Welcome to I Check Your Soul, the website that specializes in spiritual facts. I’m  Gary Carlson the sole administrator and writer, I have no physical in person help and I am self funded with no assets except for a 3 and sometimes 4 figure bankroll.  I have a really good constant contact with a 6th density being and my guardian angel by the use of a pendulum. All the facts, (some I learn elsewhere) presented here are gotten and or verified that way.


                                                        Home of the soul Report

     Soul reports now require a $25 donation or more , I will no longer give them free, because to many people want one and I can’t keep up, plus I figured out how to avoid the negatives. I’ve only had 1 problem/complaint in the last 6 months, I offer a money back guarantee within the rules of PayPal, 30 days. Just click the donate button on the right to donate or send a check and include an email address to my address at the bottom of this page. One may donate $15 more for each extra person that wants a full soul report or for free add up to 5 people and just get their soul score and which step of 3rd density they are on or discover that they are a Wanderer. I’ll also answer all follow up (questions) emails free. If you live in a poor country and can’t afford the $25 donate less or send me an email and explain where you live, your problem and I’ll see what I can do.

     In a soul report you get your soul score, which of the 8 steps of 3rd density you are on or if you are a Wanderer. You get to know how long your soul has been on Earth in cycles (cycle= 25,920 years), you get to know how many times your oversoul has incarnated this step on Earth and how many of the spiritual lessons your oversoul has completed. If your oversoul has 1 or 2 more lessons to complete I’ll tell you which one(s). I’ll tell you about how much bad & good karma (they are equally important) you have and briefly how you got it, what it’s doing for you and what may come up, because of it and how you can reduce your bad karma.

     If you are a Wanderer I’ll tell you how much time in cycles is left on the 1.74 cycle contract you made with God (Source). I’ll tell you how far away in light years the planet you come from is. I’ll tell you what kind of soul you have (Mammal, Bird or Vegetable). I’ll get a rating from 1 to 4 (in halves) on how well you have done your mission on all of your lives combined and a rating from 1 to 4 on this life.

     I’ll briefly explain my findings and tell you about anything unusual that comes up, like if you killed someone as a Wanderer or if you’ve been a ghost for awhile. I’ll answer all follow up questions on anything spiritual.


     This website has 3 main purposes 1. To teach spiritual facts. 2. To end the negative control of Humanity. 3. To help you raise your spirituality.     About 45,000 years ago God started sending Wanderers to Earth to help Humanity raise its spirituality. I’m the very first one. I’m in my 44,444 year starting October 2013. A Wanderer is a soul that has gone through this 3rd density (that you and I are in) thousands of years ago, then made ascension to 4th density, went through that and then ascended to 5th density. When the person reaches 1/4 of their way through the 5th density, they can make a contract with God (if qualified) to help an unknown (to us) planet with spirituality for about 45,217 years by going back to 3rd density. I was sent to Earth and there are a little over 65 million of us here. We have different spiritual skills and we look the same as everyone else but we have a higher evolved soul. Most of us do not know that we are Wanderers but we have in common a burning desire to raise the spirituality of those around us.    One of my skills is to use the pendulum to get answers to spiritual questions and find out the spiritual facts. We all go through many lifetimes while we are on Earth but there is a veil that blocks us from remembering our past lives. The same is true for Wanderers. I am in my 173rd life.

                                            The Journey back to the Creator

    Every soul is on a journey back to Creator. All of us will get there, but the journey can be easy and pleasant or hard and unpleasant, depending on what you do. The main thing God wants of us is “Love and Service to Others” rather than “Service to Self, Controlling and or Manipulating Others.”    God made your consciousness and has asked if you want to be responsible for matter. You said yes and you were given a soul. If you had said no, you would have been responsible for empty space and would not have gotten a soul and would not be here.    You have done 8 cycles (cycle = 25,920 years) of 1st density keeping matter made, with 2 higher souls helping you out in case you slacked off. Then God advanced your soul to 2nd density, your soul incarnated in a plant or animal for 5 cycles, one of 8 sections of it on 1 to 8 different planets, becoming a higher life form on each next section. The choices for souls are vegetables, flowers, trees, birds, mammals and an unknown animal group that doesn’t exist on Earth. Consciousnesses without souls becomes the rest.           When you finished your 8th section of 2nd density (5 cycles), on to 3rd density your soul went, where you are now. God has us experience 8 planets in this density too. We do a little over an average of 1/3 of a cycle (around 40 lives) on the 1st 7 planets/groups/steps (each step gets a little longer) and stay on the 8th planet until we make ascension (at least .56 cycles is God’s rule), doing a total of at least 3 cycles. There is a window for ascension at the end of each cycle. If one is qualified for ascension, one ascends to the upper 4th density (5th dimension) or one simply dies and ascends. One can ascend out of a cycle, but it’s harder and requires extra help from God. Many souls ascend by dying while the end of the cycle window is open (they are on the soul plane). Our souls are in the Elohim category, which has 17 soul groups,  on 15 planets in 13 star systems.

