still have different souls than Humans. Their souls are prone to violence, negativity and arrogance. They had way more knowledge 1,000s of years ago, than the rest of us and arranged to be in positions of power and control and continue to hold those positions today, although with the invention of the internet with knowledge spreading they are beginning to lose control.

Humanity must take them out of power by 2021 and go positive for Humanity and our solar system to advance into the 2nd realm, the 5th dimension. If we do this life improves by leaps and bounds. The suppressed technology comes out and will have disclosure. We will receive help with the coming brown dwarf star and it’s destruction and pole shift. I’m told (don’t know if it’s accurate yet) that the new north & south poles will be in southern China and central South America respectively. So a lot of people will need to be relocated to Antarctica, Greenland and northern Canada, which will become tropical areas. High tech positive ETs will help melt the ice and relocate plants and animals as well as people. The ocean level should go up about 60 feet, but people should have already left these areas to avoid the tsunamis caused by the brown dwarf star. Then when new ice forms on the new polar areas, the ocean level should go back down, maybe not all the way or maybe more.

The new technology will allow Humanity to change our DNA some, so we can live way longer. We will need to work far less hours and have much more free time as long as we don’t allow a few people to own everything, like now in our negative society, we must surely change that. We could continue to use money, without shortages and poverty in a positive world. I’m told we can put the internet, telephone and TV on the source field or aether that surrounds our universe and these things would be free, one would just need to acquire a device, that could also be free, at least a basic one. This will stop the government from snooping on us in a truly free world. We could though recall some of this information to solve crimes, just don’t let the bad guys have it to control us, wouldn’t it be great no more telemarketing calls or unwanted advertisements.

What I’ve also been told is, if an Illuminati female has a baby, the baby automatically gets an Illuminati soul, regardless who the father is. This makes Obama an Illuminati, and also many leaders in the Middle East, like Saudi Arabia royal family. I’m now told there are about 100,000 Illuminati, instead of about 10,000 that I was told before. Which makes it harder for humanity to get them all out of power, go positive and advance into the 2nd realm, 5th dimension, where there will be far less negative ETs in the space around Earth. The Reptilians, Insect-people and Spider-people (low souls) cannot go in the 2nd realm, unless they get there by ascension and they are handled differently by God’s high density agents and rarely a problem. That’s why the 1st realm is loaded with negative groups, they can’t advance to the 2nd realm and terrorize positive groups and that’s where we want to be. I rewrote my illuminati page.


When the brown dwarf star comes into our solar system, the deep state not only plans to crash the economy, they also are planning to have WWIII going to prevent people from leaving the coasts, so many will die by tsunami. Humanity must rise up and stop these plans.

While I was looking over 911 stuff, I decided to ask some questions. I was told that 184 mini neutron bombs were used to take down the 7 buildings. Most people just know about 2 or 3 buildings (high-rises), but 7 buildings were taken down, 4 smaller ones, less than 12 floors.


The 1st realm is 3rd density, the 2nd realm is 4th density, the 3rd realm is 5th density— the 7th realm is 9th density, no matter what dimension it is in (“The Law of One” puts the first & second realms together {3rd density} and the 3rd realm is 4th density and thus only goes up to 8th density). There are 28 dimensions in our universe.  A soul may go through 3rd or 4th density (or some of both) and then make ascension to the 3rd realm. Soul groups on first 2 cycles are in 1st realm 3rd dimension, the 3rd cycle is in the 1st realm 4th dimension (this is where Humanity is at). If the soul group is positive, then the 4th cycle is done in the 2nd realm 5th dimension, the 5th cycle is done in the 2nd realm 6th dimension, the 6th cycle is done in the 2nd realm 7th dimension, the 7th cycle in done in the 2nd realm 8th dimension, the 8th cycle is done in the 2nd realm 9th dimension, the 9th cycle is done in the 2nd realm 10th dimension and all cycles after this are done in the 2nd realm 10th dimension.

If the soul group is in the 4th dimension or higher and goes or is negative it does not get to move up dimensions. Any oversoul that completes 1st and 2nd density joins the group in whatever dimension it is in. Oversouls that complete 1st and 2nd density are rated on how positive they are and the more positive they are they get to join soul groups in higher dimensions. So if an oversoul is not positive at all it would join a soul group on the 1st realm 3rd dimension, while an oversoul that is super positive, would get to join a soul group that is in the 2nd realm 10th dimension.

So this is why negative groups (Reptilians often) never get out of the 1st realm 4th dimension. So the 1st realm is loaded with negative groups. These negative groups (that have high technology) are often looking to control new soul groups and installing negative governments (that they control) as is the case for Humanity.

So Humanity has a big problem, it is negative and must turn positive by 2021 to move up to the 2nd realm 5th dimension, when the 3rd cycle ends. So we must find a way to get the Illuminati and other evil people out of power and turn positive and go in the 2nd realm 5th dimension, where life is way better and have few negative groups bothering us. We will get to live a lot longer for one thing, I’m told to 1,000. It will also be way easier to ascend out of cycle to the 3rd realm. Plus we will gain fantastic technology and solve almost all our problem easily.


In 2021 our solar system will be moving into a higher realm, probably on an equinox and this is when the ascension window opens. About 590 million people/souls will ascend to the 3rd realm (12th dimension) over a about 2 month period and the rest of us will move to the 2nd realm (5th dimension). The 5th dimension is a component of time. Right now we are in the 4th dimension (1st realm), which is a component of consciousness. Another 340 million people/souls could ascend if they were polarized (positive or negative), as they have completed a cycle plus of 3rd density.

When we move to the 2nd realm everyone’s body will be renewed. Older people will look and feel like they are 30 again and everyone will live to about 1,000. Most will have improved mental powers like telepathy. Autos, PCs and most other machines we have now will no longer work in the 2nd realm. So consider getting a soul report to find out if you can ascend or if you are a Wanderer. My karma report is very helpful to most.


I’m getting new information on the brown dwarf star, that is predicted (by me and others) to first be seen by the naked eye in Nov. or Dec 2018 and therefore would likely go into the kill zone around March 2019 for 90 days. Until the last few days I have been told that there wouldn’t be a pole shift. Now I’m told the crust of the Earth will slide over the core. Making the new north pole right above Laos! The new south pole will be in Paraguay. This of course don’t have to be accurate, but I’m told it is.

This will make Antarctica be in a warm place as well as current north pole, so all this ice will melt, that is now in the polar regions. So the southeastern Asian people (Orientals) will be relocated to Antarctica after the ice melts, maybe lasers & phasers from space will be used to speed up melting the ice if needed. I’m told this will raise the ocean levels about 60 feet, but should go back down some as new polar ice forms. Plants and animals will need to be relocated to. Moving the rain forests or growing new ones would maybe be hard to do or take some time. Maybe we will get help from high tech ETs, who knows.

So it will be wonderful to construct a new planet in new ways, maybe grow a lot of hemp for building material. Designing new cities in positive ways, creating new societies will be very positive for Humanity. We will be able to drop all the negative crap if we can just get the Illuminati and coconspirators, completely out of power first. I think we will as we are on the way now. Humanity has a lot of bright intelligent people to work all of this out as we are a good planning  people. Maybe I have the details off a bit, but maybe it’s something similar. So we will wait and see. I think Wanderers and those qualified for ascension will be a big help in creating our new world, because they are so positive and spiritual, so consider getting a soul report to find out who you really are at and find out where you fit into the mix.


Well whoever is controlling our reality is keeping WWIII and new wars off the table and they are even going to try for a peace plan in Israel. While Earth changes caused by the approaching brown dwarf star get slowly worse. There is talk about crashing the economy, so get some Gold, Silver and Bitcoin. Bitcoin is doing really good, if you own one you may be able to trade it for a house in a few years as it’s getting close to $2,000 now. Other crypto currencies are worth investing in too as there are over 800 of them.


Notice how the economy won’t collapse, while the experts keep predicting it will a long time ago. Well the Deep State is waiting till the brown dwarf star arrives and causes destruction. They want most people broke during this, so they get the highest body count. The main cause of death will be large tsunamis hitting the coast in early to middle 2019 and broke people not leaving.