     We all have what I call a soul score; it is your percentage of Love & Service to Others versus Service to Self, Controlling & or Manipulating Others. Soul scores for people range from 2 to 69, the average score is 44 and less than 4% of everyone is above 56. I give your score and more in a $25 soul report.  So if your score is over 50, and it needs to be to ascend, you’re doing well.    Humanity is finishing the 3rd cycle and the window will open soon. I thought it opened May 15, 2010 and the window closes August 4, 2017 (sort of called end times), but I now believe it opens 9/21/2016. To find out where you are at in 3rd density, send me $25 and I’ll send you back your soul report.  Send me an email about anything to the address below. So far I have answered every email that requires an answer, if you don’t get answered, something went wrong (I didn’t get it), please send it again from another email address (s__t happens), give me 5 days max. In your email please include what country you are in and sending it from, it’s fun for me to hear of the spiritual places. My rank as a Wanderer is in the top 12%. There are lots of other Wanderers on the internet doing better work than me. However I can identify who is a Wanderer and who isn’t, so send me any name and a little more info or a website, and I’ll tell you about their soul. Almost anyone who is any good on the internet is either a Wanderer or qualified for ascension and I’ll give you their soul score.


   To qualify for ascension one must also complete 15 spiritual lessons. To find out what they are, just click that page on the menu at the top. God has special rules for the pendulum that I don’t clearly understand. The pendulum works with faith and can’t be tested or proven in the physical, I’m told. So if you ask for your soul report and get it, then use a different email address and use your other name and ask again, the 2nd report might be a lie or close to the same and you could say I’m a fraud, but that’s just the spiritual rules and although I try to be careful, I can get a negative entity and get misinformation too. The pendulum is not allowed to be tested, the spirits will purposely fail almost all tests. That’s just their spiritual rules that I don’t like. All spiritual information from all sources, needs to taken on faith, that is the rule that I don’t like. I constantly pray to God to be able to get proof on things, but so far I can’t.

      I do accept donations, go to my Can You Help page. I also answer all spiritual questions for free. I’m not a psychic or fortune teller, so please don’t send me service to self questions, like should I move to California or should I take this other job.

     The starting point for me and my spiritual facts is the “Law of One”*, links for this channeled information is at the bottom of the page. I have learned a little bit from many sources and verified and expanded on them by using the pendulum. Click the menu at the top to read my other pages to see what I’ve found out with the pendulum.    To increase your spirituality or raise your soul score, simply put out more Love and Service to Others. Every little thing counts, for instance don’t waste water, shut it off while you’re brushing your teeth and turn it back on when you’re done. Someone had to work to get that clean water to you; if you waste it, more work needs to be done. If you’re driving and come to the red light and plan on going straight but you can see the driver behind you wants to turn right, move a little left so he can go by you on the right and turn after stopping instead of waiting for the light to change and you getting out of the way. If you’re in the line at the store with many people waiting, when it’s your turn have your money ready (correct change, maybe) and the bar codes turned up so those behind you don’t have to wait as long. You get the idea, help others when you can, think of them, make their life easier, even make their life more fun. When they see you do it, they’re likely to also do the same and it’s better for everyone.

* Law of One To read all 5 books or search topics go to: http://www.llresearch.org/library/the_law_of_one_pdf/the_law_of_one_pdf.aspx

also read: http://www.bring4th.org/

To see a condensed version and more information on it go to:


To read a single book, The Law of One Study Guide, Click start here, then click books (free online):


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