Some countries are getting rid of their Rothschild central bank. No matter how one looks at it, privately owned central banks are a scam. We make money out of nothing and loan it to you at interest. You don’t ever have to pay back the loan, but you have to keep paying interest, we just want part of the taxes. We will bribe all the politicians to keep the scam going. We will also make it as complicated as possible so the public don’t understand what’s going on, but if anyone does figure it and speaks out, we will kill them or put them in jail.


When the sun does it’s flash, the Earth moves into realm 2, the 5th dimension, the 4th density. The 5th dimension is a component of time. When we move to realm 2, the people with what I call low soul, won’t be able to be here, so we will be rid of the Illuminati, Reptilians, Insect-people and Spider-people if there are any here. The inner Earth people will be able to come to the surface and live if they want, without using technology to change dimensions.

The sun is supposed to do it’s flash in about 4 years. When that happens the ascension window opens. All the people qualified for ascension will ascend over a 2 month period, a bunch each day, about 590 million. To be qualified for ascension, one must have been in 3rd or 4th density for 1 cycle, that is 25,920 years and be polarized positive or negative, there are about 230 million that aren’t polarized. To find out for yourself, just get a soul report or a mini soul reading, from me.

Every time the Earth completes a cycle and Humanity stays positive, we move up 1 dimension, until we reach the 10th dimension as the second realm contains the 5th through the 10th dimensions. I was in error before our bodies will stay about the same physically, but we will gain mental abilities and the states of matter stay the same. When one ascends, one goes to the 3rd realm, the 12th dimension, where our bodies will change as well as the states of matter and where life is like 100 times better!


It certainly looks like President Trump has agreed to be a puppet for the deep state, after bombing Syria. He might of got tired of being called a Russian agent. I told you right away he is an Illuminati, but he wasn’t in the ruling class, although he may be now, I get he is. This video is kind of telling the world he is in an Illuminati family. His son in-law bought a building at 666 5th avenue, he constantly flashes the 666 sign with his hands and on his inauguration the New York 4 number lotto came up 6666. Watch the video and you be the judge, it’s under 10 minutes. I’m told President Trump knew exactly what was going on when he agreed to shoot the 59 missiles into Syria, he knew it was a false flag.


President Trump’s soul score has sunk to 5, he is now polarized negative, after telling the military to fire 59 missiles into Syria and promoting war again and again. I guess I’ve got the dimensions wrong on my spiritual facts. There is a simple number to count and an advanced number to count, do I save face this way? I watched Ileana Kupalnik’s video, it is kind of Q & A on ETs and covers dimensions. She says there are 28 dimensions, but she doesn’t talk about realms, I’m still fairly sure there are 7, so I used the pendulum to find the range of dimensions in each realm. So now I’m told the advanced count is 4 dimension in 3rd density, consciousness being the 4th. The 2nd realm (4th density) is 5 to 10 dimensions, 5 in inner Earth. The 3rd realm (5th density) is 11 to 13 dimensions 12 on Earth. The 4th realm (6th density) is 14 to 16 dimensions 14 on Earth. The 5th realm (7th density) is 17 to 19 dimensions 18 on Earth. The 6th realm (8th density) is 20 to 23 dimensions 21 on Earth and the 7th realm (9th density) is 24 to 28 dimensions not currently on Earth.


A correction I need to make is, now I’m being told Alex Jones is not an Illuminati. I feel bad about this one, I guess negatives got in to give me this lie. I’m being told there are 4 dimensions or frequencies of 3rd density. We are in the lowest one now and we are going to move to the 3rd one or 2nd highest one in 2 to 6 years, when we enter a certain part of the galaxy. This move will get rid of all the Archons as they can’t live in the higher frequency. Another thing I want to mention is the terrible banking rules. When one puts money in the bank, the bank owns it and you are a creditor, when you put something in their safe deposit box, the bank owns it and you are a creditor. These are Illuminati rules and a complete scam. You might get better rules at a credit union, I’m not sure. So I wouldn’t keep much money in these Illuminati banks.


I want to help Humanity reach the Golden Age. I can identify which group a soul/person is in, Illuminati, Wanderer, qualified for ascension or within their cycle of 3rd density and if that soul/person is a starseed (3rd density soul/person from another planet for 1 life usually to make ascension). So get a soul report or ask for a free mini soul reading, no lists unless one donates. I just need a little info on the person (if it’s not you) like she is a state senator in Utah or my friend in northern California. Many people are talking about avoiding the reincarnating process after they die. You can become a quitter after you die, you won’t get a body and you won’t advance through the densities. You’ll just be waiting unseen on 3rd density Earth unless you sneak on a spacecraft. If you’re negative you’ll be considered a Jinn, waiting until the universe is over or you can rejoin the reincarnating process when lives are better and be at the bottom when you advance through the densities. Here’s a good article


I’m told Bitcoin won’t last 10 years, because society will change and it’s won’t last in the Golden Age. I’m told the Sphinx is about 40,000 years old, it was built in the 2nd last age of Leo. I’m still told our sun orbits Sirius in an 8 star group, the orbit takes 25,920 years one great year.

I’m told President Trump’s soul score has dropped from 20 to 11, because he has escalated the war in Yemen and Syria and is threatening North Korea and China. He is a low bloodline Illuminati and wants to be an arrogant big shot and win a war I guess. He increased the military budget, when it’s way to big already and put generals and billionaires (all Illuminati) in his cabinet. The only major country not pushing for war is Russia and that’s because they kicked out all the illuminati back in the 1960s, but they have war hawks in their government, not Putin or their top military people though. If you listen to the main stream media lies, what I’m writing is false.


Those of you who don’t believe the deep state exists, should look at how hard they are going after Trump, spending all kinds of money, time and energy digging and searching for something to get President Trump on. They are even ignoring crimes that have evidence to dig and search for something against Trump, when they don’t have evidence. This shows how evil the deep state and top layers of the government are. The people need to find a way to rise up and take this evil out of power and start telling the truth on the main stream media. This needs to happen to get into the Golden Age.


Our planet is being destroyed, so it can’t support life and if it is, that’s game over, says Dane Wigington (Wanderer-3.5) of The Illuminati is dumping 20 million tons of particulates into the atmosphere every year to block the sun and control the weather. These particulates of geoengineering are severely polluting the land and sea, with heavy metals. A few more years of these chemtrails and there will be no recovering. They are also putting chemicals in the ocean so it will absorb more CO2, becoming more acidic which is killing the life. Watch 55 minutes of Dane’s latest show.

Meanwhile our government (USA) is subsidizing the fossil fuel industry with 5.3 trillion dollars each year and our new president Trump wants to expand it and our military, that is helping pollute the ocean with Depleted uranium (it’s not depleted) practice rounds and the plastic trash from it, 20 million tons all together each year. Trump has visited his 9th golf course in his first 7 weeks. The deep state or shadow government is trying everything to start WWIII as they have no other cards to play. Is their plan to reduce the population by 90% coming to be?


I asked if the brown dwarf star will cause great destruction and I now get a 10% chance, down from 30%. I asked if something has changed and get yes, ET help. I asked if the currency will crash and get yes, so hyper inflation and get no. Our money had the most value in 1971, when we were taken off the gold. I’ve learned that the velocity of the money must go way up to have hyper inflation.


Every 7 minutes a child in the USA is diagnosed with Autism and the pharmaceutical companies, do whatever they can, to deny that it is their fault. They got laws passed to take away their responsibility, they just want to keep making the money on each shot, they don’t care about anything else. Watch the movie Vaxxed and learn what is going on. Just type watch Vaxxed into the search box and follow instructions, it cost $3.99. There is so much going wrong for Humanity and it’s caused by the Illuminati and their coconspirators. Please pray and meditate for positive change. If we get the evil out of power in this world, we would quickly move into the Golden Age. Please pray and meditate, it does help, even though one cannot see it immediately.


So what happens in a country that goes cashless, that has a lot of Earthquakes from the BDS, that knocks the power off. What do the people do, if they want to buy supplies & gasoline to leave the area. So credit, debit cards and bitcoin probably won’t be usable. I guess if you didn’t plan ahead, you better have some silver and find a merchant (gas station) that will accept it. Let’s hope this isn’t done to us.


Environmental destruction is massive right now, geoengineering may have slowed down a touch, but radiation hasn’t nor has weather manipulation. It certainly looks like we need special help to turn it around to a clean healthy planet. We may get Divine Intervention before the brown dwarf star (BDS) & planets pass through our solar system. It’s more likely we will get special ET help while the BDS is going through the kill zone, which is likely in early to middle 2019, while the Illuminati and coconspirators are hiding underground or off planet. They have special technology to remove or change the radiation, giving a chance for the oceans and lands to recover. If we don’t get help and nothing changes the Earth will be lifeless in around 9 years, other experts have reported.



I found a website for Nibiru news , a lot of good stuff, but can’t find any backup on some of their stories. There was supposed to be a telescope on a Russian island near Alaska that held a lot of Nibiru information, that Trump was going to release, but the telescope was stolen by Ukraine because Trump won’t fund the Ukrainian army to retake Crimea. I’m not making this up! Trump has signed a secret executive order, pardoning Nibiru whistle blowers only in the USA, there is a video on it at the website above. I’m also told that Trump’s tweets are watched and deleted if he mentions Nibiru. The article said they just changed Nibiru to Mexico or Iran, but I read every tweet since he became president and couldn’t find any of that.

A Russian astronomer spotted a 2.2km size meteor coming from brown dwarf star (BDS) and supposed to hit Earth on Feb. 16, but the secret space force blew it to pieces a couple days ago. Nasa has admitted to a .5km size meteor a couple weeks earlier, but they said it would pick up dust and other small meteors and grow a lot bigger, they didn’t say what happened to it though. I think it’s obvious the BDS is coming to cause great destruction, while governments and the main stream media aren’t telling the people, what a horrible crime they are committing.

I’m told we are moving into a higher frequency of 3rd density and this will force the Archons to leave. I keep asking if we are going into the 4th dimension, like it says in the “Law of One”, but get no, it was canceled in 2007. If we did go, we would get rid of the Illuminati, BDS, radiation and corrupt leaders, life would be fun & easy for awhile and then get dull & boring and Humanity cannot reach greatness.


The problem is, whenever Trump makes any move, about 500 people are paid to hit the street with protesting and causing trouble and the main stream media (MSM) is totally against him and bashes him nonstop, it’s so stupid. More & more people are ignoring the MSM, which is so good, but not everyone is connected to the internet. Hopefully the internet will be on the sourcefield soon and everyone will get a free device of their choosing in the Golden Age. There are just so many problems to fix, hopefully the brown dwarf star coming  will interrupt the bad stuff going on and Humanity can make changes as we reach the back side. I think Trump is doing the right thing with immigration, just ignore the protests as they are paid morons taking money to hurt their country. The negative elite has a lot of morons taking money and trying to ruin their own future, like the chemtrail pilots.


Doesn’t seem like there is a Russian threat, but the main stream media keeps saying there is. So independent news sites should say there is no Russian threat. I guess we will see what Trump does with meeting Putin. Trump has also said we will quit trying to topple regimes. All this is a step closer to world peace.


Well Donald J. Trump was inaugurated the 45th president today. He gave speeches and  continued  talking for the people, he said the people run the government now. He also said.

We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past…We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments…. Our goal is stability not chaos, because we want to rebuild our country [the United States]… We will partner with any nation that is willing to join us in the effort to defeat ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism …In our dealings with other countries, we will seek shared interests wherever possible and pursue a new era of peace, understanding, and good will.”  More of his speeches here .

Well we (the USA) has toppled or tried to topple 57 regimes since 1957, so this will be a big change if Trump gets our government to follow through on this. What I get on Trump is Soul Score 27, is Illuminati (lower bloodline), has a whole lot of bad karma and has 4x a whole lot of good karma. So well I don’t know, he seems to be going against the higher Illuminati, will he get his way? Is it a game, does Trump get in and do everything right, is he secretly trying to get Humanity to leave the criminal Illuminati alone? My guides that answer the pendulum claim this, that’s why his soul score won’t go up much, it’s staying in the 20s. Don’t forget, people looking at physical evidence, think the brown dwarf star & company is showing up later this year. Will see how he handles this, does he find out what’s going on, does he tell everybody or go for a high body count, if it is really coming.


Take the sway test, stand up straight and make a statement. If the statement is true, your spirit guides will cause you to gently lean forward, if the statement is false, your spirit guides will cause you to gently lean backwards (consider praying 1st). Make the statement there are shape shifting Reptilians trying to rule Earth. Make the statement there is an alliance arresting the cabal (political mafia) and forcing disclosure. Make the statement there is a White Dragon Society. Make the statement there is a brown dwarf star with planet Nibiru & more, that will come close to the Earth & sun, within 1.5 years and cause major destruction. You need to know the truth on these 3 things to let God help you have a better future. Send me an email and let me know what you find out.


If you take a deep look into your reality, you may begin to understand why things have happened to you and accept them and create a clearer idea of what’s coming up. The path of your life is about 88% etched in stone so to speak and is forced to happen and your soul knows this, but your mind does not. You have 12% freewill to make adjustments of how the path takes place and how you feel about it along the way, but the path continues along nevertheless and your soul is totally responsible for whatever you do. An important thing to consider is the path continues and you must realize this. So use your freewill well and get in harmony with the path, so the path feels good and you will be happy and experience joy in your life, if it is at all possible. So you can tweak the path along the way, everyone does.

When you are on the soul plane in between lives, which is longer than the amount of time one spends living, for Humans, since our lifetimes are so short, I’m told, this will likely be changed, when we get into the Golden Age. While on the soul plane, one has 3 (4 for Wanderers a 7th density being is added) guides/helpers/teachers, all of them do all 3 of those things. One gets his guardian angel, another angel from the next higher level and an 8th density being. One goes over their last life and is also entitled to any information about Earth and Humanity while one was in 3rd density, other information is not allowed and will not be given, one is very limited on getting new information. They would tell you that there is life on other planets and give you a list of all the life forms. They will not tell you about the higher densities and your 8th density teacher, will only say he is from a higher level. So you can learn a lot of things from me that you can’t learn on the soul plane. When you get to the soul plane and repeat what you have learned from me, they will not tell you if it is right or wrong, you will be stonewalled.

After awhile on the soul plane of going through your past and learning what was really going on and having some fun, will wear off and you’ll want a change of scenery. You will strongly desire a body, with the expectation of feeling good and have a lot of fun and to take a step of advancing back to the central God, where happiness, joy and eternal pleasure is insured. Now your 3 guides will get together and decide which experiences are required to be in the path of your next life. Now comes the time to cash in some or all of your good karma! If one has more than a minimal amount of bad karma (one shouldn’t, but if you were naughty, you’re going to have to pay), discharging it will be included in your required experiences.

I’m told one will almost always get 3 to 18 lives to choose from, usually about 15, each costing a certain amount of good karma and you can have the chance of borrowing or getting more good karma from another in your oversoul. Two souls in an oversoul can tell their guides that they want to be married and have a chance of getting their wish. One normally has to stay in the race they are in, but may be able to spend a lot of good karma and change, the 2 most desired races are white and pacific islander.


The Illuminati or cabal whatever you want to call these evil people in control of the USA and somewhat of the world are really going into high gear. Here is what I’m told they have planned.

They (Obama) are bringing home all our (USA) aircraft carriers. When they get here (maybe before) they will set off nuclear bombs, mostly on the east coast and blame it on Russia as a false flag to start WWIII. This way they will try to keep Obama as president. They will try and nuke where ever Trump is probably. Look for a big exit of important people (that are in on it) out of Washington & New York City, just before it gets nuked. The good part is high tech ETs will not allow the nukes to go off, so you’ll never know if I’m right. I’m not into proving I’m right, I’m into the truth and helping Humanity, then the universe.

The Illuminati’s goal is to own everything and have everyone as a slave. Have you noticed how all the central banks are way in debt and a lot of people are out of work and not paying much in taxes. So the Illuminati owned central banks are taking money and now gold too away from the people just to pay the interest on each countries debt. It’s just starting now and it figures to get way worse, till they own everything and everyone is a slave. Humanity must rise up and stop them or we need Divine Intervention.